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The sessions listed on this page are some of the most dynamic & amazing classes that Bryan has given, which have been recorded and are now available instantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Simply browse the sessions, make your choice and press the play arrow to pay for the session. After payment is completed, click the link to return to “LightQuest International” and if the session is not yet playing, click play and instantly listen to the class and view the accompanying webpage or video, if available.  Also, if you wish to listen at a later time that day, an email will also be sent to you containing a link and password.  If you have a slow internet connection, you may need to press pause for a few minutes to allow the session to load all way before you begin listening to it. Your recorded session and password will be active for unlimited use within 48 hours after payment is received. Check back often or sign up for Bryan’s email list to be notified when new sessions are added!  If you have any questions or are encountering an issue with your session, contact us at

Purchasing a session allows you two days unlimited access to the class…this means you can take the class as many times as you like during that time period! 

Enjoy, Bryan & the Lightquest Team



Awaken Your 3rd Eye, Instincts and Intuition in 60 Minutes!


Would you like to strengthen the power of your Third Eye, bring forward new psychic gifts and have more clarity and insights in your personal & business life?  Join us for this interactive and stimulating accelerated spiritual awakening course.  This session will be filled with easy and fun exercises, awakening tips from the Ascended Masters and a quick look at the history of the elusive and mysterious Third Eye.   This essential metaphysical class will quickly enhance and strengthen your intuition and instincts in 1-hour…don’t miss this opportunity!  Third Eye Awakening Session ~ Listen Now! 


Back Up, Go forward, U-turn…Have you ever been on a wild spiritual adventure?  Come join us for this exciting, fun and informative intuitive travel session that will take you on a journey of self discovery, inspiration  and spontaneous enlightenment.  Whether you are looking for a new home, a new job, on vacation or just wanting to take a fun day trip to expand your psychic skills, this class is for you! Join us as we travel around the world to exciting locations and destinations, detailing the fun in’s and out’s, twists and turns of traveling intuitively.  This session will also help you plan and map your own journey’s to come!   Psychic Road Trip ~ Listen Now!


Come join us!  Mix It Up will be a fun class with information regarding your your health, looking younger naturally & your ability to access personal etheric formulas for any purpose…no matter what age you are!  In this session, Bryan will channel the new ‘Mix it Up’ energy matrix coming in from the galactic realms, giving you a simple, ‘no stress’ new way of improving and upgrading yourself with minimal effort.  This unusual & wonderful energy ‘mixing bowl’ of information (with a few key ingredients) will cut down on the time you spend doing everything….including getting yourself ready to go places & maximizing your work, cleaning & family related tasks. It will also save you lots of money, give you extra leisure time and boost your confidence as you look in the mirror.  All attendees will receive notes from the session free of charge, so you can get started immediately.  Don’t miss this one!   Earthstar Mix It Up Listen Now ~ Click Here! 


The Galactic Tree of Life; Sleeping Super-Soldiers Defending Earth, New Activity on Moon Base One, The Pleiadian Alliance!


This is the first in a new series of sessions that is a expanded extension of the Earth Star classes, which are primarily focused around our planet.  However, Starquest will be focused on doing some exciting & important galactic work in our solar system and throughout the galaxy with the Ashtar Command, the Pleiadians and the Galactic Federation.  We will also be connecting with and expanding the building of the ‘Galactic Tree of Life’ which is now activating in our sector of the Universe.  In addition, we will be sending healing energy and light to many planets and life streams throughout the galaxy.  Not to be missed! Your assistance is greatly appreciated!  Starquest ~ Listen Now!


Unicorn desktop phone image…Free with Session!


Earthstar Planetary Assistance & Galactic Global Update!


Is there an metaphysical object, a unique lamp or gift someone gave you long ago, a rare piece of clothing or jewelry, a decorative piece of art or furniture or toy…or even an unusual pet accessory, a favorite candy from childhood or something that you had in your teenage years that is constantly on your mind?  A Unicorn is something very unique, special and seemingly impossible to find…and you may come to realize that what you are actually thinking about or looking for is a ‘unicorn’ in a specific form!   Although the object on your mind may seem frivolous to others and impossible to find, it is at the same time extremely important to find it for many reasons.  This session will focus on helping you to find your ‘unicorn’, explain why the internal messages and urgency are significant and give you the secrets to finding the impossible.  Join Bryan and the Ashtar Command for this fun and magical session!  The Unicorn ~ Listen Now!



This ‘Vril Power’ class will ignite the primal force within you (often known as Kundalini) and re-spark your energy; awakening a new explosion of passion, prosperity and resilience within you.  Known in Atlantis as one’s ancient ‘Vril’ power, this source of energy and ‘personal fire’ governs the spark of life within you and should periodically be checked and energized to keep your lower chakras vibrant, your sexual energy youthful, and your reproductive organs healthy and strong.  Join us for this important personal upgrade and recharge that we all need…especially after the last few years of constant collective stress & personal energy drain.  This Vril Force activation will give you power, drive and motivation…and bring back much of your endurance, stamina and sexual power.  See you there!    Vril Power Kundalini Workshop ~ Listen Now! 


Plus….Bryan & the AC’s new psychic personal health tips that will truly amaze you, keep you in perfect health (perfect teeth, perfect hair & perfect skin included) …and save you lots of money!

Each time you pass a bed of blooming roses, a field of lavender flowers or open a jar of cinnamon or spices, your senses are awakened and your body begins to heal…in addition, memories begin to stir in your mind from childhood and even a past life in Atlantis, India or Persia.  But what about the magical, tantalizing smells of Belgian chocolate, Arabian coffee, a French bakery or the refreshing scent of a waterfall or redwood forest.  Enter the Ashtar Command and Ascended Masters, who in this session, will unfold many of the secrets of the ancient world and the ethereal healing formulas created in these lost civilizations.  The will also give all attendees a list of ‘magical formulas’ to use for yourself to keep you happy, give you energy and promote restful sleep and good dreams!  A new and exciting session format….come join us!  Spiritual Scentstations ~ Listen Now!


The Starshield Experience

A New Wave of Cellular Restoration, Physical Rejuvenation & Healing!


Come experience the latest speed-of-light transmission that will restore your energy,  renew your cellular blueprint and strengthen your spiritual connection in a matter of minutes.  This multidimensional activation will override and defy the day to day challenges we encounter and allow you to rise beyond the limitations and mental constraints of our current reality construct.  This quick light infusion will keep your body, mind and spirit in a continual state of healing, renewal, ascension & ageless youthening.  Regardless of whether you are experiencing stress, illness or social programming, this galactic Star-Shield will continue to operate at the very highest level, blocking anything that would prevent you and your body from experiencing your divine birthright of supercharged energy, perfect health, rejuvenation, vitality and spiritual upliftment. Not to be missed!   The Starshield Experience ~ Listen Now!


Earthstar: I fight the darkness!Breaking the Spell that Binds Our Reality: Join us as we create a powerful force of light to institute the latest upgrades from the Ashtar Command necessary to release our planet from the spell that hold our world in a position of manipulation, control and fear.  For eons, those that hide in the shadows attempt to bind our world in the lower frequencies where the dark astral forces hold sway over the population…but these new infusions, which you will participate in and be empowered by, will break the dark energy matrixes and lift the planet into the higher timelines of light and ascension.   This will be a magic session where as you give, you shall receive the many gifts of Spirit!  In addition, Bryan will report on the latest AC global update!  Earthstar I Fight the Darkness ~ Listen Now!


Throughout the universe there are many unknown mystical, magical forces that assist us through life and connect us with our hopes, wishes and dreams! These powers of  light can show up when you least expect them and create amazing situations that puzzle the mind and excite the spirit. Through signs & synchronicities they work…to bring new meaning and new people into your life, to connect you with new opportunities and to bless you with the gifts you only dare dream of.  In addition, highly evolved ET’s & multidimensional beings of light utilize the magic of the universe to help us as well…come join us for this cosmic activation which will trigger more synchronistic  alchemy in your life. Not to be missed!  Cosmic Connections ~ Listen Now! 


This ‘Double-Feature’ activation session will begin by downloading a new updated galactic matrix to help you intuitively connect with your celestial guides.  As the session continues new information about how the guides are currently helping you & how they bring your ‘long-anticipated’ dreams into reality will be unveiled.  Next up, Time-Shifters….the session continues with a fascinating look at a new phase humanity is entering which involves Lightworkers & other enlightened individuals becoming spiritualized, revitalized and impervious to all lower-earth manipulative people, manipulations and dark force activities!  A rare and very interesting activation seminar!   Don’t Worry Miracles are Coming & Time Shifters…a new reality ~ Listen Now!


“Excellent, you are doing great!”…”Don’t worry about it, good things are coming your way!”…”You look great today!”…”Good are making great progress! “ Just small statements like these can make a persons day and often help them through difficult period or challenge they are going through.  Additionally, the power of the mysterious Muses will can give individuals a new creative direction and uplift their spirits during times of personal reinvention and transition.   Come explore and expand your ability to inspire and excite the world!  Earthstar Born to Inspire ~ Listen Now!


Traitors and Allies…Patriots and Political Criminals…New Connections and Broken Friendships, Oh My!  Global Crisis situations trigger and create challenges for everyone and everything living here on Earth. These events, although rare, bring to the surface all that is out of alignment with the plan of  Spirit and prompt many individuals into spontaneous awakening, global service and group assistance….or into patterns of brainwashing, denial and negative control patterns against others. However, many awakened people emerge as heroes including whistleblowers and those who fight to expose the truth. In this category are many Lightworkers and celestial teams, guided by the Ashtar Command, The Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy to combat and defend the planet during these times of need. In addition, we will also be sending lots of healing energy and light around the planet to humanity and all life streams evolving here.  See you there!  SunTzu: Cosmic Warrior ~ Listen Now! 


Earthstar: How to Make Your Business and Spiritual Work Pop & New Ashtar Command Planetary Update!

Come hear the latest Ashtar Command Planetary Update for Sept 2021…and join us for a fun information based look at how you can make your existing business and spiritual work POP! and attract lots of new customers.  Whether you work with flowers, business consulting, healing energy, own a restaurant, sell spiritual products or sell your artwork/jewelry at psychic fairs or online, these amazing integrity-based principles and ideas are sure to attract and excite the masses on a global scale.  In addition, you will hear the latest Ashtar Command planetary update and join together with a large group of global Lightworkers to send healing energy and awakening light to the Earth!  Earthstar: How to make your Business & Spiritual Work Pop! ~ Listen Now!


Bryan’s Special Lightmasters Class Series

Lightmasters Accelerated Teacher Training Course

These 6 individual courses include training certificates!

Would you like to help others, family members, friends and clients manifest their destiny; achieve their goals and dreams; develop their psychic intuition and upgrade their internal energetic blueprinting system?  These special classes are designed for beginning students, advanced spiritual seekers and group facilitators!  Join Bryan and the LightQuest team for this exciting training series that will propel you to the next level of your spiritual development as well as give you the skills needed give classes and teach these courses. These fun and easy training’s will greatly expand your understanding of advanced spiritual concepts, give you the tools needed to transform your, and others lives while accelerating your spiritual power to new levels. Classes include access to beautiful web pages and great quantity discounts on accelerators & other products.


Manifesting your Destiny & Multidimensional Manifestation


This session teaches you step by step guidelines to unlock one’s mission & destiny as well as the process of creative manifestation.  This class includes: decoding the mission, uncovering the primary direction, manifesting your goals and dreams, attracting new relationships and the primary principles of unlimited prosperity.  $77.  Manifesting your Destiny & Multidimensional Manifestation ~ Listen Now!



Essential Programming & Cellular Healing


This session teaches you step by step guidelines to easily work within and upgrade your internal spiritual blueprint and regenerate & youthen your physical body.  This class includes: reprogramming and downloading new abilities, skills and dream enhancements as well as techniques to etherically heal and transform the physical body.  $77.  Essential Programming & Cellular Healing ~ Listen Now!



Channeling and Angels & Spirit Guides


This session gives you a step by step guidelines and processes for channeling higher dimensional beings and bringing through fascinating information and data.  This class will also teach you about spirit guides and angels and how to connect with these assistant energies teams that are helping Earth at this time. $77  Channeling and Angels & Spirit Guides~ Listen Now!



Animal Communication & Earth Healing


This session teaches you step by step guidelines for communicating with the greater animal kingdoms of earth including domesticated and wild animals. Additionally, you will learn how to effectively give an Earth healing class, by working with vortexes, ley lines and planetary chakras. $77  Animal Communication & Earth Healing ~ Listen Now!



Meditation & Long Distance Healing


This session teaches you step by step guidelines to facilitate a powerful and transformative meditation class.  Learn how to access altered states of consciousness, lead visionary journeys and activate psychic centers and spiritual gifts within others.  Additionally, learn the simple steps to transmitting energy through subspace to send healing to your friends, family members and clients. $77  Meditation & Long Distance Healing ~ Listen Now!



Spiritual Business, Finance & Love, Relationships & Matchmaking


As a awakened lightworker or business entrepreneur, it is important to have knowledge in many subjects, some magical and some more practical.  Therefore, this class is a mix of both!   First it is a course on setting up a new business or upgrading your existing business to incorporate more energy and your unique spiritual skills & values, allowing you to run your business in a way that is both easy & effortless and highly profitable…cont’d!  Secondly, you will learn about finding love and art of Match-Making.  This session will give you the tools on how to connect people with their soulmates and ensure relationship longevity & happiness throughout their (or your) lives. This class will give you the keys to having successful relationships, friendships and  harmonious family connections as well as helping others with romantic connections and friendship opportunities…cont’d!   Spiritual Business, Finance & Love, Relationships & Matchmaking ~ Listen Now!




Throughout the ages, certain individuals have been given special missions and assignments to monitor and protect the planet by guarding portals, magical holy treasures and dark gateways to the underworld…these individuals are known as the Guardians of the Gate….and you may be one of them!  This session will uncover the mystery and secrecy of the Guardians and the details of their work that have never been revealed.  In addition, we will also be sending lots of healing energy and light around the planet to humanity and all life streams evolving here.  Earthstar Guardians of the Gate ~ Listen Now!


Who are you really…and what are you truly capable of?  Your personal array of amazing spiritual gifts is varied and highly unusual, whether you are aware of it or not.  This session is designed to help you access ancient memories and learn to shift and change your energy into other forms and substances. Join us for this amazing, groundbreaking session that will diversify your spiritual skills and enhance your unusual talents!  Cosmic Shapeshifter ~Listen Now


Calling all Earth Angels, Galactic Ambassadors and Warriors of Light!  Come join the Federation and Ashtar Command to hear the latest planetary updates and find out what quick, easy and fun things you can do each week to help our planet at this critical time.  Just doing a few small things will hugely benefit the planet and save humanity from taking a course of action that will have dire consequences.  We will also be gathering together to send healing energy and light around the planet to humanity and all life streams living here. See you there!  Earthstar Battlestations ~ Listen Now!

What Planet Am I From?

Have you ever wondered about your star origins, what planets you might be from or who your celestial ancestors are?  The truth and realization of your lineage is very exciting and can awaken many ancient soul memories and gifts from previous incarnations.  Come join Bryan and the Pleiadians for an exciting adventure into your galactic past that will also awaken future potentials. This session also includes two inter-planetary past life activations and infusions.  Length: 114 minutes; $30  What Planet Am I From? ~ Listen Now!

Strange Interplanetary Races, Virtual Reality Prison, The ‘Clown Planet’ and Human Fear, Targos, Planet of the Giants, Unusual ‘Home Hacks’ that Increase Your Energy & Protect Your Home from Dark Energy, The Power of Repetition and much more!  There are many subjects that a selected group of the Ambassador Teachers know about, but rarely mention or elaborate on. These things include dark activity that influences and impacts all individuals around the planet in some form or another.  This presentation will uncover these hidden agendas and give you the tools to protect and empower yourself and those around you.  Get ready for this one!  Out There….The Things We Dare Not Speak ~ Listen Now! 


Saint Germain & the Ascended Masters Planetary Update!

Butter cream cupcakes, magic swords, chocolate éclairs, positive energy spheres, Danish pastries, bundles of cash and other rewards are very beneficial for stronger connection and enhanced motivation.  Those who know how to bestow blessings and what gifts to give at the correct time are held in high regard both on Earth and in the heavens.  This is a rare talent that we will discuss and give to you in this joyful presentation! We will also be gathering together to send healing energy and light around the planet to humanity and all life streams living here. See you there!  Earthstar Etheric Cupcakes ~ Listen Now! 


Calling all Starseeds, Earth Angels and Ambassadors of Light!  Come join Bryan and the Ascended Masters as we reveal the secrets to working with sacred symbols, magical amulets, lucky charms and many of earth’s historical magical objects that have been used throughout the ages.  Learn how to connect with and utilize the power and energy of these special gifts. This fun and uplifting session will bring you new insights, enhance your manifestation skills and provide a new level of support in your life.  In addition, we will be sending healing energy and light around the planet to humanity and all life streams living here.  Not to be missed!  Earthstar Magical Objects, Lucky Charms & Mystical Symbols ~ Listen Now !


1.  DNA Activation:  Activation of Your 12 Physical & Etheric H Human &  Galactic DNA Strands

2.  Updated Personal Merakba Reconfiguration: Preparing You For The Coming Dimensional Shifts

 3.  Restructuring Your Integrational Template: Giving You The Ability to Integrate & Assimilate Higher Dimensional Energy As It Comes Into Earth’s Field 

Experience a full-body activation that will shift your consciousness,  transform your reality and prepare you for the next level of your evolution.  Join Bryan and the Galactic Forces of Light as we strengthen our personal merkabas, activate our integrational consciousness templates and enhance our internal guidance systems with the unseen angelic, galactic and elemental worlds. This light particle activation will assist us in upgrading all our internal circuitry & operating systems, healing our bodies and restoring us to full power.   This session will help you to remember you are indeed a powerful creator with incredible potential.   Not to be missed!  The 2020 Starseed Light Particle Activation! ~ Listen Now !



Learn to Speak and Sign the Language of Light!  Come join Bryan, the Angelic Legions and the Ashtar Command for this fun, experiential exploration into the history and artistry of the multidimensional language of light. During this session, Bryan will share his personal knowledge of the sacred universal language in its many forms as well teach you how to speak as well as hand-sign this beautiful form of communication and healing. Length: 101 minutes; $30    Language of Light ~ Listen Now!


Pleiadian Symbol Code Activation Banner slowed

The Pleiadians have very advanced teams and many diverse groups who specialize in the human energy field. They are here to help us to move into the future on a new and exciting path which is both uplifting and inspiring. Many of the problems that we are experiencing can be easily eliminated through simple re-adjustments using Pleiadian technology. Currently, the Pleiadians are focusing in specific areas to maximize and utilize certain energy fields to expand consciousness on Earth. The Pleiadian Symbol code infusion is a multidimensional experience for igniting your passion, energy and life-force for the future. This session will help to activate and transform your energy field; assist in the cultivation of personal dynamics; attract and enhance relationships, as well as access multidimensional talents. Length: 73 minutes; $25    Pleiadian Symbol Code Activation ~ Listen Now!


13 Crystal Skulls from Atlantis

Long ago, ancient Atlantis was visited by extraterrestrial races who shared spiritual knowledge and technology with the Atlantean people. These interplanetary cultural exchanges included 12 Crystal Skulls, which provided access to massive off-planet reservoirs of knowledge. The 12 Crystal Skulls were utilized for thousands of years, assisting various cultures in communicating with other extra-planetary races and drawing divine knowledge from the Universal Akashic Record. When all 12 skulls were placed in the correct formation, an etheric 13th skull would manifest in the center of the ring, completing and activating the entire electrical circuit. Come discover the wonder and experience the power of this multidimensional Crystal Skull activation!  Length: 96 minutes; $30  13 Crystal Skulls from Atlantis ~ Listen Now! 


Pandora's Box
Modern science research along with new advances and technological agendas has created the opportunity to change the human form and consciousness like never before.   We are at a pivotal time as many researchers are attempting to open Pandora’s Box…which as history shows, contained creational secrets and ancient power not meant to be used by mortal humans.  In this ground breaking session, the Ashtar Command will give their perspective on bio-genesis, artificial intelligence and genetic modification.  In addition, we will be sending healing energy and light around the planet to humanity and all life streams living here.  Not to be missed!  Pandora’s Box ~ Listen Now!

Close Encounters

Are you experiencing high and low pitched sounds in your ears, waking up at odd hours, having unusual dreams or seeing shapes or lights in the sky?  The truth is that many of you are currently being contacted by beings from beyond our planet. This fascinating session will help you understand what is happening to you, how to interact with the visitors and how to decipher the messages being sent to you.  If your close encounters are of the first, second, third or fourth kind or if you are just curious about the extraterrestrial presence this session is for you!  Close Encounters ~ Listen Now!


Earthstar: Terraforming Consciousness

How do planets transform from a lower dimensional format into a higher dimensional reality?  Come join Bryan & the Ashtar Command for this ground breaking discussion on how we can actively transform and create unique changes and upgrades within the consciousness of humanity.  This process involves the dimensional reshaping of Earth and the consciousness of its inhabitants along with the creation of an upgraded ecosystem and the seeding of new life forms. We will also be sending healing energy and light around the planet to humanity and all life streams living here. See you there! $25 Earthstar: Transforming Consciousness ~ Listen Now! 


Are you ready for an amazing infusion of galactic light and energy!  Throughout Earth’s history, many high level, multi-layered, special light infusions have been given to Ambassadors and Lightworker’s who are working with the Spiritual Hierarchy & the Galactic Command to uplift the planet.   Come join Bryan and the Ashtar Command for this one of a kind experience, to receive this Galactic ignition within your body that includes a Higher Self Overlay, combined with a Soul Braid and multiple blasts of superluminal light from the Great Central Sun.
This  unique multidimensional session is being offered at this time to stimulate a burst of expansion and light within the human body and consciousness.  Infusion will a set up a rare channel of access for you to the celestial realms…preparing you for the complete transformation into your perfected galactic human body and consciousness.  Not to be missed! $40 Infusion ~  Listen Now! 


Time-Travelers From the Future

Come join Bryan for this unique and interesting exploration into the phenomena of time traveling and time travelers from our future.  This fascinating session will open your mind to new potentials and awaken you to the many amazing beings that travel on the alternate time-lines of Earth. It includes a slide show, video clips and exciting time traveling activation for all in attendance!  Come join us! $30  Time Travelers from the Future ~ Listen Now!


Earthstar: 1000 Ways to Ascension

A million ideas are pouring in from the ethereal realms of light to assist this planet in making a jump into the higher dimensions!  Throughout Earth’s history, many Masters, star beings and groups of individuals have ascended from this planet in many amazing and unusual ways.  It is now time for us to accelerate our minds, our bodies and our spirits to a new level of energy and experience.  Join Bryan and the Lightquest team for this exciting presentation in which the Hierarchy will give you a personal and very unique tool to help the planet to ascend into Christ Consciousness.  $30  Earthstar 1000,000 Ways to Ascension ~ Listen Now!


Earthstar: Cities of Light

As you have never seen them before, the etheric Cities of Light are manifesting on the etheric levels through the minds and hearts of humanity. The prophesized return of the ancient Golden temples of Atlantis, Lemuria and Shamballa will grace our planet once again in the future, along with many new galactic structures and magnificent edifices from beyond our world.  This session will bring forth detailed information and imagery of the cities, temples and structures that will be anchoring on the earth plane. In addition, you will receive the latest Stellar Activation from the Galactic Realms.  Experience the energy and wondrous beauty of the coming Cities of Light and the cosmic frequency stellar activation.   Not to be missed! $30  Earthstar Cities of Light ~ Listen Now!


Blue Angel Meditations
Connect with the power of the Blue Angels to help calm your mind, awaken your heart and renew your spirit. These Blue Angel Meditations will initiate many subtle changes throughout your energy field, allowing you to feel more focused, emotionally balanced, joyful and prosperous. This experience will create within you an inner happiness, open mind and friendly interaction with all who cross your path.  Come join us!  $20 Blue Angel Meditations ~ Listen Now!

Ashtar Command Sunstar Activation & Close Encounters

Cosmic ‘Double Feature’  –   2 back to back 1 hour sessions!

Ashtar Command Sun Star Activation

Behind the scenes, the Ashtar Command has been devising a revolutionary plan for triggering a mass Ascension, which includes certain nootropic elements and special ingredients for rapid awakening and accelerated brain re-patterning.  The Sunstar Activation is a state of the art, multidimensional infusion of a ultra-special formula created to stimulate profound changes within the human energy field and mental body. Sun Star will elevate your energy, your mood and your ability to accommodate the higher thought patterns that are required for Ascension and Christ Consciousness.  Come join us for this celestial activation/infusion…be one of the first to experience this new multidimensional breakthrough!

Close Encounters

Are you experiencing high and low pitched sounds in your ears, waking up at odd hours, having unusual dreams or seeing shapes or lights in the sky?  The truth is that many of you are currently being contacted by beings from beyond our planet. This fascinating session will help you understand what is happening to you, how to interact with the visitors and how to decipher the messages being sent to you.  If your close encounters are of the first, second, third or fourth kind or if you are just curious about the extraterrestrial presence this session is for you! $55

   Sun Star Activation/Close Encounters ~ Click Here to Listen Now!


Rituals of the Soul
There are many secret rituals and unusual routines that many human souls participate in to elevate & enliven their earthly experience.  Come partake in this fascinating exploration and discussion guided by the Ascended Masters that will both intrigue and stimulate your perspectives about the many options you have to enhance your daily life.  This dialogue will open your mind and free your energy to experience those things a soul needs and desires to help bring excitement and spontaneity into your daily experience. $25   Rituals of the Soul ~ Listen Now!

Destiny Fast-TrackingHave you ever wondered exactly what it is you are here to do? Do you often feel a bit out of sync, as if life may be passing you by? Have you tried various vocations and interests and still are left with a distinct feeling that you are supposed to be doing something easier as well as more personally and financially rewarding? Do you already have an idea or believe you are on the right track to manifesting your mission, but are having trouble with some of the details? Have no fear; a Destiny Fast-Tracking Session is here! During this session, you will receive a personal destiny activation and lots of information to give you confidence and renew your passion to move forward into your amazing future! Bryan’s unique insights and perspectives will help you to align and connect to the correct stream of destiny energy – inspiring new ideas on how to make your destiny manifest quickly and easily! Length: 85 minutes; $25 Destiny Fast Tracking ~ Listen Now!

5 Level Merkaba Building Workshop
Come join Bryan and the LightQuest Team as we embark on the fascinating process of building our new expanded Merkaba vehicle for multi-dimensional travel through the universe.  This newly re-calibrated & re-coded 2017 template is being specially transmitted through this session by the Federation of Planets and the Solar Councils of Light.  This new template will allow your physical body and conscious to easily adapt, integrate and explore more expanded experiences within the transitioning human and planetary energy fields. This includes more enhanced extra-terrestial contacts & communications, staying upgraded and updated regarding the daily shifts within Earths energy field and quicker access & transport to the ships and other dimensional worlds in instant ascension and evacuation scenarios.  This is a wonderful opportunity to receive the new full Merkaba field, ascension templating training and activation.  This will be an incredible transmission and infusion of high energy for all in attendance! $75 5 Level Merkaba Buliding Workshop ~ Listen Now!

Next Big Thing (class)
Are you wondering what the next big thing is in your life?  Do you often have brilliant and innovative ideas to bring into manifestation for personal fulfillment or for financial benefit?  Do you feel your life is lacking some inspiration, motivation or excitement?   Our soul’s desire to expand and grow and having a project, goal and direction to focus on will bring you new energy, joy, vitality and allow you to expand your vision and creative potential. Join Bryan, the Angels and the Elemental’s for this exciting and inspiring session where we brainstorm brilliant ideas, new possibilities and reconnect you to the magic that lies within! $30  Next Big Thing ~ Listen Now!


Ashtar Command Data-Streaming
Data Streaming is the ability to access, channel, decode and ‘ride’ many streams of energy and information simultaneously with no interruption or interference.  This state-of-the-art training will be a fun and easy to learn introduction to the Galactic Command’s primary form of communication.  This session will include: Personal data access coding to Ashtar’s ship, downloading Federation multiple signal packages, brain capacity/telepathic grid upgrade, expanded memory enhancement & advanced ‘triple’ third eye awakening activation. $30 Data Streaming ~ Listen Now!


Manifestation Mountain - Sacred Journey of the SoulWhether you are trying to manifest a million dollars, new creative ideas or enhance internal psychic powers, your journey to Manifestation Mountain will be a trip full of wonder which you will never forget. This seminar will infuse you with the knowledge and power necessary to manifest on a physical level, your hidden dreams, hopes and desires like never before. During this multidimensional journey, Bryan will be your guide into the mystical mountain’s inner sanctum as you learn how to navigate the ‘etheric-to-physical’ properties and processes of real manifestation. Join us for this incredible journey! $30  Manifestation Mountain ~ Listen Now!

The Magical Art of Self Promotion

Utilizing your unique qualities & energy of Spirit to promote products and services to the world is a pivotal part of your destiny path here on earth.  This life-changing class will take you on a magical journey to redesign your perception of self-promotion and reinvent yourself as a powerful and exciting lightworker, entrepreneur and business owner in the world.  Do not miss this one!  Length: 100 minutes; $30  The Magical Art of Self-Promotion ~ Listen Now!


Supernatural Occurances

As a spiritually awakening seeker, there are many things that you will encounter and experience that are unexplainable in the physical realm. Some of these include; prophetic dreams, truth shivers, UFO activity, déjà vu, unusual synchronicities, audio anomalies and more. Join Bryan and the Ascended Masters for this fascinating exploration and decoding of the many exciting stages and unusual phenomenon that can occur on your spiritual journey! $30 Supernatural Occurrences ~ Listen Now!

Earthstar: The Final Decision
At this time in earth’s history there are many programs under way to assist the diverse array of souls evolving on this planet. In the greater picture, there exists a struggle between the forces of light and dark to gain control of Earth’s energy field. The forces of light are trying to assist and save souls, while the forces of darkness are trying to recruit and seduce souls at a hefty price. Join Bryan and the Ashtar Command to assist in Earth’s soul evolution and to receive the tools and information that will keep you on the higher path of happiness, higher consciousness and spiritual ascension! In addition, we will be sending healing energy and light to the planet and humanity. Not to be missed! Length: 96 minutes; $25 Earthstar: The Final Decision ~ Listen Now!

Multidimensional Galactic Chakra Blast

Hold on to your seats and get ready to fly!  This session will create an internal blast of energy through your entire chakratic system, awakening all internal matrixes, opening all dimensional galactic seals, channels and trigger informational downloads from the higher realms.  During this fast paced energy activation session, Bryan & the Ashtar Command will send a super sonic blast and constant pulse waves into your energy field to shift, transform, heal and super-charge your mind, body and spirit.  This session will awaken new portals of light within your body and revitalize your spiritual power.     Length: 80 minutes; $55  Multidimensional Galactic Chakra Blast ~ Listen Now!


The Basics of Feng Shui & Magic House

Feng Shui is the ancient art and science that reveals how to balance the energies in your home or office to assure good fortune, health, wealth and joy for the people inhabiting the space.  Developed over 3,000 years ago in China, Feng Shui practices and techniques are designed to fill your life with positive energy and happiness.  Similarly, the energy based ‘Magic House’ technique helps you to lay a new blueprint for accelerated consciousness in your living or working place.  The blueprint is made out of subatomic multidimensional particles that etherically thread through your space to dramatically upgrade your environment and accelerate your consciousness.  Come join Bryan to learn the ‘galactized’ magical basics of Feng Shui and the procedure to load the Magic House blueprint into your space.  This session is simple and easy to follow!  Length: 99 minutes; $30  The Basics of Feng Shui & Magic House ~ Listen Now!


Saint Germain: The Man, the Myth, the Mystery

Come join us as we explore the mysterious and enigmatic man known as Saint Germain. Explore his most interesting and unusual early beginnings, his past lives and his ascent into the higher dimensions of Light. As an Ascended Master and Torch Bearer of the Violet Flame, he is the wayshower and guiding force for all humans desiring accelerated transformation into the ascended realms.  Length: 90 minutes; $30  Saint Germain: The Man, The Myth, The Mystery ~ Listen Now!


Journey to Lemuria: Mind-Blowing Multidimensional Meditations

Join us for an amazing meditation to expand your mind, open your heart and enhance your visionary psychic skills to new levels of awareness.  In this Journey to Lemuria experience grounding, balance, and a deep connection to the earth and the spirits of nature.  Length: 36 minutes; $16  Journey to Lemuria ~ Listen Now!


Journey to Shamballa: Mind-Blowing Multidimensional Meditations

Join us for an amazing meditation to expand your mind, open your heart and enhance your visionary psychic skills to new levels of awareness.  Journey to the magical beauty and enchanted temples of Shamballa, the abode of the Ascended Masters of light, to experience a grand temple celebration under the direction of Sanat Kumara and Astria. Also, receive gifts from the masters to help you to manifest a passionate, creative and inspired life! Length: 51 minutes; $16  Journey to Shamballa ~ Listen Now!


Journey to the Tree of Life: Mind-Blowing Multidimensional Meditations

Join us for an amazing meditation to expand your mind, open your heart and enhance your visionary psychic skills to new levels of awareness.  In this Journey to the Tree of Life we will connect with your original blueprint and divine essence as well as access your spiritual heritage and genetic bloodline. Length: 27 minutes; $16   Journey to the Tree of Life ~ Listen Now!


Journey to the Fountain of Youth: Mind-Blowing Multidimensional Meditations

Join us for an amazing meditation to expand your mind, open your heart and enhance your visionary psychic skills to new levels of awareness.  In this Journey to the Fountain of Youth, experience regeneration and youthening of your physical body and appearance.  Renew your spiritual passion and enthusiasm for life! Length:  43 minutes; $16  Journey to the Fountain of Youth ~ Listen Now!


Journey to the Atlantis: Mind-Blowing Multidimensional Meditations

Join us for an amazing meditation to expand your mind, open your heart and enhance your visionary psychic skills to new levels of awareness. In this Journey to Atlantis, enter the Crystal Temple to receive an encoding from the sacred Emerald Tablets and connect with the creators of Atlantis to activate higher levels of design & creativity within you!  Length:  34 minutes; Free  Journey to Atlantis ~ Listen Now!


Dragon Power Banner 2

Awaken and ignite your inner Dragon Power! This special session will include the the ancient history of our multicolored dragon friends, their powers of resurrection and rejuvenation and the purpose of their current re-emergence onto the surface of our planet! Get ready for a unique and powerful infusion of energy!  Length: 86 minutes; $25  Dragon Power ~ Listen Now!


Earthstar NC banner

Calling all Starseeds, Earth Angels and Ambassadors of Light! Come join Bryan and the Ashtar Command for this special summer global activation and light infusion. This exciting session will take us into the many dimensions of Earth to recalibrate energy fields and help the planet in a variety of ways. This event will also focus on expanding and connecting your energy all over the planet. In addition, you will also be receiving the latest AC telepathic light-code infusions for personal growth and DNA acceleration. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! Length: 102 minutes; $25  Earthstar: New Connections ~ Listen Now!


Superhuman Superhero Banner new

Embody the qualities of superheroes and become a powerful force of energy in the world!  Super heroes were channeled into this realm through the minds of visionaries and came to teach us of our innate power. Join us as we explore your connection to your inner super hero, learn to fly and save the world! This session will help you connect with the real super heroes in other dimensions and the new, improved super-duper you! Length: 107 minutes; $25   Super Human Super Hero ~ Listen Now!



Come join Bryan and the Galactic Command as some of the first ‘new’ discoveries for advanced youthening and accelerated healing are revealed to humanity. Included are multidimensional supplement research and special healing formulas for the physical body. Additionally, this session will rejuvenate your energy field through an etheric infusion process, utilizing holographic mapping technology from the 6th & 7th dimensions. Immorata will also trigger regeneration within your mental body; greatly expanding your brain’s capabilities and memory centers. An incredible transmission and infusion of high energy for all in attendance! Length: 112 minutes; $25 Immorata ~ Listen Now!



This ‘healing activation’ will initiate the rejuvenation and revitalization of your physical body, mind and spirit. During this session Bryan will transmit a multitude of healing and subspace activation frequencies directly to you, which will accelerate your healing process and balance all of your bodies. This activation, designed for adults, teens, children and even babies, will also enhance your DNA reassembling process and greatly expand your brain capacity. This session is also especially powerful for those who are experiencing complex or chronic health issues. Length: 27 minutes; $20   Multidimensional Healing Activation ~ Listen Now!



Calling all Starseeds, Earth Angels and Ambassadors of Light! Come join Bryan, the Timmer & Essassani Races and the Ashtar Command for this special Earthstar event! This exciting psychic assistance operation will take us into the future of Earth to upgrade potentials and position new, accelerated, ascension templates in all timelines and dimensions. In addition, we will investigate and solve any current problems humanity is encountering. You will also be receiving the latest AC streaming updates and telepathic light-code infusions for personal growth and cosmic acceleration. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! Length: 104 minutes; $20
Earthstar: Templating the Future ~ Listen Now!



This spontaneous, stimulating, and enlightening conversation on personal magnetism, relationships and the transforming perceptions of earth sexuality will undoubtedly answer many of your hidden questions as well as promote further personal exploration in this arena. Join us as we adventure together with the Pleiadians into multidimensional ecstasy and learn to sustain the higher chakratic calibrations of the lightbody. Fasten your seatbelt; this one is sure to take you into uncharted territory! Length: 95 minutes; $35  Special Note: While all other sessions and workshops are for all ages, Pleiadian Sexual Alchemy may not be appropriate for children under 17.    Pleiadian Sexual Alchemy ~ Listen Now!


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