Welcome, you have arrived! This website is a multidimensional Starbase, which receives and transmits energy and information from the many dimensions of Earth and beyond. These transmissions have been organized into a series of writings and light encodement accelerators, which will assist you in your personal and spiritual quest for the truth. Each time you log onto this site you will receive galactic infusions and activations, which will upgrade your body, mind and spirit.

Additionally, the Accelerator Images, which contain magical properties and light language, will open your intuitive/psychic centers and expand your brain capacity beyond it’s normal range. Each accelerator has a specific purpose and focus and simply viewing them has a positive effect on people and their surroundings. Placing the printed accelerators in your home, at your work place or where ever you go will ignite powerful changes in your life and transform the world around you!

We also have a wide variety of classes, instant activations, products and services that will awaken and transform you in many ways. Attending these easy to access sessions will connect you with the larger global community and keep you at the forefront of what’s happening on Earth and in the Galactic realms. Feel free to browse the website and if you have any questions email us at would love to hear from you!

Enjoy, Bryan & the Lightquest Team