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Transform Your Life for $7: Popular Accelerators by Bryan


SONG OF GABRIEL HEART FLAME ACTIVATION #168  (Gallery 1/Row 2) – Heart-Flame Activation & Inspiration

Angelic ‘language of light’ template brought forth by Archangel Gabriel which activates the Heart Flame and brightens the Spirit; depicts the Song of the Angels inspiring love, joy, passion and a great desire to walk the destiny path; renews hope and brings forth the heart’s desire; enhances connection with one’s Twin Ray; summons blessings from the Angels & brings divine truth to light.  A168


GOLDEN KEYS TO ATLANTIS #115  (Gallery 1/Row 3) – Creativity & Magic

These symbols connect you to the awe-inspiring creativity and magic that existed in Atlantis. This imagery upgrades and refines consciousness, allowing the shifting of thoughts and emotions into new light streams where divine perfection can be more easily accessed and brought forth into physical reality…resulting in creative manifestations of all kinds, including the creation of temples of light and great miracles of healing. Connecting to this image and working with these symbols creates an etheric bridge to the highest forms of creativity that can be manifested here on Earth.  A115


GOAL ACHIEVEMENT / MONEY MAGNET ACCELERATOR #101 (Gallery 1/Row 5) – Prosperity & Abundance

This image will assist you in designing and maintaining your highest potential in regards to success and financial prosperity. It will connect you energetically with all beings and energies (both physical and non-physical), which will assist you in achieving your goals and dreams. Meditation on this image will also create a magnetizing effect within your auric field, drawing money and abundance to you.  A101


 THE ‘MONEY’ TREE OF LIFE #185 (Gallery 1/ Row 4) - Stimulates Wealth & Success

Within the higher dimensions of Earth, there lie many wonders accessible only through our spiritual perception and inner ‘mind’s eye’. One of these creations is known as the ‘Tree of Unlimited Prosperity’. Throughout the eons of time individuals have been accessing this divine living creation and anchoring its seed within their mind and heart, allowing it’s beauty and abundance to flow into their lives in an ever-constant stream. Truly, this ‘prosperity tree’ is accessible to all who wish to bring the perpetual flow of unlimited financial abundance into their lives. A185


 COSMIC STAR SHIELD #298 (Gallery 1/Row 1 ) A Gift from Alpha Centauri - Inspiration & Protection

The brilliant Cosmic Star Shield is a new gift for the people of Earth from advanced star beings who reside on Alpha Centauri. This crystalline particle of light, which was born out of the Great Central Sun provides a divine light in the darkness as it expands all the channels of intuition within ones consciousness and neutralizes perceptional distortions. It also acts as a mirror which reflects the expanded spectrum of creational light and guidance within the mind, while radiating the ascended Christ energy within ones auric field.  A298


SWORD OF LIGHT & TRUTH #92 ( Gallery 2/Row 9)– Dissolves Illusions & Protects Aura

Cuts through all illusions within an individual’s consciousness and dissolves any imbalanced etheric cording within one’s energy field; calls forth the power of the Archangels; repels negative energy from entering one’s auric field.  A92



CALORIE SHIELD #11 (Gallery 1/Row 10) - Eliminates Excess Calories

This 5D calorie blocking ‘shield’ will effectively block excess calories from entering your energy field through the five physical senses (including television & internet). For example, many individuals unknowingly gain weight by simply looking at or hearing about specific foods. Meditating on this shield and visualizing it around you several times a day will also eliminate excess calories from the food and drink you are consuming.  A11


#COSMIC ORIGINS  #120 (Gallery 1/Row 2) – Expanded Thinking & Connections

This image is a cosmic window into your galactic origins and genetic lineage. It creates a bridge of light between humanity and all of the beings of light that are visiting or stationed on our planet. In addition, it promotes a stronger alliance and connection between you and the galactic brotherhoods and sisterhoods of light. This is an important key code matrix for all of the human contact ambassadors currently residing on Earth.  A120


THE MAGDALENE CROSS #154 (Gallery 1/Row 5) – Feminine Power Matrix & Activator

Feminine power matrix & activator; symbolic call to a higher purpose; promotes courage, compassion & global humanitarianism; unlocks the mysteries of creation within one’s soul; helps one to clear old patterns of resistance to change.  A154


ANGELIC SHIELDS - METATRON: GUARDIAN OF THE TREE OF LIFE #323 (Gallery 1/Row 26) – Spiritual Power & Destiny

Promotes spiritual power, divine knowledge, and illumination; holds the keys to one’s past, present and future; enables one to access their divine blueprint and destiny from the Tree of Life. A323


ATLANTIS RETURNS: ENERGY HEALING SYMBOL #73 (Gallery 2/Row 4) – Healing & Rejuvenation

Sacred seal of protection, power and healing; related to ethereal royal bloodlines, the Atlantean Light Masters and the Templars; initiates internal realignment of one’s energy system; helps to connect one with and receive information from the Higher Councils of Light; divine key of grace and kingship; ignites service to humanity for the greater good; crowning glory.  A73


 SEVEN GENERATIONS #152 (Gallery 1 Row 6) A Leonardo Da Vinci Creation – Organization & Future Clarity

Assists in the integration and manifestation of higher knowledge, ideas, plans and projects into organized plans for the future; creates mastery within the mind; assists in clarity, focus, goal achievement & time management; clears fragmentation & confusion. Connected to many ancient & modern indigenous cultures including the Native Americans, Aboriginals Africans, Lemurians & Mayans.  A152


THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH  #184 (Gallery 2/ Row 9)– Youthful Mind, Body & Spirit

The mystical, magical well-spring of eternal life known to us as the ‘Fountain of Youth’ is a real creation which lies within the higher dimensions of Earth. This magnificent fountain is always available to us at any time through our spiritual perception and inner ‘mind’s eye’. Throughout the eons of time individuals have been accessing this divine living creation in order to turn back the decades of time; ‘youthening’ their mind, spirit and most of all their physical appearance. The waters from this ever-flowing creation regenerate, rejuvenate and refresh the human body on many levels and, if visualized regularly, will erase the signs of aging, stress and angst from any living system. Truly, this alchemical ‘Fountain of Youth’ is accessible to all who wish to renew their mind, body and spirit and bring its ever-flowing magic into their lives. A184


THE CHALICE  #194 (Gallery 1/Row 29)  – Youth, Vitality & Healing

Synchronizes an individual with their internal ‘immortality’ blueprint and their ability to manifest a constant, youthful appearance and energy field; assists in activating one’s Master Cell and internal healing powers; connected to the Holy Grail, the Immortals and the Ascended Masters.  A194


ARCHANGEL MICHAEL  #173 (Gallery 1/Row 8)– Power & Protection

A 12th dimensional “Language of Light” matrix representing the current energy and power of Archangel Michael. Meditation on this image will bring the following into manifestation: fortitude and strength, command over dark and nefarious forces, faith and ‘high level’ warriorship, sanctification and righteousness, ‘piercing’ light and Omnipresence.  A173


PLEIADIAN CREATIVITY MATRIX #68 (Gallery 1/Row 33) – Highest Creative Ideas & Potential

Opens new pathways in the mind and heart; brings one’s creative gifts into physical manifestation; the divine universal font of creativity; allows a constant stream of inspiration and new ideas to flow easily and effortlessly; clears any creative blockages so that a new creative direction can begin to unfold; allows your highest creative potential to be realized; brings forth creative designs that will benefit all of humanity.  A68


EMOTIONAL BODY MATRIX #88 (Gallery 2/Row  8)– Emotional Balance & Support

An angelic ‘light net’ used to clear distortions and negative patterns from the emotional body; eliminates over-sensitivity and depression; brings new positive focus & energy into one’s life and heart.  A88


TEMPLE OF THE HEART  #15 (Gallery 1/Row  3) – Awakens Love & Higher Wisdom

Initiation into beauty, love and radiance; initiates integration of the Electron bodies and the Higher Self within the human body; triggers higher wisdom within the mind and heart; promotes divine union and connection with one’s Twin Ray; assists one in ‘stopping to smell the roses’ along the busy & challenging Earth path.  A15


BLUE HAWAII #157 (Gallery 3/Row 3) - Healing Energy

Restoration & regeneration image designed to support the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual human bodies;  This image is connected to the Hawaiian Ascended Masters, the Elementals (fairies and devas) and the Flora Kingdom's who are all assisting humanity at this time.  Visualize this image moving in a spiraling pattern in and around your body…allowing it to transform you on every level.  A157


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