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Transformational Images by Artist & Visionary Bryan de Flores

Each of the images has a specific purpose and is designed to energize and activate the viewer; simply looking at them will have a positive effect on people and their surroundings!   Bryan receives many of the images through dreams, visions and through his daily communications with Spirit.  All of the original images are hand drawn with the occasional addition of digital backgrounds and slight enhancements.  As he is drawing the images, he becomes aware of the meaning through mental impressions and intuition.  These images are received from many star systems for Earth’s awakening souls including all Earth Angels & Pleiadian Starseeds.  Shown below is a close-up portion of the image, plus the full image as an inset.  All images are available for $7 on 8.5″  x 11″ high quality cardstock.   There are many ways to choose the images…simply select the images you are attracted to or you can select them by the key word and/or description below them.

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3 New Accelerator Images!


StarPower EnergizerQuantum LeapThe New AC Forcefield


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Activates your star powers from other worlds; helps to align you with your past lives and other galactic aspects of yourself existing on other time-lines; helps you hold more light and manifest more of your gifts from the higher realms.  To use this image, simply visualize yourself sitting in the center, receiving all of the higher energies and light coming in from the cosmos!  A350


Movement into the higher dimensions; aligns you with your next step in life and toward the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams; rekindles your desire for lightness, freedom and the belief in magical possibilities; brought in by Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the Ashtar Command; Meditating on and viewing this image helps to lift your Spirit, dissolve the burdens of this world & trigger happiness, joy and inspired connection with the Universe.  A351


This newly designed force-field activates in five dimensions and protects you from the stress, confusion and dis-clarity of other people, as well as blocking many harmful surveillance frequencies, including many EMF and Radiation signals.  This shield must be verbally ‘charged’ and strengthened by you each day to maintain its protective qualities and structure.  This not only gives you the latest protections from the Ashtar Command, but also gives your body the new intelligence updates each day that you need to continue your journey here. A352



01 Children of the Blue Ray02 Through the Looking Glass03 Subspace Healing Template
Children of the Blue Ray #1Through the Looking Glass #2Multidimensional Subspace

Healing Template #3
(Blesses & Enlightens Children) (Expands Ideas & Perceptions) (Remote Viewing & Healing)

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#1 CHILDREN OF THE BLUE RAY – Blesses & Enlightens Children

Enlightens, protects and ‘baptizes’ young children and babies; assists with fertility issues; activates the inner-child within; awakens one’s true power, gentleness and compassion.  A1

#2 THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS – Expands Ideas & Perceptions

Expands one’s multidimensional perception; awakens the ‘contact’ matrixes within the mind and heart; initiates the extended DNA sequences within the human body; connects one with the 27 Master Races who originally seeded our planet with the myriad of life forms from other galaxies and etheric worlds.  A2


Triggers one’s remote-viewing abilities & enhances remote healing gifts; aids in information retrieval from other dimensions and realms beyond our own; provides access to off-planet portals and stargates.  A3


Gateway to Telos #4Pillars of Hercules #5Angelic Healing Matrix #6
(Navigation & Guidance) (Personal & Relationship Balance) (Uplifts Energy & Releases Burdens)

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#4 GATEWAY TO TELOS  –  An Aerial Map of the Underground City – Navigation & Guidance

This image shows the triple subterranean grid complex beneath Mount Shasta in California. It is composed of three city ‘complexes’ connected by an ancient multidimensional mirrored tunnel system. ‘Gateway to Telos’ activates a vast internal mapping and directional system within the human body, allowing one to navigate all levels of the earth grids both physical and etheric.  A4

#5 PILLARS OF HERCULES – Personal & Relationship Balance

Creates Yin-Yang (female-male) balance & support within the mind, body & heart; initiates angelic intervention and etheric assistance programs for challenged individuals; calls forth the ‘Power of the Gods’; unites soul-mates & twin-flames.  A5

#6 ANGELIC HEALING MATRIX  – Uplifts Energy & Releases Burdens

Angelic ‘wishing’ matrix; summons the healing powers of the Seraphim & Cheribum angels to assist those in need; releases one from the tendency to fall into ‘victim consciousness’ and become perpetually burdened with everyday living; brings into focus the truth of why you have come to Earth and what needs to be done in order to fulfill our destiny and purpose.  A6

Eyes of the Ancient One #76D Chronomoniter #8Template of Understanding #9
(Awakens Ancient Memories & Knowledge) (Time Travel & Translator) (Recalibrates DNA & Chakras)

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#7 EYES OF THE ANCIENT ONE Awakens Ancient Memories & Knowledge

Awakens the ancient memories & knowledge of the Sphinx & Great Pyramid; triggers past-life memories of Egypt & Atlantis; bridges ancient teachings with the new paradigm knowledge; assists one in connecting with their Higher Self.  A7


Ancient time-travel technology matrix; decodes and translates languages from other worlds; releases trapped light within the body and restores molecular integrity; connected to Mayans, Lemurians & indigenous cultures.  A8


Human DNA accelerator; enhances one’s intuition & instincts; allows one to feel an expansion within the mind and heart; activates and balances one’s chakra system & Vril Power (kundalini).  A9

Science of the Celestial Bodies #10Calorie Shield #11The Awakening #12
(Dreams & Revelations) (Eliminates Excess Calories) (Chamber of Light & Activation)

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#10 SCIENCE OF THE CELESTIAL BODIES – Dreams & Revelations

Ancient astrological Merlin matrix for navigating the stars & awakening prophesy gifts; adjusts the etheric human body grids and balances one’s gravity lines; initiates revelations through dreams.  A10

#11 CALORIE SHIELD – Eliminates Excess Calories

This 5D calorie blocking ‘shield’ will effectively block excess calories from entering your energy field through the five physical senses (including television & internet). For example, many individuals unknowingly gain weight by simply looking at or hearing about specific foods. Meditating on this shield and visualizing it around you several times a day will also eliminate excess calories from the food and drink you are consuming.  A11

#12 THE AWAKENING – Chamber of Light & Activation

Multidimensional Harmonic Chamber of Light & Activation; allows one to experience the omnipresence of their spirit; geometrical design which enhances one’s ability to perceive purpose in all of life’s processes; linked to the Ascended Masters and the Throne Angels.  A12

St Germain's Golden Elixir #13 The New Pyramid For Earth #14Temple of the Heart #15
(Activates Channeling & Writing) (Harmony & Alchemy) (Awakens Love & Higher Wisdom)

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#13 SAINT GERMAIN’S GOLDEN ELIXIR – Activates Channeling & Writing

Alchemical elixir used in ceremonies in ancient Egypt and the Sirius Star System; represents the liquid gold light of Christ Consciousness; initiates the process of automatic writing, channeling and intuitive perception.  A13

#14 THE NEW PYRAMID FOR EARTH – Harmony & Alchemy

One of the many new sequels to the pyramids built in Egypt and Atlantis; promotes new creations in both the physical and etheric worlds; the embodiment of harmony and modern day alchemy; penetrates the inner sanctum of the heart and brings a new understanding of unity; contains knowledge of astronomy, both ancient and new; a living structure, a place of contemplation and wonder.  A14

#15 TEMPLE OF THE HEART – Awakens Love & Higher Wisdom

Initiation into beauty, love and radiance; initiates integration of the Electron bodies and the Higher Self within the human body; triggers higher wisdom within the mind and heart; promotes divine union and connection with one’s Twin Ray; assists one in ‘stopping to smell the roses’ along the busy & challenging Earth path.  A15

Ancient Galactic Starcodes #16 Seal of the Emerald Tablets #17Temple of the Two Moons #18
(Universal Language Matrix) (Alchemy & Transformation) (Healing & Regeneration)

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#16 ANCIENT GALACTIC STARCODES – Universal Language Matrix

One of the oldest etheric/physical languages in our universe; active ‘master code’ symbol combination template for translating all known languages; helps humans connect with their mission directives on a galactic level; dissolves all planetary language barriers and promotes unity consciousness within all cultures. A16

#17 SEAL OF THE EMERALD TABLETS –  Alchemy & Transformation

Connected to St. Germain, Lord Melchizedek, Thoth the Atlantean, Lady Master Nada, the Fountain of Youth and the Pleiadian Star System; a new matrix for alchemical transformation, transmutation and transfiguration; “Eye of God,” energetically linked to the 7 major religions and the 7 rays of the 7 mighty Elohim; the Seal ignites passion and vibrates the senses. A17

#18 VISIONS OF VENUS :TEMPLE OF THE TWO MOONS  –  Healing & Regeneration

Celestial Venusian temple holding highly concentrated infusions of lunar & solar energy.  Stimulates cellular regeneration and intuition; Rebalances the human waking and sleeping cycles; opens the mind and imagination to higher streams of thought and extraordinary visual experiences; connected to Venus, Mercury & Mars. A18

Neptunes Triton #19 Mary Magdalene: The Cosmic
Essence #20
Physical Akashic Record Building #21
(Confidence & Self-Expression) (Heart Purification & True Destiny) (Access Earth Wisdom & Information)

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#19 NEPTUNE’S TRITON –  Confidence & Self-Expression

Boosts power, confidence, passion and strength of spirit; enhances one’s leadership abilities and freedom of expression; balances the emotions and clears psychological stress; pierces the veils of illusion and empowers one to become the master of their own destiny. A19

#20 MARY MAGDALENE: THE COSMIC ESSENCE – Heart Purification & True Destiny

New matrix depicting the current energy configuration of Mary Magdalene; creates a purification within one’s heart & anointing into a higher level of energy; connected to the Seven Sacraments and the Holy Grail; realigns one with their true destiny & purpose; infuses the body and mind with Christ Consciousness; a new source of inspiration and empowerment for spiritual seekers; linked to the Essenes and ancient Atlantis.  A20

#21 PHYSICAL AKASHIC RECORD BUILDING – Access Earth Wisdom & Information

New structural creation for Earth made manifest through 5th dimensional etheric matrix-building; it will be one of three buildings that will house the entire planetary record including all thoughts, words and actions experienced here on Earth; contains the blueprints for all new Golden Cities and sacred structures, which will become manifest as our planet enters the higher dimensions.  A21




Double Happiness #22 Celestial Magic #23Christ Acceleration Codes #24
(Attracts Love & Soul Mates) (Mental Clarity & Synchronicities) (Radiance & Regeneration)

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#22 DOUBLE HAPPINESS – Attracts Love & Soul Mates

This divine partner ‘connection matrix’ assists individuals in connecting with their etheric Twin Ray and planetary Soulmates. Meditating on this image will help you form deeper connections in all of your relationships, while assisting you in releasing old, outdated ideas regarding love. Double Happiness is the state of being when one is in complete and total balance with oneself, mirroring the joy and ecstasy between the physical soul and their etheric Twin Ray. This creates a closer telepathic/emotional connection which accelerates the physical manifestation process of the two soul aspects.  A22

#23 CELESTIAL MAGIC – Mental Clarity & Synchronicities

A magical, cosmic doorway and focusing template which allows one greater access to multidimensional information; stimulates higher thought-forms and understandings; helps to calibrate one’s energy field into the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional frequencies each time it is viewed.  A23


‘Ark of the Covenant’ fire-letter sequencing; accelerated ‘energy ribbon’ codes which spin quickly in, through and around the body, enabling the recipient to activate and integrate their Higher Self and Lightbody; promotes inner radiance and cellular regeneration.  A24


Tibetan Crystal Skull #25 The Celestial Equator #26Insight #27
(Unity Consciousness & Heart Activator) (Expands Vision & Balances the Brain) (Expands Brain Capacity & Psychic Skills)

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#25 TIBETAN CRYSTAL SKULL – Unity Consciousness & Heart Activator

Connected to Mt Kailash, Ancient India, Mu and the Divine Mother, this skull represents the understanding and application of Unity Consciousness; it is activates new levels and matrixes within the Heart Chakra, magnifying its healing power one-hundred-fold.  Meditation with this accelerator will also train your mind and emotional body to spontaneously dissolve externally projected limitations and fears from the outside world.  A25

#26 THE CELESTIAL EQUATOR –Expands Vision & Balances the Brain

Balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain; helps to organize the mental body and subconscious data-banks; promotes day-dreams & night-time dream activity; enhances one’s ability to enter deep, altered states of consciousness; activates one’s visual perception & expanded peripheral vision.  A26


Template for expanding one’s telepathic and psychic gifts; enhances brain function and corrects imbalances caused by mental stress & over-thinking; promotes a wider and more diverse perspective of life and it’s processes; enhances meditation and concentration.  A27

Crown of Sacred Fire #28 Transformation of the Pyramid #29Mechanics of Modern Alchemy #30
(Purification Temple) (Future Blueprints & Information) (Future Blueprints & Information)

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#28 CROWN OF THE SACRED FIRE – Purification Temple for the Mind, Body & Spirit

Initiates purification, alchemy & transmutation within the human body; promotes enlightenment & the realization of the Ascension; symbolizes the moment of Truth; balances the entire chakra system; opens the Great Octave in one’s mind and spirit; connected to the Temple of Enoch & the Sphere of Truth.  D19

#29 TRANSFORMATION OF THE PYRAMID – Future Blueprints & Information

Allows one to easily assimilate multidimensional energy and information; promotes clarity and clears misperceptions regarding one’s emotional and mental processing; initiates acceptance of the new paradigm operating systems (including new social, financial, medical & educational); activates ancient temple sites, vortex points and grid systems.  A29

#30 THE MECHANICS OF MODERN ALCHEMY – Inspiration & Magical Manifestation

Assists one in creating and maintaining a magical lifestyle through their own power of will and intent; ignites the living fields of inspiration within the awakening human blueprint; awakens one’s former-life magical skills; allows one to access higher dimensional alchemical patterns and formulas; connected to Merlin and the many new modern-day magicians.  A30

Robes of Light #31 New Educational System #32New Financial System #33
(Physical Transformation & Reinvention) (Merges Spiritual & Scientific Understanding) (Truth, Justice & Integrity)

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#31 ROBES OF LIGHT – Physical Transformation & Reinvention

Baptism of the Holy Spirit; the prophesied exchange of earthly garments for divine heavenly robes; as each soul enters the higher dimensions they will receive a unique specific configuration of energy (woven from the Language of Light) that will help to create a dynamic physical transformation & reinvention of the human soul matrix.  A31

#32 NEW EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM – Merges Spiritual & Scientific Understanding

A new template for the expanded spiritual, philosophical and academic teachings, which is comprised of a full-spectrum of color and harmonics; brings a renewed interest & excitement to the Earth’s 3D schooling systems; gives children a positive vision of Earth’s future; helps the human mind to accommodate the new 5th, 6th & 7th dimensional physics & educational programming.  A32

#33 NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM – Prosperity & Abundance

A new united template promoting unlimited abundance and prosperity for all; ‘upgraded’ circuitry for brain, which expands one’s awareness of the energetics of money and all forms of exchange; assists transformation of poverty to abundance consciousness; releases fear of survival from the emotional body; reorganizes one’s priorities in the business world; brings justice & order to material world; lays new foundation for the transfiguration of money energy; escalates one into freedom and sovereignty.  A33

The Om #34 Shemalea the Essence #355D Lightbody Blueprint #36
(Peace & Renewal) (Radiance & Beauty) (DNA Transformation)

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#34 THE OM – Peace & Renewal

Sound template & encoded frequency transmission symbol which activates the heart, the mind, the crystal channels & energy meridians within the body; brings light into the cellular membranes to assist in the physical manifestation of one’s divine image; repairs and strengthens the human force-field; brings peace & renewal.  A34

#35 SHEMALEA “THE ESSENCE” – Galactic Flower Essence from Venus – Radiance & Beauty

5th dimensional flower essence from Venus; enhances one’s connection to the light and inner radiance within; manifests the sensation/feeling of love within one’s heart; initiates the manifestation of one’s heart’s desire into physical form; triggers one’s inner magical essence & beauty to be reflected in the physical world.  A35

#36 5D LIGHTBODY BLUEPRINT – DNA Upgrade & Youthening

This image shows the recalibrated 3D to 5D human blueprint.  Currently many individuals on this planet are transforming on a molecular level and reconfiguring the 12-strand DNA structure and returning to the ‘perfection’ of the original soul blueprint.  This transformation will result in a faster oscillation of the cells and energy field, allowing individuals to manifest magical skills and perform miracles in the new Golden Age.  Our new bodies will not be prone to disease or aging, but always maintain a youthful, ageless appearance.   Also, there is no elimination system in the new lightbody, as the faster oscillation of the Christed energy field consumes and quickly transmutes even the densest of substances.  To integrate this image, meditate on the accelerator patterns to speed transformation of both the consciousness and physical body.  Pay special attention to the spinning wheels of colored light and the points of light on the inner body (shown right) and the outer auric field (shown left). The circles located in the center of the drawing depict from top to bottom, the awakened thymus gland (top), the Christed heart (center), and the fully activated 3rd eye (bottom).  A36

Shemalea Galactic Flower from Venus #37 Collective Tapestry #38Ectoplasmic Language of Heart #39
(Youth, Vitality & Relationships) (Enhances Magnetism & Creativity) (Lemurian Language of Light)

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#37 SHEMALEA: GALACTIC FLOWER ESSENCE FROM VENUS – Youth, Vitality & Relationships

Balances & supports the functioning of the transitioning human body system; strengthens connection to nature and all subtle life forms; promotes healing on many levels and nourishes the body, renewing energy and vitality; natural life support system; strengthens symbiotic relationships between all lifeforms; enhances harmonious relationships with others; brings greater awareness, understanding of interconnectedness of all things.  A37

#38 COLLECTIVE TAPESTRY – Enhances Magnetism & Creativity

Geometric healing pattern utilized by devas, insects and other intelligences to recalibrate genetic and acquired imbalances. This pattern also enhances one’s healing gifts & creative skills.  To use, visualize this design expanding in, through and around your body.  This attracts the natural healing energies, which will weave this electromagnetic pattern into any imbalanced areas, allowing the energy to flow easily & effortlessly.  A38

#39 ECTOPLASMIC LANGUAGE OF HEART – Lemurian Language of Light

Lemurian telepathic Language of Light, brought into form through the alchemy of the human voice & heart; awakens solar-body consciousness; manifests the reflection of two existing worlds, Heaven and Earth; releases linear thinking and promotes clear communication.  A39

Tower of Light #40 Bridge of Purification #41Animal Communication #42
(Higher Knowledge & Intuition) (Cellular Detoxification & Re-Patterning) (Animal Connection & Intuition)

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#40 TOWER OF LIGHT – Higher Knowledge & Intuition

Beacon of light; activates higher knowledge, intuition and expanded brain capacity; activates the 6th, 7th & 8th chakras; aligns one with their Higher Self, Oversoul & Guardian Angel.  A40

#41 THE BRIDGE OF PURIFICATION – Cellular Detoxification & Re-Patterning

Cellular template clears out old patterning & detoxes the body; initiates DNA activation through the Master Cell; sets up new cellular light patterning and youthens the body.  A41

#42 ANIMAL COMMUNICATION – Animal Connection & Intuition

Promotes expanded communication with all types of animals; creates a multi-level frequency band within one’s mind enhancing an individual’s telepathic connection with the animal kingdom; allows any individual to easily communicate with animals and understand the behavioral patterns of domesticated pets; refines and clarifies the transmission signals between humans and animals; strengthens the messaging system so that an individual may receive information in a variety of different ways; creates a telepathic bridge for communication between species.  A42

Creation of Life #43 7 Golden Melchizadek Temples #44 Earth Logos #45
(Emotional Balance & Freedom) (Spiritual Growth & Power)(Inner Strength & Expansion)

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#43 THE CREATION OF LIFE – Emotional Balance & Freedom

Balances the body, mind and spirit; creates harmonious relations between the mind & heart; the coming together of male and female; as above, so below; sets up a strong foundation of freedom, wisdom, and clarity within the human energy field.  A43


Preparation for entrance into the Kingdoms of Light; initiation chambers of the Gods; heavenly architecture models to be built on Earth; educational portals of light.  Each of the seven living temples holds a specific frequency, its own divine symbols and musical symphony of energy patterns.  A44

#45 EARTH LOGOS – Inner Strength & Expansion

Awakens inner strength and creates expansion within the mind; brainstorm energy; brings forth new innovative ideas; represents the current energetic transformational state of Earth as seen through the eyes of higher dimensional non-physical beings; triggers universal wisdom & indigenous teachings within the planetary population.  A45

Pyramid Initiation #46 Great City of Telos #47Dragon Power #48
(Ethereal Initiations & Journeys) (Prosperity, Creativity & Unity) (Protection & Power)

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#46 PYRAMID INITIATION – Ethereal Initiations & Journeys

Meditation image prompting internal introspection & initiations; Shamballa pyramid template accessed through Level 12 of the Akashic Records; connected to Sirius, Andromeda & ancient Egypt; holds multidimensional information regarding Earth’s transformation; awakens memory of the Divine Plan of God.  A46

#47 THE GREAT CITY OF TELOS – Prosperity, Creativity & Unity

City structures underneath Mount Shasta vortex; Agartha network ‘City of Light’; star cluster pattern manifest into form; Lemurian/Atlantean temple form and design; helps one embody the energies of abundance, opulence, prosperity, creativity and unity; a divine arrangement of light frequencies and harmonics.  A47

#48 DRAGON POWER MATRIX – Inner Strength & Protection

Ancient resurrection template; Emerald Fire Matrix of Regeneration; assists one in psychic defense and auric shield protection; represents and ignites Inner Earth power and magic.  A48

Shan Cea #49 Ark Angel Masters of the Divine Plan #50Lightwave - Assistance #51
(Unifies Mind, Heart & Psychic Senses) (Ignites Passion & Conviction) (Blessings, Energy & Support)

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#49 SHAN CEA – Unifies Mind, Heart & Psychic Senses

New species creation template; linked to Noah’s Ark, the Ashtar Command & a 4th dimensional satellite orbiting Earth; unifies the mind & heart; heightens the psychic senses and opens one to channeling.  A49

#50 ARK ANGELS: MASTERS OF THE DIVINE PLAN – Ignites Passion & Conviction

Divine fire-letter sequence initiation through the Ark of the Covenant; activates the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras and heals all imbalances relating to those areas of the body; ignites passion and conviction for one’s destiny and purpose; creation made possible through etheric and physical collaboration; connected to the Phoenician and Templar Emissaries of Light.  A50


New holographic angelic-energy matrix specifically designed to assist in a mass awakening of humanity by sending energy, healing, blessings and assistance to those in need. Each matrix is transferred from person-to-person instantaneously, assisting the recipient in a number of ways. To use, visualize the matrix in the palm of your hand and then energetically send it from your hand to the other individual’s body. Subsequently, the individual’s Higher Self will unlock the matrix and help them integrate the energy as needed. They can be sent to people in any location and in any situation: shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters, concerts, sporting events; wherever you see people who need help.  Sending this matrix to an individual will help them with the following:  Relationship difficulties, legal problems, financial problems, accident or emergency situations, job issues.  A51

Cosmic Intersection #52 The Magic of St Germain #53Lightwave -Awaken #54
(Time Travel & DNA Activation) (Manifestation & Highest Potential) (Awareness & Connection)

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#52 COSMIC INTERSECTION – Time Travel & DNA Activation

5D time-travel template; intersecting point of 12 different ‘Super Highways’ near the Great Central Sun; activates both etheric and physical DNA; diversifies one’s internal frequencies; allows individuals to mentally traverse different web-works of time and space.

#53 THE MAGIC OF SAINT GERMAIN – Manifestation & Highest Potential

Manifestation of Alchemy and Destiny; secrets of the adepts revealed; unlocks the knowledge of creation and highest human potential; Violet Flame in action; activates the hand chakras and the etheric diamond filaments in the fingertips.  A53


New holographic angelic-energy matrix specifically designed to assist in a mass awakening of humanity by sending energy, healing, blessings and assistance to those in need. Each matrix is transferred from person-to-person instantaneously, assisting the recipient in a number of ways. To use, visualize the matrix in the palm of your hand and then energetically send it from your hand to the other individual’s body. Subsequently, the individual’s Higher Self will unlock the matrix and help them integrate the energy as needed. They can be sent to people in any location and in any situation: shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters, concerts, sporting events; wherever you see people who need help.  Sending this matrix to an individual will help them: Spiritually awaken; open the mind to new possibilities & bring new awareness of multidimensional concepts and realities; accelerate higher 5D, 6D and 7D thought processes; enhance connection with their destiny path; connect with spirit guides, Ascended Masters, angels or galactic beings.  A54

Lightwave - Balance #55 Spherical Time Blueprint #56The Oracle #57
(Mental Clarity & Emotional Balance) (Time Management & Organization) (Intuition & Psychic Gifts)

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#55 HOLOGRAPHIC LIGHTWAVE MATRIX – BALANCE – Mental Clarity & Emotional Balance

New holographic angelic-energy matrix specifically designed to assist in a mass awakening of humanity by sending energy, healing, blessings and assistance to those in need. Each matrix is transferred from person-to-person instantaneously, assisting the recipient in a number of ways. To use, visualize the matrix in the palm of your hand and then energetically send it from your hand to the other individual’s body. Subsequently, the individual’s Higher Self will unlock the matrix and help them integrate the energy as needed. They can be sent to people in any location and in any situation: shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters, concerts, sporting events; wherever you see people who need help.  Sending this matrix to an individual will help them with the following: Clear confusion and promote mental clarity; heal emotional problems; clear stress-related problems – overindulgence, addictive behavior, etc.; promote Higher Self alignment; clear scattered-ness and ungrounded-ness; alleviate indecisiveness.  A55

#56 SPHERICAL TIME BLUEPRINT – Time Management  & Organization

New 5D  expanded time format; extends one’s mental perception and physical energy from a 24-hour day to a 72-hour day; entry into a new structure-less realm; Atlantis time-field revisited; transcends linear paradigm; also known as “Circular” or “Vertical” time; connected to the Time Masters and the Solar Disk.  A56

#57 THE ORACLE – Intuition & Psychic Gifts

Synthesis of higher dimensional energies and frequencies; represents the unfolding, flowering Self; opens the Third Eye and Crown chakras; alleviates confusion, delusion & frustration; enhances psychic abilities & intuition.  A57

Indestructible #58 Heart of Mary Magdalene #59Atlantean Crystal Skull #60
(Renews Life Force & Vitality) (Passion & Sacred Union)(Vision, Expansion & Creativity)

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#58 INDESTRUCTIBLE: The Original Seed – Renews Life Force & Vitality

Eternal concept underlying the rose & all purified forms of creation; activates the eternal “Atom of Life” consciousness in the core of your being; initiates immortality in each cell of the body; renews one’s life force & vitality.  A58

#59 HEART OF MARY MAGDALENE – Passion & Sacred Union

Unites Twin Flames and initiates Divine Union between souls on Earth; ignites passion & remembrance of sacred relationships; clears unbalanced contractual agreements and pacts between individuals; embodiment of the feminine energy; connected to ancient Atlantis & Divine Mother; lays grid work for correct activation of one’s Vril Power (Kundalini).  A59

#60 ATLANTEAN CRYSTAL SKULL – Vision, Expansion & Creativity

Connected to Great Atlantis; this skull holds the qualities of intellect, vision, expansion; remembrance of wonder, beauty and creativity. Peridot and Aquamarine  A60

Tetras #61 The Titan #62Persian Crystal Skull #63
(New Thought Forms & Concepts) (New Thought Forms & Concepts) (Confidence, Clarity & Enthusiasm)

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#60 ATLANTEAN CRYSTAL SKULL – Vision, Expansion & Creativity

Connected to Great Atlantis; this skull holds the qualities of intellect, vision, expansion; remembrance of wonder, beauty and creativity. Peridot and Aquamarine  A60


#61 TETRAS #1 – New Thought Forms & Concepts

Linked to the Hale-Bopp comet & the United Galactic Federation; brings assistance & support from other worlds; holographic matrix comprised of new thought-forms & energy fields; ethereal healer/physician; opens one to new concepts and ideas.  A61  One of the series of images I channeled directly after my destiny awakening.  It depicts the now famous celestial vehicle which accompanied the Hale-Bopp comet in 1996/1997.  As with all comets and meteors, Hale-Bopp acted as an awakener and activator of individuals on many different planets including Earth.  The object that was cited and photographed by many astronomers was actually an inter-dimensional spaceship which was tethering and often guiding the comet to its destinations and to complete its destiny.  The celestial object was known as Tetras and was actually the size of a small planet.  It could change form, become invisible at will, as well as move back and forth and in & out of wormholes to collect personnel and information from other locations.  Bryan

#62 THE TITAN – Awakening & Protection

Seven galactic starships united; ancient shield of protection to impact Earth’s morphogenetic field in 2017; allows transcendence of time and space for co-creation; re-distributes commonalities throughout the grid; initiates mass-awakening of human population.  A62

#63 PERSIAN CRYSTAL SKULL – Confidence, Clarity & Enthusiasm

Inspires the qualities of creation, confidence, clarity & enthusiasm; enhances one’s personal power; connected to ancient Persia & Atlantis.  A63

Keylatoni Temple #64 City of Light #65Pleiadian Symphony #66
(Physical & Spiritual Regeneration) (Inner Reflection & Personal Growth) (Enhances Musical Gifts & Creativity)

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#64 KEYLATONI TEMPLE – Physical & Spiritual Regeneration

A healing temple in the ethereal dimensions which is used on the etheric by many extraterrestrials and humans to regenerate and recalibrate the physical and spiritual bodies; contains the cosmic codes and keys for life; promotes feelings of transcendence and immortality; related to Grecian & Babylonian civilizations; inspires one’s faith in humanity and the next world.  A64

#65 CITY OF LIGHT – Inner Reflection & Personal Growth

Etheric ‘City of Light’ & blueprint of creation; represents the internal landscape of individual soul consciousness; develops one’s inner temple & aligns them with their true spiritual manifestation and creation powers.  A65

#66 PLEIADIAN SYMPHONY – Enhances Musical Gifts & Creativity

Assists one in tuning into & creating higher vibrational music; sparks inspiration and passion within the internal soul blueprint; opens the heart and balances negative emotions; connected to Bach, the Pleiades and the Music of the Spheres.  A66

Lightwave - Healing #67 Pleiadian Creativity Matrix #68Power of the Mother #69
(Physical Healing & Support) (Highest Creative Ideas & Potential) (Divine Creation & Passion)

Accelerator Descriptions - Click Here


New holographic angelic-energy matrix specifically designed to assist in a mass awakening of humanity by sending energy, healing, blessings and assistance to those in need. Each matrix is transferred from person-to-person instantaneously, assisting the recipient in a number of ways. To use, visualize the matrix in the palm of your hand and then energetically send it from your hand to the other individual’s body. Subsequently, the individual’s Higher Self will unlock the matrix and help them integrate the energy as needed. They can be sent to people in any location and in any situation: shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters, concerts, sporting events; wherever you see people who need help.  Sending this matrix will assist: Individuals in hospitals and rehabilitation centers; people who have physical difficulties and injuries; elderly and the handicapped; individuals in auto accidents.  A67

#68 PLEIADIAN CREATIVITY MATRIX – Highest Creative Ideas & Potential

Opens new pathways in the mind and heart; brings one’s creative gifts into physical manifestation; the divine universal font of creativity; allows a constant stream of inspiration and new ideas to flow easily and effortlessly; clears any creative blockages so that a new creative direction can begin to unfold; allows your highest creative potential to be realized; brings forth creative designs that will benefit all of humanity.  A68

#69 THE POWER OF THE MOTHER – Divine Creation & Passion

Volcanic energy matrix for triggering passion and spontaneity; assists one in being “present” and enjoying every moment; ancient creation tablets made physical by liquid fire; brings in pure creative energies during any birthing process; linked to Lemuria, Mother Gaia & the Hawaiian Ring of Masters.  A69

The Living Temple #70 Science of Miracles #71The Flower of Love #72
(Clears Stress & Promotes Harmony) (Joy, Reverence & Creativity) (Moving Forward & Completion)

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#70 THE LIVING TEMPLE – Clears Stress & Promotes Harmony

Ethereal healing temple connected to Hawaii & Lemuria, under the guardianship of the 4D Elemental Kingdom; brings flow, balance and harmony to overstressed mental, emotional and physical circuitry; energizes the chakra system and etheric body with flora and devic frequencies.  A70

#71 THE SCIENCE OF MIRACLES – Joy, Reverence & Creativity

Original innocence template; allows the body & consciousness to experience more joy and openness; triggers a rebirth within one’s mind and emotions; purifies the heart; creates a new appreciation and reverence for life and it’s processes; stimulates creativity.  A71

#72 THE FLOWER OF LOVE – Moving Forward & Completion

Reconnection and completion template; helps one to finish projects and experience forward movement on his/her path without procrastination or hesitation; activates the upper chakras; reconnects one to the beauty of Earth in it’s original, pristine form.  A72

Atlantis Energy Healing Symbol #73 The Gridworkers #74Royal Seal of Atlantis #75
(Healing & Rejuvenation) (Earth Healing & Cosmic Connections) (Perfection of Mind, Body & Spirit)

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Sacred seal of protection, power and healing; related to ethereal royal bloodlines, the Atlantean Light Masters and the Templars; initiates internal realignment of one’s energy system; helps to connect one with and receive information from the Higher Councils of Light; divine key of grace and kingship; ignites service to humanity for the greater good; crowning glory.  A73

#74 THE GRIDWORKERS – Earth Healing & Cosmic Connections

Arcturian lightship matrix; dream and waking vision enhancer; opens one’s perception to multidimensional experiences; expands the mind to new potentials and possibilities; enhances one’s local & long distance earth healing abilities; connects individuals to assistant off-planet races helping to heal & activate the Earth.  A74


Renewal of the human spirit; return to the true ‘Seed of Life’; triggers the perfection of one’s mind, body and spirit; raises one’s consciousness to the 5th dimensional level; manifestation of pure divine love into the physical realm; restores perfect harmony & reconnection to the magical world of nature; ignites deep appreciation of beauty in all of its forms; triggers enchanted creativity; brings forth the original divine sound that will be heard by every living soul on Earth as Atlantis rises again.  A75

Ring Pass Not #76 To a Point of Clarity & Focus #77Starseed #78
(Freedom & Expansion)(Mental Clarity & Confidence) (Higher Knowledge & Cellular Renewal)

Accelerator Descriptions - Click Here

#76 RING PASS NOT – Freedom & Expansion

The Great Barrier, a multidimensional cosmic window in deep space; promotes the feeling and experience of freedom & expansion within one’s life; the Ring Pass Not is the point of passage that can only be traversed by advanced souls who have evolved beyond limitation and separation.  A76

#77 TO A POINT OF CLARITY & FOCUS – Mental Clarity & Confidence

Helps to focus one’s mental body, bringing new clarity and confidence regarding decisions & perceptions; clears confusion and self-doubt; brings strength & conviction to one’s voice; assists one in accessing the non-physical aspects of the higher dimensions.  A77

#78 STARSEED – Higher Knowledge & Cellular Renewal

Higher dimensional ‘light-seeding’ matrix; infuses higher knowledge & light into the mind & cellular structure; stimulates memories of other worlds and realms; smooths complex life transitions & personal challenges.  A78


Technology Tags


 Designed by the Ashtar Command, Technology Tags transmute harmful, energetic signals as well as upgrade all types of electronic devices. Simply affixing a tag on the desired apparatus creates a crystal clear ‘lock-on’ signal beam directly to the Command’s main computer system on their primary Star Fleet ship. This link-up allows those using the device to receive information directly from the Command without interference.

Small Technology Tag Large Technology Tag
Piercing the Jewel #79 Metatron's Gift #80The Living Ankh #81
(Hearts Desire & Service to Humanity)(Merlin Skills & Spiritual Gifts) (Wisdom, Compassion & Power )

<id=”Technology Tags”>

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#79 PIERCING THE JEWEL – Hearts Desire & Service to Humanity

Individual consciousness gems, each infused with multidimensional information; allows one to find their higher path to planetary ambassadorship; assists with manifestation & completion of one’s destiny and purpose; awakens the heart’s desire; tunes one into the Divine Plan for Earth; promotes paramagnetic balance on 17 levels; balances all the meridians of the body.  A79

#80 METATRON’S GIFT – Merlin Skills & Spiritual Gifts

Awakens one’s Merlin Skills from former lifetimes; awakens conscious knowledge of higher guidance; allows one to grasp abstract spiritual concepts and teachings; releases individuals from the 3D trial-and-error process; 7th dimensional template encoded by the Ascended Masters.  A80

#81 ATLANTIS RETURNS: THE LIVING ANKH – Wisdom, Compassion & Power

Atlantean symbol of beauty & light; brings forth the magnificent energy & power of Great Atlantis; restores the sacred teachings, mystical knowledge, great wisdom of the ancient Light Masters; unlocks mysteries hidden deep within the soul; brings remembrance of past lives lived in Atlantis; recalibrates the human energy field and balances the planetary grid; symbol of unity, compassion, divine service; brings physical healing and softens/balances the emotional body; key to the kingdom, glory of God manifest on Earth.  A81

Angelic Chakra Grid #1 82 Energy Into Matter #83The Ark of the Covenant #84
(Physical Healing & Chakra Balance) (Magnetism & Manifestation) (Transmits Energy & Strengthens Power)

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#82 GEOMETRIES OF LIGHT Angelic Chakra Grid #1 – Physical Healing & Chakra Balancing

Stellar activation template for the human body; makes adjustments in the human chakratic system in order to accommodate incoming light frequencies; assists one in releasing distortions within the physical body and experiencing their Lightbody; balances the body’s meridian system & trigger points; activates the solar (external) chakras.  A82

#83 ENERGY INTO MATTER – Magnetism & Manifestation

Brainstorm energy matrix; the point of creation where energy becomes matter; magnetizes higher thought-forms into physical manifestation; initiates movement into multidimensional consciousness; magnetizes one’s dreams & desires.  A83

#84 THE ARK OF THE COVENANT – Transmits Energy & Strengthens Power

This powerful transmitter and receiver, created by utilizing ancient Atlantean esoteric knowledge and technology, activates one’s ‘Vril Force’ and true power; quickens manifestation and releases limitations within the body consciousness; represents the empowerment, fulfillment and mastery of Spirit.  A84


The Devas of Coffee #85 Angel Seal #86The Shift #87
(Magical Synchronicities) (Angelic Protection & Upgrades Products) (Transformation & Planetary Upliftment)

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#85 THE DEVAS OF COFFEE – Magical Synchronicities

These magical devas/elves care for and oversee all aspect of coffee production…from the blessing of the seeds to the growing of the bean, to the final phases of brewing and enjoyment. They are constantly providing many the growers, coffee companies and coffee shops with amazing ideas in order to further diversify the legend of ‘coffee’ here on Earth.  This image will energize you, as well as bring new ideas and synchronicities into your life. It will help you to expand your options regarding magical possibilities and lead you into areas of expression you never thought existed.  A85

#86 ANGEL SEAL – Angelic Protection & Upgrades Products

This Angel Seal contains the creative energy of the Renaissance and is connected to Archangel Metatron and the Throne Angels. Energetically placing/projecting this image on any object will keep it protected by the Angels. You can also place it over a doorway or telepathically imprint it on your creative projects, artwork, music, books and products.  A86

#87 THE SHIFT – Transformation & Planetary Upliftment

7D bio-mechanical technology, allowing our planet to release the 3D circuitry and incorporate new higher dimensional off-planet software; blueprint for Earth’s ascent into the higher dimensions of consciousness; awakens transformation within the body & mind; initiates full planetary upliftment & enlightenment.  A87

Emotional Body Matrix #88 High Frequency Yin Vechicle #89The Solar Disk #90
(Emotional Balance & Support) (Ignites Motivation & Willpower) (Universal Knowledge & Healing)

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#88 EMOTIONAL BODY MATRIX – Emotional Balance & Support

An angelic ‘light net’ used to clear distortions and negative patterns from the emotional body; eliminates over-sensitivity and depression; brings new positive focus & energy into one’s life and heart.  A88

#89 HIGH-FREQUENCY YIN ENERGY VEHICLE – Ignites Motivation & Willpower

Vortex of passion and courage; clears 1st & 2nd chakras and regenerates reproductive system; ignites independent motivation and willpower; helps dissolve limitations regarding money & physical stability.  A89

#90 THE SOLAR DISK – Universal Knowledge & Healing

A multidimensional template which holds the keys to creation & the entire historical record of our universe; accelerates and infuses the healing energies of joy, vitality, love, peace and divine grace within a person, place or thing. When activated, it is an access point where higher celestial vibrations constantly flow and permeate the realms of Earth.  To Initiate Healing and Transformation: Begin by running your right hand in a clockwise motion about three inches above the template.  This will activate and prepare your Solar Disk for use.  Second, state your intention (what you wish to do).  This image can also be used to transform negative emotions or old thought patterns.  You can transform fear into courage and strength & anger into love, understanding and acceptance.  The Solar Disk accelerator operates solely through your will and intent and will work immediately upon your command.  A90

Escalation: Ark of the Covenant #91 Sword of Light & Truth #92I AM GOD #93
(Faith & Trust) (Dissolves Illusions & Protects Aura) (Contemplation, Purpose & Direction)

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New ‘fire-letter’ activation sequences for transforming the body into light; connected to Jesus, the Sea of Galilee and the Andromeda star system; revitalizes the human energy systems; allows one to trust and have faith in the divine processes & timing.  A91

#92 SWORD OF LIGHT & TRUTH – Dissolves Illusions & Protects Aura

Cuts through all illusions within an individual’s consciousness and dissolves any imbalanced etheric cording within one’s energy field; calls forth the power of the Archangels; repels negative energy from entering one’s auric field.  A92

#93 I AM GOD – Contemplation, Purpose & Direction

Activates one’s power as a co-creator and steward of Earth; enhances meditation and deep-trance states; promotes internal introspection & contemplation; assists in the manifestation of one’s mission & purpose; promotes focus and clarity, renews one’s mind, body & spirit.  A93


All accelerator images are available in:  8.5″ x 11″ format – $7 each  

Do not print or copy without Bryan’s permission.

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photo block of accelerators

Ideas for Placing the Accelerator Images in Your Space!

There are many ways to utilize the accelerator images in your space. You can place them together on a wall or table…or configure them on a refrigerator or window. The images work best in combinations…let your intuition & instincts be your guide. Enjoy and have fun!


Accelerator Combination image 2


Combinations of three or more accelerators work best to enhance the activation, healing and transformational properties contained within the images. All sets listed below are available with just one click, on this page!

Planetary Assistance:  The New Pyramid for Earth #14, The Living Temple #70, The Flower of Love #72, The Gridworkers #74, Blue Starfire #126, Stay the Path #132.

Enhance Brain Capacity & Genius Skills: In-Sight-Lemurian Stargate Remote Viewing Template #27, Balancense #106, 5D Human Neural Network #191, The Andromedans #308, The Timmers #311.

Enhance Business:   The New Financial System #33, To a Point of Clarity and Focus #77, Goal Achievement/Money Magnet #101, Array of Light #104, Seven Generations #152, Energize My Day #203.

Enhance Creative Designs, Projects & Plans:  The Divine Element #95, Pleiadian Light Matrix #123, Blue Starfire #126, Merlin’s Alchemical Grid #144, Geometry of Divine Creation #274.

Enhance Dreams:   Science of the Celestial Bodies #10, Dream Accelerator #142, Fleur de Lys #162, Past Life Memory Activation from Atlantis #208, When you Wish Upon a Star #212.

Enhance Musical Gifts:  The Seven Golden Melchizadek Flame Temples #44, Pleiadian Symphony #66,  Angel Seal #86, Holographic Sound Key #228, Music of the Spheres #282.

Eternal Youth/Immortality:  Indestructible Seed #58, The Ichor Codes #177 – #179, Fountain of Youth #184, The Chalice #194.

Language of Light:   Robes of Light #31, Sirian Astrological Text #111, Pleiadian Seed Crystal Transmission #158, Song of Gabriel #163, Archangel Series #172 – #175, The Divine Plan #227.

AC Energy Matrix Energizers:  Song of Gabriel #168, Energize My Day #203, Land of a Thousand Suns #231.

Public Speaking:  To a Point of Clarity and Focus #77,  Credence #131, Divine Voice Activation Circuit #181, Pleiadian Symbol Code Infusion #329.

Safe Travels/Vacation: Protect the Castle #127, Lucky Charm #128, Fascination #130 Archangel Raphael #174, Time Travel #176, Ashtar Command Evacuation Transmission Signal #218.

Sexual Fulfillment:   Temple of the Heart #15, Heart of Mary Magdalene #59, Celestial Convergence #223,  The Sri Yantra #225, The Pleiadians #307

Manifestation and Financial Prosperity:  New Financial System #33, The Magic of Saint Germain #53, Money Magnet #101, Money Tree of Life #185, String Magic #278, Infinite Possibilities #299.

Activation of the Third Eye and Intuition:  Piercing the Jewel #79, Sirian Pearl #121, Third Eye Activation Template #133, The Oracle #57, Starseed #78, Secret Chamber #114, Contact #233.

Inspiration & Creativity:  Pleiadian Creativity Matrix #68, Starseed #78, Metatron’s Gift #80, Blue Starfire #126, Metatron’s Cube #226, Geometry of Divine Creation #274, Cosmic Star Shield #298.

Remote Viewing / Exploring the Akashic Records & Other Realities:  Physical Akashic Record Building #21, Tetras 2 #116, Building the Monuments of Mars #119, The Dream Accelerator #142, Magnetic Technology of Love #150, St. Germain’s Magic Castle #186, Holographic Sound Key #228.

Healing (Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual):  Lightwave Healing Matrix #67, The Living Temple #70, Science of Miracles #71, Energy Healing Symbol #73, Geometries of Light Angelic Chakra Grid #82, Solar Disk #90.

Entry into the Higher Etheric Initiation Temples:  The Awakening #12, Transformation of the Pyramid #29, Seven Golden Melchizadek Temples #44, City of Telos #47, Energy Blueprint from Shamballa #156, 5D Human Neural Network #191, Unveiling the Mysteries: The Sri Yantra #225.

Enhance or Activate Spiritual Gifts & the Third Eye:  Spherical Time Blueprint #56, Pleiadian Symphony #66, To a Point of Clarity and Focus #77, Pleiadian/Sirian Downloading Matrix #171, Fairy Godmother #188, 5D Human Neural Network #191.

Connection to the Celestial Hierarchy:  Through the Looking Glass #2, Robes of Light #31, Gridworkers #74, Metatron’s Gift #80, I AM GOD #93, Archangel Gabriel #172, Ashtar Command Starships #215.

Elemental Magic:  Silver Wings of Creation #102, Spirit of Fire #103, Fascination #130, Credence #131, Stay the Path #132, Chocolate Devas #155, Birdsong Alchemy #206.

Lightbody Activation:  The Template of Understanding #9, Christ Acceleration Codes #24, The Living Ankh #81, Energy into Matter #83, Ichor Codes #177-179.

Emotional Balance:  Pillars of Hercules #5, Creation of Life #43, Emotional Body Matrix #88, Balancense #106, Unveiling the Mysteries: The Flower of Life #224, Land of a Thousand Suns #231.

Enhance Spiritual Power & Strength:  Earth Logos #45, Geometries of Light #82, Sword of Light & Truth #92, Fire in My Heart #98, Blue Starfire #126, Mission Accomplished #148, Golden Fireballs of Creation #187.

Promote, Enhance & Balance Relationships:  Double Happiness #22, Heart of Mary Magdalene #59, The Flower of Love #72, The Divine Element #95, Silver Wings of Creation #102, Blessing from the Stars #189, Celestial Convergence #223.

Heart Chakra Activation:  Temple of the Heart #15, Dragon Power #48, Fire in My Heart #98, Heartsong #108, Mighty Heart of Fire #183, Piercing the Jewel #79, Shamrock Magic #207.

Higher Knowledge & Understanding: #27 Insight: Lemurian Template, #40 Tower of Light, #77 To a Point of Clarity & Focus, #90 Solar Disk, #319 The Pill.

Time Travel & Bi-location: #8 Chronomonitor, #57 The Oracle, #176 Time Travel, #119 Building the Monument of Mars, #222 Calculation for Teleportation.

Pet Healing & Animal Communication: #42 Animal Communication, #126 Blue Starfire, #168 Song of Gabriel, #204 Pet Healing Matrix, #298 Cosmic Starsheild, #300 Lyrian Genetic Star.


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