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Mutlidimensional Images by Artist & Contactee Bryan de Flores

Each of the images has a specific purpose and is designed to energize and activate the viewer; simply looking at them will have a positive effect on people and their surroundings!   Bryan receives many of the images through dreams, visions and through his daily communications with Spirit.  All of the original images are hand drawn with the occasional addition of digital backgrounds and slight enhancements.  As he is drawing the images, he becomes aware of the meaning through mental impressions and intuition.  Shown below is a close-up portion of the image, plus the full image as an inset.  All images are available for $7 on 8.5″  x 11″ high quality cardstock.  There are many ways to choose the images…simply select the images you are attracted to or you can select them by the key word and/or description below them.

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Celestial Ascension Program #94 Divine Element #95Beyond the Veil #96
(Accelerated Learning Ability) (Angelic Divine Spark) (Expands Interdimensional Vision)

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#94 CELESTIAL ASCENSION PROGRAM – Accelerated Learning Ability

Interdimensional ascension template using higher knowledge and energy matrixes to create accelerations in consciousness; a new extra-dimensional accelerated learning curriculum for Earth; helps one to focus and prioritize.  A94

#95 THE DIVINE ELEMENT – Purity & Angelic Connection

Calls forth the power of the Archangels; helps to strengthen and enhance the divine element or ‘divine spark’ within you; allows a higher flow of energy through the body, increasing the frequency of your connection with the Divine and the intensity of light within your soul.  A95

#96 BEYOND THE VEIL – Expands Interdimensional Vision

A glimpse into the higher 4th dimensional galactic realms; an electrical diagram of a giant mothership establishing a permanent link with Earth; awakens earth’s energies & stimulates micro-cosmic life-forms; opens the 3rd Eye and Crown chakras; connected to the Arcturians and the Galactic Command.


New Templar Crusader Shield #97 Fire in My Heart #98El Morya #99
(Bravery & Determination) (Passion & Expansion) (Goodwill, Faith & Magic)

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#97 TEMPLAR CRUSADER SHIELD – Bravery & Determination

Enhances strength, bravery, confidence, and determination within an individual; brings one into alignment with destiny and their true purpose; increases ability to channel energy into one clear direction for the achievement or manifestation of one goal; uncovers the mysteries and secrets within one’s soul; connected to Joan of Arc and the Crusaders.  A97

#98 FIRE IN MY HEART – Passion & Expansion

Creates unprecedented consciousness expansion and passion within the human heart; assists one in rekindling the energy of love & friendship within; ‘Vril Force’ activation, igniting and intensifying the divine flames with the chakra system.  A98

#99 CELESTIAL SIGNATURES / EL MORYA – Goodwill, Faith & Magic

El Morya, Master Chohan & Teacher of the 1st Ray; infuses the Blue Ray of goodwill, faith and magic into one’s heart; helps to lift one’s internal energy system and ‘light quotient’ to new levels of endurance and spiritual power; provides a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ during challenging times.  A99

Kuthumi #100 Money Magnet #101Silver Wings of Creation #102
(Meditation, Focus & Concentration) (Abundance & Prosperity)(Elemental Connection & Perception)

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#100 CELESTIAL SIGNATURES: KUTHUMI – Meditation, Focus & Concentration

Kuthumi, World Teacher & Master Chohan of the 2nd Ray; provides one with sharp focus and unwavering concentration during meditation; helps to balance the endocrine and nervous systems; assists one to sift through vast amounts of data to receive the pearls of wisdom contained within.  A100


This image will assist you in designing and maintaining your highest potential in regards to success and financial prosperity. It will connect you energetically with all beings and energies (both physical and non-physical), which will assist you in achieving your goals and dreams. Meditation on this image will also create a magnetizing effect within your auric field, drawing money and abundance to you.  To use, simply visualize yourself in the center of the image; feel and see the energy of money flowing to you from every direction.  As your vision becomes stronger, allow the flow of money to become a steady continuous stream of energy that is always coming to you, even while you sleep at night.  A101

#102 SILVER WINGS OF CREATION – Elemental Connection & Perception

This image will awaken and enhance your interdimensional sight regarding the elemental/nature spirit kingdom. It will also help you to better perceive the extra-dimensional beings and ‘goings-on’ around you and in your home. This awakening/enhancement will unfold by making necessary adjustments to the inner aspects of your physical eyes and Third Eye, through a specific elemental alchemical incantation contained within this template. The more you meditate with this image, the stronger your connection will be to all living things around you.  A102

Spirit of Fire #103 Array of Light #104The Champagne Fairy #105
(Passion & Exhilaration) (Business & Personal Direction) (Joy, Happiness & Exuberance)

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#103 SPIRIT OF FIRE / PASSION FOR LIFE – Passion & Exhilaration

Connected to the elemental Guardians of Fire, including the volcano spirits and ‘sun ray’ devas; awakens the fire of passion within the heart while burning up negative and limiting karmic patterns within the soul matrix; enlivens, exhilarates and accelerates all of the higher senses to experience joy, excitement and physical passion for living and loving.  A103

#104 ARRAY OF LIGHT – Business & Personal Direction

This elemental alchemy template helps to redesign your perceptions of who you are and what your potentials and possibilities are in this lifetime. This ‘fan of rainbow energy’ will begin to awaken within you unlimited options and thought forms, ultimately bringing you into alignment with the highest potential path and timeline grids of your bright & wondrous future. Re-align, connect, decide and proceed!  A104

#105 THE CHAMPAGNE FAIRY – Joy, Happiness & Exuberance

Legend has it that faeries assist in bringing joy, happiness, inspiration and laughter to all who cross their path. This image will bring exuberance, bubbliness and effervescence to your energy field and personality. It will also help to renew and refresh the life-path you have chosen and release you from any ‘physical world’ blockages you are encountering.  A105

Balancsense #106 The Blood of Jesus Christ #107Heartsong #108
(Stability & Grounding) (Protection, Healing & Transformation) (Enthusiasm & Joyful Life)

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#106 BALANCSENSE – Stability & Grounding

Connected to Merlin and the Elementals, this is a matrix for balancing and grounding the human energy field and physical body.  This image also helps to align the spinal column and balance the two hemispheres of the brain. To use, concentrate on the spinning motion of the two floral suns, then close your eyes and visualize the spinning flowers horizontally equalizing. This will create a shift within your physical and energetic bodies, adjusting and stabilizing all systems.  A106

#107 THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST – Protection, Healing & Transformation

The power and wisdom of Jesus Christ is contained within the droplets of blood depicted and infused into this image. The energetic and physical structure of this blood has been known throughout the ages to spontaneously heal, trigger instantaneous enlightenment and protect one against the forces of darkness. This powerful blood can be called upon by faith, but is magnified ten-fold by utilizing this accelerator. In essence, when you are looking at or meditating upon this image, you will automatically begin to absorb and embody the qualities of this powerful atomic God-substance.  A107

#108 HEARTSONG – Enthusiasm & Joyful Life

Linked to the Angels of Mercy and Compassion, this image’s song spans many dimensions of time and space. It reminds the spirit of its true origin and over time begins to facilitate a more conscious, joyous way of living. The high frequency colors in this image are extremely important and allow one to connect with the higher electron bodies and Higher Self.  A108




Mary: Queen of the Angels #109 Majesty #110Sirian Archeological Text #111
(Purity, Clarity & Grace ) (Activates Your Perfect Life Plan) (Higher Knowledge & Galactic Origins)

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#109 MARY, QUEEN OF THE ANGELS – Purity, Clarity & Grace

This accelerator represents one of the most common connection points to the energy of Mother Mary and the purity & clarity of the Blue Ray. It is one of the supreme symbolic “Seals of Light” continually being projected through our planet, both as a healing force and as a cleansing ray of light. Visualize or energetically infuse this “Seal of Mary” into your heart chakra, initiating a lift in consciousness and an infusion of compassion, grace and purity.  A109


This image activates the memory, the power and the majesty of your ‘perfect’ life-plan: it initiates the unfoldment of the 12 angelic manuscripts within the human blueprint; triggers a high sentience within the mental body relaxing the mind and decreasing over processing (overthinking) of concepts and situations; through frequent viewing, this image will set up a filter system within your auric field removing stress and promoting inspiration and happiness; connected to Ezekiel, Moses and the Solar Archangels.

#111 SIRIAN ARCHEOLOGICAL TEXT – Higher Knowledge & Galactic Origins

This template represents one of the most ancient transcriptions of the ‘Language of Light’. It is considered a most precious artifact by many races throughout this universe. It contains a sound and image recording of the original Sirian race’s journey to colonize Venus and Earth (Egypt). This template can be used to access the portals at the Giza Plateau and Temple of Isis, as well as give passage through the Hall of Records to the Sirian star system. It will also promote the awakening of the Third Eye and prompt one to explore their own ‘seed’ origins.  A111


Ancient Artifacts #112 The New Legal System #113Secret Chamber #114
(Gifts of the Gods & ET Technologies) (Prosperity & Healing) (Remote Access & Secret Knowledge)

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#112 ANCIENT ARTIFACTS – Gifts of the Gods & ET Technologies

These extraordinary images are actual artifacts which were gifted to the first Kingdom of Earth by the Creator Gods. Artifacts are as follows:  The seven energetically tethered crystals that hold the original DNA structure and blueprint for the evolving human body and chakra system. A multidimensional chakra balancing toy from Lyra. The multicolored rectangle and pin like objects are an ancient multidimensional weapon that was created by a race which no longer exists. A manifestation machine used in Atlantis.  Blue diamonds from Antares.  A crystal healing tool from the Ashtar Command. A112

#113 THE NEW LEGAL SYSTEM – Truth, Justice & Integrity

Guided by the 12 Universal Divine Flames & Principals, this new template represents the restoration of true justice, integrity and excellence on Earth.  It is a distinct new rhythmic structure, an electrical scale of law system encodements, whose components have been anchored through ancient tribal councils and ceremonial dances throughout the ages.  The central symbol, the Law of One, unfolds anchoring the 12 primary Universal Laws into the planetary consciousness.

This image symbols promotes concern and compassion for humanity and holds important keys to the transformation of the Earth’s governing bodies. It also protects one against manipulative, deceptive activity in the legal arena.  Meditation on this image will decipher modern-day legal contracts and dissolve agreements and commitments (which although still used) are no longer in alignment with an individual’s highest good. Connected to the Ascended Masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy.  A113

#114 SECRET CHAMBER – Remote Access & Secret Knowledge

A mysterious cave with many super-luminal anomalous light sources…an open chest adorned by a Templar cross…a floating table with a strange glowing geometrical object in its center, surrounded by a circle of levitating swords…a brightly lit magnetic doorway in the background beckoning you forward. What can it all mean? This drawing is a “psychic photograph” which I rendered as I was remote-viewing various locations around the planet. As I entered the vision, I asked to be shown the current location of the Cup of Christ. Instantly, I arrived here, in this secret underground chamber and began to explore for myself its hidden secrets. By meditating with this image, you too will be able to gain access to long-lost secrets and mythical artifacts only known to a precious few.  A114

Golden Keys to Atlantis #115 Tetras #2 #116Tetras #3 Vehicle of Light #117
(Creativity & Magic) (Trance States & Remote Viewing) (Prosperity & Healing)

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#115 GOLDEN KEYS TO ATLANTIS – Creativity & Magic

These symbols connect you to the awe-inspiring creativity and magic that existed in Atlantis. This imagery upgrades and refines consciousness, allowing the shifting of thoughts and emotions into new light streams where divine perfection can be more easily accessed and brought forth into physical reality…resulting in creative manifestations of all kinds, including the creation of temples of light and great miracles of healing. Connecting to this image and working with these symbols creates an etheric bridge to the highest forms of creativity that can be manifested here on Earth.  A115

#116 TETRAS #2 / LINE OF COMMUNICATION – Trance States &  Remote Viewing

Works with the Solar body, assisting one to expand the gifts of channeling, automatic writing and manifesting miracle healing capabilities; induces trance states and raises the frequency of the mental body to align with the higher dimensional transmissions which are coming in from the Angelic and Galactic realms. This image is linked to the Hale-Bopp comet, the Ascended Masters & the Galactic Federation.  One of the series of images I channeled directly after my destiny awakening.  It depicts the now famous celestial vehicle which accompanied the Hale-Bopp comet in 1996/1997.  As with all comets and meteors, Hale-Bopp acted as an awakener and activator of individuals on many different planets including Earth.  The object that was cited and photographed by many astronomers was actually an inter-dimensional spaceship which was tethering and often guiding the comet to its destinations and to complete its destiny.  The celestial object was known as Tetras and was actually the size of a small planet.  It could change form, become invisible at will, as well as move back and forth and in & out of wormholes to collect personnel and information from other locations.  A116

#117 TETRAS #3 / VEHICLE OF LIGHT – Christ Star & New Potentials

A matrix of light, directed by the Divine Universal Creator which was sent to help unite humanity with “The Christ” essence; this configuration heralds the coming of the new Golden Age and assists one in activating the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  One of the series of images I channeled directly after my destiny awakening.  It depicts the now famous celestial vehicle which accompanied the Hale-Bopp comet in 1996/1997.  As with all comets and meteors, Hale-Bopp acted as an awakener and activator of individuals on many different planets including Earth.  The object that was cited and photographed by many astronomers was actually an inter-dimensional spaceship which was tethering and often guiding the comet to its destinations and to complete its destiny.  The celestial object was known as Tetras and was actually the size of a small planet.  It could change form, become invisible at will, as well as move back and forth and in & out of wormholes to collect personnel and information from other locations.  A117


Changes #118 Building the Monument of Mars #119Cosmic Origins #120
(Clears Fear & Unconscious Stress) (Remote Viewing & Time Travel)(Expanded Thinking & Connections)

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#118 CHANGES – Clears Fear & Unconscious Stress

Currently we are all experiencing great changes, both in our consciousness and around our planet. This is part of a divinely orchestrated process which the Earth and her inhabitants are going through, in order to return to the original perfect pattern of peace, unity and God-consciousness. This image symbolically depicts the challenges we are faced with at this time. Meditation on this image will help to balance any fears or worries about the future in addition to protecting our physical, mental and emotional bodies from negative or limiting projections. It is important to visualize yourself moving through the stone doorway and releasing/cleansing everything inside of you that is resistant to your highest potential.  A118

#119 BUILDING THE MONUMENTS OF MARS – Remote Viewing & Time Travel

This image is a ‘psychic photograph’ I quickly sketched while I was remote-viewing a number of different locations around the planet. I simply asked to time-travel to Mars and view the building of the famous ‘Cydonia Pyramid Complex’. What I found was nothing less than an astonishing aerial show, which included levitation, spaceships, flying probes and a huge circular interdimensional gateway.  This image will expand your mind to different potentials and possibilities, as well as enable ‘farsight’/remote viewing capabilities. In addition, it will also release negative judgment ‘triggers’ within the emotional body and help one to embrace others’ choices in life.  A119

#120 COSMIC ORIGINS – Expanded Thinking & Connections

This image is a cosmic window into your galactic origins and genetic lineage. It creates a bridge of light between humanity and all of the beings of light that are visiting or stationed on our planet. In addition, it promotes a stronger alliance and connection between you and the galactic brotherhoods and sisterhoods of light. This is an important key code matrix for all of the human contact ambassadors currently residing on Earth.  A120

Sirian Pearl #121 Free Me Beloved Princess of Orion #122Pleiadian Light Matrix #123
(Lightbody Activation & True Self Matrix) (Heals & Releases Limitations) (Sparks New Ideas & Manifest Projects)

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#121 SIRIAN PEARL – Lightbody Activation & True-Self Matrix

Activates the inner Lightbody grids and higher chakras; allows one to perceive, acknowledge and embody their unique ‘true’ self; brings a positive sense of awareness & perspective to the mind; releases the endless cycling of limiting thought forms and emotional fears from one’s consciousness.  A121

#122 FREE ME, BELOVED PRINCESS OF ORION – Clears Ego & Entitlement

This image was created to clear the manipulative “Orion Princess Code” as well as dissolve all different types of ego issues blocking true freedom and mastery. It works simply by visualizing the blue circular wheels spinning inside of your solar plexus/stomach area and bringing them up through the heart. This will begin to clear all issues including strong feelings of entitlement, dominance, revenge and false power. It can help us all to be humble in the presence of God and to embody gratefulness and thankfulness in all situations.

The “Orion Princess Code” is in actuality a mode of operation, which is either karmically or culturally implanted within an individual (usually women) at a very young age. Traits of this Princess Code can be a combination of the following: the need for constant attention and perpetual feelings of entitlement; control and dominance issues; endless complaining; extreme preferences regarding everything; disrespect, jealousy and gossiping of others; lack of gratitude and common courtesy; the need to always be in charge or be looked at as special and the tendency to wander without any physical sense of direction. In addition, many of these individuals will often manifest illusionary ‘so-called’ debilitating illnesses in order for others to serve them. The only way that this Princess Code can be dissolved from the blueprint is to exhibit constant and ‘real’ humbleness and gratitude toward others and God at all times.  A122

#123 PLEIADIAN LIGHT MATRIX – Sparks New Ideas & Manifest Projects

Pleiadian Auric Force-Field Technology diagram; increases one’s healing powers; sparks new creative ideas and brings the purest inspiration to all areas of life; inspires more focus on creating through the love vibration; increases the ability to manifest projects with great success.

Focusing on this image will create an acceleration of light in one’s energy field, activating the Lightbody and increasing one’s light quotient. This accelerator also uplifts & purifies thoughts and emotions, enabling clearer, sharper focus, concentration & the ability to download multidimensional information very quickly.  A123

Moon Over Shamballa #124 Sacred Ring of Planets #125Blue Starfire #126
(Purification & Healing ) (Scientific Knowledge & Understanding) (Renewed Energy & Power)

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#124 MOON OVER SHAMBALA – Etheric City & Purifies the Mind

This is the fabled etheric city of the Ascended Masters. It is a point of light on our planet, which serves as the primary transmission location for all celestial dispensations and assistance programs. This image cleanses and purifies the mind and emotions, preparing individuals for transmutation into the higher consciousness of 5D, 6D and 7D.  Gazing upon this image will also assist in triggering remembrance of home and one’s celestial ancestry.  A124

#125 SACRED RING OF PLANETS – Scientific Knowledge & Understanding

Guided over by the Extraterrestrial Emissaries of Light, this ‘magnetic’ ring of nine planets is one of the most sacred places in our known universe. It resides in its own ‘created’ gravitational field in the 6th dimension, behind the Sirius star system. This ring of planets is the retreat and meeting place of the many interplanetary ambassadors who are part of the United Galactic Federation.

Meditating on this image will connect you with the interplanetary councils and inner chambers of the primary meeting structures within this sacred ring. Extended contemplation will also allow you to understand all of the new interdimensional laws and physics which will govern our world in the new Golden Age.  A125

#126 BLUE STARFIRE – Renewed Energy & Power

Also known as ‘The Blue Essence’ and ‘Flame of Creation’, this legendary and very elusive substance appears during all initial creational moments. This includes the births of all beings, planets and universes. This image depicts and is infused with 100% of the Blue Star Fire essence. Working with this image will energetically infuse your body & consciousness and summon the purest primal aspects of your soul essence. In addition, this accelerator should be present during the initial stages of the creation of any project or physical birth. It will infuse and awaken new creativity within all who view and use it.  A126


Protect the Castle #127 Lucky Charm #128Blessed Journey #129
(Protection & Assistance) (Good Fortune & Joyful Path) (Magical Travels & Protection)

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#127 PROTECT THE CASTLE – Protection & Assistance

Connected to the gnomes, dwarves and leprechauns, this image initiates an aura of protection around one’s person and immediate companions.  It raises the ancient ‘Cone of Power’, so as to deflect and block all dark/negative beings and frequencies. It also summons the Destroyer Angels during times of great chaos, transition & challenge.  A127

#128 LUCKY CHARM – Good Fortune & Joyful Path

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream!, a lucky charm this is, yes!  This charm moves one into conscious interaction with the proper, joyful and protected streams of energy.  It allows one to understand the consequences of moving off the true path. When meditated upon, this talisman will project its etheric image around your heart in order to show you the way and align you with the lucky universal streams of energy.  A128

#129 BLESSED JOURNEY – Magical Travels & Protection

Consecrates the ground on which one walks and travels; releases fears and concerns regarding long or treacherous journeys and keeps one on track and out of harm’s way; connected to the dwarves, gnomes and leprechauns, this image will help you plan and navigate spiritual journeys, in order to maximize time, sightseeing and energy infusions; this is an excellent image to take with you when you are making a long journey in a car, a plain or a train. A129

Fascination #130 Credence #131Stay the Path #132
(Promotes Joy & Cleanses Energy) (Clear Communication
& Public Speaking )
(Determination, Intuition & Guidance)

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#130 FASCINATION – Promotes Joy & Cleanses Energy

Infused with the Pink Ray of compassion, joy and peace, this accelerated multi-functional amulet energizes and cleanses the higher energy centers and expands the mind to assimilate extra-dimensional information; releases questioning and doubtful thoughts and promotes memories of love and home; connected to the Faerie Kingdom.  A130

#131 CREDENCE – Clear Communication & Public Speaking

Enables one to speak the truth and help others to understand spiritual concepts; this ‘Divine Languaging’ amulet activates higher dimensional voice patterns and tonal vibrations; clears miscommunication between friends, family members and professional colleagues regarding one’s views and lifestyle.  A131

#132 STAY THE PATH – Determination, Intuition & Guidance

Connected to the Fairy and Elemental kingdoms, this enchanted amulet reminds us of our spiritual missions and duties here on Earth. It helps to connect individuals with their innate intuitive and creative skills, in order to apply the higher spiritual concepts on the physical plane. It will also bring a sense of alliance and support within, regarding your etheric guidance and companions. Meditation on this amulet will begin cycling it’s transformational magic through your energy field and allow you to experience the fullness of its powers.  A132

Third Eye Activation #133 Dream Accelerator #142Templar Insignia #143
(3rd Eye Activator & Vision Expander) (Enhances Dreams & Dream Recall) (Unity, Peace & Harmony)

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#133 THIRD EYE ACTIVATION TEMPLATE – 3rd Eye Activator & Vision Expander

Meditating and working with this Third Eye Activation matrix will jump start your extra-dimensional vision and begin to dissolve many of the etheric veils which are prohibiting you from seeing the invisible. The following information and technique will accelerate this awakening.  Visual-Imaging Technique: Begin by looking at this image for a few moments, then close your eyes and try to see the image as clearly as if your eyes were open. This may take a few tries, but you will get it. As simple a task as this may seem, what this is actually doing is projecting the imagery into your mind’s eye and prompting the awakening of your ‘Third Eye’ vision. You can actually do this with anything, such as an inanimate object or a person’s face. However, this image is also an accelerator, which will expand your multi-dimensional vision exponentially. The two primary side-by-side images in this Third Eye Activation Template should be viewed simultaneously, first with your physical eyes; then with your eyes closed, through your Third Eye. Practice the visual-imaging technique with this picture as much as possible in order to bring more clarity to your extra-dimensional vision.  A133

#142 THE DREAM ACCELERATOR – Enhances Dreams & Dream Recall

Our ‘dream-bodies’ reside in a realm of consciousness which does not contain the limitations or boundaries of our normal 3D Earth bodies and life. To clarify, our dream-bodies are aspects of ourselves that assist us by retrieving information and processing data brought in during our waking state. In addition, these bodies are able to change shape, size and color according to where they are going and what directives they are being given by the Higher Self. Subsequently, when we move from the waking state into the sleep state of awareness, our dream-bodies come alive and journey unencumbered into many worlds and dimensions beyond space and time.  The Dream Accelerator image will help to connect you to your many dream-bodies, which await animation when you retire for a short rest or a long period of sleep. This accelerator can be placed by your bed in order to enhance dreams and the information that is flowing into your conscious waking mind as you transition from the various states of consciousness. You may find, as I do, that your dream-bodies stand on beautiful multicolored pillars within your subconscious mind. As you fall asleep, spiraling time tunnels begin to appear and the dream-bodies awaken & travel through these vast portals. The golden symbols on this image will assist in aligning you with the various purposes of your own personal dream-bodies, as well as help you to remember the otherworldly journeys as you awaken.  A142

#143 TEMPLAR INSIGNIA: A Leonardo Da Vinci Creation – Unity, Peace & Harmony

Promotes brotherhood, unity, peace and harmonious relationships; ignites a call to action and service; inspires a greater understanding of personal and planetary destiny; connected to the Templar Knights, Virtue Angels and Ascended Masters.  A143

Merlin's Alchemical Grid #144 Calling All Ambassadors #145Intuition #146
(Creative Magic & Personal Alchemy ) (Enhances Clarity & Positive Thinking) (Balances Intuitive & Logical Thinking)

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#144 MERLIN’S ALCHEMICAL GRID – Creative Magic & Personal Alchemy

A diamond manifestation matrix linked to Camelot, St. Germain and the Seven Rays of God; activates the magical matrixes within one’s heart and mind; directs one’s Spirit to connect with the higher forms of alchemical manifestation; activates the miracle healing powers within the palms of one’s hands.  A144

#145 CALLING ALL AMBASSADORS! – Enhances Clarity & Positive Thinking

Connected to the Celestial Hierarchy, Isis, Hercules and Pallas Athena; represents the point of passage from 3D Human into Divine 5D Planetary Ambassador; holds the protocols, mission specifics and directives of the Divine Plan; reverses misaligned thought processes regarding spirituality and emotional integrity; cleanses and balances the 3rd and 4th chakras and endocrine system; synthesizes all complimentary ideas and concepts within the mind; enhances clarity and promotes positive thinking.  A145

#146 INTUITION – Balances Intuitive & Logical Thinking

Instantaneously triggers intuitive thinking and launches multidimensional troubleshooting capabilities; shows the interaction and connection between a fully balanced right and left brain (intuitive and logical); promotes the flow of higher ideas from the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions of time and space; allows the brain to utilize all dormant centers in order to collect and store futuristic spiritual concepts and information.  A146

The Great Opening #147 Mission Accomplished #148Threefold Flame of Christ #149
(Past Life Recall & Galactic Knowledge) (Victory, Guidance & New Options) (Power, Love & Wisdom)

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#147 THE GREAT OPENING – Past Life Recall & Galactic Knowledge

Linked to the Keys of Enoch, Greek mythology and the Galactic Federation, this image initiates a great expansion in one’s consciousness as it is viewed in this reality. This is one of the original galactic matrixes that shaped our solar system eons ago. It contains the codes and energetic blueprints for creating stars, planets, vortexes and dimensional barriers, as well as the numerical frequency templates for weather, gravity and planetary magnetics. When viewed, this accelerator activates past-life memory and triggers the downloading of new ideas and thought sequences from the divine mind of God.  A147

#148 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! – Victory, Guidance & New Options

Allows one to telepathically “tap” the planetary grid and retrieve information regarding their current mission and life’s path; represents a completed cycle, the Alpha and the Omega; holds the codes which will trigger the etheric reconstruction of Earth for the new Golden Age; activates cellular memory of rebirth and the truth of Ascension!  A148

#149 THREE-FOLD FLAME OF CHRIST – Power, Love & Wisdom

The Three-Fold Flame represents the balance and embodiment of power, love and wisdom.  This Divine etheric tool transforms resistance and fear, while promoting unification and harmony.  It is also a chakra system and Vril Force/kundalini balancer.  A149

Magnetic Technology of Love #150 New Ashtar Command Logos #151Seven Generations #152
(Unity & Earth Healing) (Galactic Connection & Awakening) (Organization & Future Clarity)

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#150 MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY OF LOVE – Oversoul Connection & Cosmic Window

A reminder of positive collective consciousness, unification and of many working together toward the same goal; initiates connection with one’s Oversoul; gives one the ability to observe and connect with different dimensions of consciousness throughout the Universe; opens a person to be able to observe important events relating to and impacting Earth.  A150

#151 NEW ASHTAR COMMAND LOGOS – Galactic Connection & Awakening

This is a symbol used by the Ashtar and Rainbow Galactic Commands who are the guardians of our solar system.  The energy of this image activates the Third Eye and awakens one to their divine service for planet Earth.  It also assists in connecting us with the Guardian Forces that are assisting Earth at this time.  A151

#152 SEVEN GENERATIONS: A Leonardo Da Vinci Creation – Organization & Future Clarity

Assists in the integration and manifestation of higher knowledge, ideas, plans and projects into organized plans for the future; creates mastery within the mind; assists in clarity, focus, goal achievement & time management; clears fragmentation & confusion. Connected to many ancient & modern indigenous cultures including the Native Americans, Aboriginals Africans, Lemurians & Mayans.  A152

Royal Seal #153 The Magdalene Cross #154Devas of Chocolate #155
(Freedom & Truth) (Feminine Power Matrix & Activator) (Awakens Passion & Excites the Senses)

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#153 ROYAL SEAL: A Leonardo Da Vinci Creation – Freedom & Truth

Triggers embodiment of the higher virtues & truths; brings one a new sense of freedom through spiritual transformation; facilitates a deeper connection with our ascended brothers and sisters of light and to all souls on Earth achieving mastery through their destiny; connected to the Solar Archangels, Space Federations & Ascended Masters.  A153

#154 THE MAGDALENE CROSS – Feminine Power Matrix & Activator

Feminine power matrix & activator; symbolic call to a higher purpose; promotes courage, compassion & global humanitarianism; unlocks the mysteries of creation within one’s soul; helps one to clear old patterns of resistance to change.  A154

#155 THE DEVAS OF CHOCOLATE – Awakens Passion & Excites the Senses

These little whimsical devas which reside within the cocoa bean, preside over all of the wonderful, tantalizing confections which spring from this plant. They are constantly providing many individuals with amazing ideas in order to further diversify the legend of ‘chocolate’ here on Earth. Upon entering my home, the Chocolate devas were completely preoccupied with each other and their work. They spoke only ‘speedy’ French and stayed for but a few moments. This image will awaken many hidden passions within you and give you the impetus to seek out a diverse array of exhilarating life experiences. It will help you to expand your options regarding what is possible and lead you into areas of expression you never thought existed.  A155

Energy Blueprint from Shamballa #156 Blue Hawaii #157Pleiadian Seed Crystal
Transmission #158
(Power, Love & Wisdom) (Healing Energy) (Crystal Star Awakening &
Telepathic Gifts)

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#156 ENERGY BLUEPRINT FROM SHAMBALLA – 5D Blueprint & Personal Power

One of the higher-dimensional pyramid complexes to be manifest on Earth in the coming Golden Age; an Akashic library of multidimensional information; expands one’s understanding of life’s processes on Earth; assists one in opening to their personal power and courage.  A156

#157 BLUE HAWAII – Healing Energy

Restoration & regeneration image designed to support the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual human bodies;  This image is connected to the Hawaiian Ascended Masters, the Elementals (fairies and devas) and the Flora Kingdom’s who are all assisting humanity at this time.  Visualize this image moving in a spiraling pattern in and around your body…allowing it to transform you on every level.  A157

#158 PLEIADIAN ‘SEED CRYSTAL’ TRANSMISSION – Crystal Star Awakening & Telepathic Gifts

Emanating from the 6th dimension of consciousness, this etheric energy template triggers all of the ‘seed transmission crystals’ within the human body, initializing clearer, more precise multidimensional communication with the Celestial and Galactic Heirarchies. This template is connected to the Pleiadian star Electra and carries a series of symphonic tones which are designed to awaken telepathic gifts within each individual. This higher dimensional transmission template contains the Pleiadian ‘Language of Light’ combined with a ‘Crystal Star’ telepathic activation matrix.  A158

The Tree of Life #159 Seven Swords #160Cherubim Temple #161
( Personal Sephiroth Template Activation) (Power, Energy & Support) (Enhances PSI Vision & Angelic Gifts)

Accelerator Descriptions - Click Here

#159 THE TREE OF LIFE – Personal Sephiroth Template Activation

Linked to the Kaballah, Enoch and the Recording Angels, this image activates the magical Sephiroth template within the human body, summoning the Higher Self to manifest itself on the physical level; re-aligns one with their true destiny and purpose, giving them a sense of their highest potential while grounding their gifts on a practical/physical level.  A159


Connected to the Seven Archangels Michael, Jophiel, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Zadkiel and Chamuel, these swords give you the power, energy and support of these Divine Beings…and when you call on them, they will guide, instruct and help you deal with any negativity, conflict or attack you may be experiencing in any situations.  A160

#161 CHERUBIM TEMPLE – Enhances PSI Vision & Angelic Gifts

A physical structure to be manifest on Earth, which will serve as a manifestation point for all incoming angels; assists one in enhancing inner intuitive gifts and remembering why they have come to Earth; opens new ‘etheric’ electrical matrixes within the heart; enhances psychic vision of the future; connected to the Archangels, Metatron and our planets ‘new’ guiding star Polaris.  A161


Fleur De Lys #162 The Language of Light #163 The Messenger #164
(Protection Symbol & Prosperity Enhancer) (Peace & Creative Expression)(Angelic Extraterrestrial Beings)

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#162 FLEUR DE LYS…Whatever You Desire! – Protection Symbol & Prosperity Enhancer

Ancient matrix for enhancing one’s manifestation powers; brings one’s inner desires to life; manifests into form dreams of many lifetimes; royal symbol of truth, conviction and honor; a representation of the god & goddess; protection symbol & prosperity enhancer; heralds the birth of the 7th Golden Age; connected to the Templar Emissaries of Light and Camelot.  A162

#163 THE LANGUAGE OF LIGHT – Peace & Creative Expression

Connected to Atlantis, this ancient Earth-based ‘angelic’ language heralds the coming of a majestic new era of peace, unity and creative expression; represents higher knowledge and wisdom gained through meditation and prayer. The images symbols must be intuitively deciphered, they cannot be decoded or understood through the lower mental body.  A163


Channeled from Walt Disney and linked to Arcturus, this image represents a blending of ‘angelic’ extraterrestrial and human energies to create new beings, which are currently being birthed on Earth; the three gold symbols triangulate to assist in materialization of an ancient promise; a marriage of the heart, creating re-unification and new levels of higher diversity.  Rose Quartz.  A164

Celestial Heirarchy to the Rescue #165 As Above So Below #166The Emerald Tablets #167
(Support & Guidance ) (Galactic Connection &
Releases Anxiety)
(Triggers Memory & Higher Wisdom)

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Channeled from the Galactic Command, this image assists in alleviating fear concerning current global situations.  It aligns one with the Divine Plan and the higher purpose of humanity, while showing the support emanating from the higher dimensions.  It also aligns one with their spiritual guides on the etheric (multi-dimensional) levels and brings a sense of joy & security into one’s life.  A165

#166 AS ABOVE, SO BELOW  – Galactic Connection & Releases Anxiety

Helps one to renew and upgrade their ‘Human-Celestial’ blueprint; represents the bridge between heaven and earth; releases anxiety about the future; an ancient ‘Golden Key’ matrix used by the Masters to open inter-dimensional portals here on Earth…two’ trines conjoined to form a golden six-pointed star.  A166

#167 THE EMERALD TABLETS – Triggers Memory & Higher Wisdom

Ancient ‘Golden Age’ creation templates connected to Atlantis, Hermes, the Andromedan star cluster and Giza Plateau. The Emerald Tablets trigger all of the accumulated wisdom of your life experiences, allowing a higher understanding of your purpose in this lifetime.  The ancient magical tablets also open the heart and invoke the Emerald Ray of healing and creativity.  A167


Song of Gabriel #168 Vril Language of Atlantis #169Return to Camelot #170
(Heart-Flame Activation & Inspiration) (New Insight & Awareness) (Unity & Manifestation)

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#168 SONG OF GABRIEL HEART FLAME ACTIVATION – Heart-Flame Activation & Inspiration

Angelic ‘language of light’ template brought forth by Archangel Gabriel which activates the Heart Flame and brightens the Spirit; depicts the Song of the Angels inspiring love, joy, passion and a great desire to walk the destiny path; renews hope and brings forth the heart’s desire; enhances connection with one’s Twin Ray; summons blessings from the Angels & brings divine truth to light.  A168

#169 VRIL: LANGUAGE OF ATLANTIS – New Insight & Awareness

The awakened, combined (human/extraterrestrial) symbol language from Atlantis; the Vril glyphs trigger interdimensional sight and understanding from both the past and future; shifts the human body into multi-dimensional awareness and teleportation abilities; holds the keys to the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx; each symbol is a double incantation which is understood only through the subconscious mind.  A169

#170 RETURN TO CAMELOT – Unity & Manifestation

Connected to King Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table; brings forth unity, brotherhood and goal manifestation; connects one to their highest potential and destiny path; Helps one to find higher solutions and options for one’s life; initiates a ceremony of allegiance, binding individual elements to a common purpose or quest.   A170

Pleiadian/Sirian Downloading Matrix #171 Archangel Gabriel #172Archangel Michael #173
(Interplanetary Communication Matrix) (Inspiration & Guidance) (Power & Protection)

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This cosmic information downloading matrix allows you to receive information from other planets and other dimensions of time and space. It is a code system that transcends human linear thinking & aligns one with higher dimensional symbol code systems of other races and cultures throughout the universe.  A171

#172 ARCHANGEL GABRIEL – Inspiration & Guidance

A 12th dimensional “Language of Light” matrix representing the current energy and power of Archangel Gabriel. Meditation on this image will bring the following into manifestation: healing and miracles, music of the spheres and the symbols of creation, resurrection and mercy, humility and revelation.  A172

#173 ARCHANGEL MICHAEL Power & Protection

A 12th dimensional “Language of Light” matrix representing the current energy and power of Archangel Michael. Meditation on this image will bring the following into manifestation: fortitude and strength, command over dark and nefarious forces, faith and ‘high level’ warriorship, sanctification and righteousness, ‘piercing’ light and Omnipresence.  A173

Archangel Raphael #174 Archangel Uriel #175Time Travel #176
(Safe Travels & Healing) (Willpower, Accuracy & Foresight) (Akashic Record Access & Technologies)

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#174 ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL – Safe Travels & Healing

A 12th dimensional “Language of Light” matrix representing the current energy and power of Archangel Raphael. Meditation on this image will bring the following into manifestation: biblical virtues and paradisial splendor, joy and providence, the power of the Ark of the Covenant, the original innocence and knowledge of the Garden of Eden, Solomon’s Temple and the Tree of Life.  A174

#175 ARCHANGEL URIEL – Willpower, Accuracy & Foresight

A 12th dimensional “Language of Light” matrix representing the current energy and power of Archangel Uriel. Meditation on this image will bring the following into manifestation: strength of will and magical presence, command over fire and thunder, stunning accuracy and foresight, harmony, peace and divine light.  A175

#176 TIME-TRAVEL – Akashic Record Access & Technologies

Ancient time-travel matrix of the extraterrestrial gods; a 6th dimensional key-pad linked to a 3,000 year-old functioning biological computer system in the underground city network of Agartha; allows one to receive ‘alternate-world’ coordinates through meditation and travel the many time-grids of consciousness; assists in pulling Divine (God-centered) technologies from the Akashic Records to assist humanity’s evolution; connected to the Lyrans and Telosians.  A176

Technology Tags



Designed by the Ashtar Command, Technology Tags transmute harmful, energetic signals as well as upgrade all types of electronic devices. Simply affixing a tag on the desired apparatus creates a crystal clear ‘lock-on’ signal beam directly to the Command’s main computer system on their primary Star Fleet ship. This link-up allows those using the device to receive information directly from the Command without interference.

Small Technology TagLarge Technology Tag
Ichor Code 1 #177 Ichor Code 2 #178Ichor Code 3 #179
(Physical Healing & Transformation) (Physical Healing & Transformation) (Physical Healing & Transformation)

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#177, #178, #179 THE ICHOR CODES: CODE 1, 2 & 3 – Physical Healing & Transformation

This powerful, yet elusive, “Holy Trinity” of 7D symbol codes was used by the ancient masters to call forth their higher-dimensional Lightbody matrixes. These codes would be telepathically linked together like a chain and held in the mind’s eye for an extended period of time, eventually transforming the individual’s physical body into a magnificent vessel of light. These are the specific codes needed to change and upgrade the human cellular structure and blood system into a light-based, non-blood system triggering Lightbody manifestation instantaneously.  To use, meditate on the three codes individually first and then link them together in your mind while visualizing your Lightbody descending and emerging through your physical form.  This will take some practice as it is a high-level alchemical tool for manifestation and ascension.  A177, A178, A179

Power Core Activation Circuit #180 Divine Voice Activation Circuit #181Psychic Activation Circuit #182
(Prosperity, Healing & Confidence) (Enhanced Communication & Confidence) (Psychic Vision & Intuition)

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This accelerator activation circuit is a fusion of both ancient esoteric and modern ‘divine’ alchemy. It cleanses the 1st chakra (located at the base of the spine) and recalibrates the energy in that area to its original powerful state. This matrix will also defuse and delete any current or past-life mental or verbal curses, returning prosperity, healing and confidence to the individual. To use, visualize this image within the 1st/root chakra at the base of the spine. State the verbal intention below while moving your hand in a clockwise circular motion about five inches in front of that chakra. Visualize a brilliant red-velvet color spinning in that area of the body…cleansing, upgrading and refining the energy.  A180

I AM the embodiment of prosperity & confidence!


This accelerator activation circuit is a fusion of both ancient esoteric and modern ‘divine’ alchemy. It cleanses the 5th chakra (located in the throat) and recalibrates the energy in that area to its original powerful state. This matrix will also defuse and delete any current or past-life mental or verbal curses, allowing one to speak the truth with confidence and divine wisdom. To use, visualize this image within the 5th chakra. State the verbal intention below while moving your hand in a clockwise circular motion about five inches in front of that chakra. Visualize a brilliant deep-blue color spinning in that area of the body…cleansing, upgrading and refining the energy.  A181

I AM the voice and the will of God!


This accelerator activation circuit is a fusion of both ancient esoteric and modern ‘divine’ alchemy. It cleanses the 6th chakra/Third Eye (located just above the brow) and recalibrates the energy in that area to its original powerful state. This matrix will also defuse and delete any current or past-life mental or verbal curses, returning psychic sight and intuition to the individual. To use, visualize this image within the 6th chakra. State the verbal intention below while moving your hand in a clockwise circular motion about five inches in front of that chakra. Visualize a brilliant purple/indigo color spinning in that area of the body…cleansing, upgrading and refining the energy.  A182

I AM intuition in action, inner guidance is leading me now!

Mighty Heart of Fire #183 Fountain of Youth #184Money Tree of Life #185
(Opens Heart & Promotes Connections) (Youthful Mind, Body & Spirit) (Prosperity & Abundance)

Accelerator Descriptions - Click Here

#183 MIGHTY HEART OF FIRE – Opens the Heart & Promotes Connections

This accelerator is designed to activate new matrixes within your heart chakra, while clearing any current or past-life blockages in that area. In addition, as you meditate on the image, your ‘etheric’ heart matrix will open and begin to release more love and connection into the world around you. This template will also help to bring more passion and inspiration into your life as you proceed along your soul’s destiny path.  To use, visualize all of the colored symbols and energies moving in, through and around the heart…infusing, aligning and reconfiguring your internal heart matrix.  As the activation progresses, the image’s high frequency symbols will initiate the full transfiguration of both your physical and etheric heart.  A183

#184 THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH – Youthful Mind, Body & Spirit

The mystical, magical well-spring of eternal life known to us as the ‘Fountain of Youth’ is a real creation which lies within the higher dimensions of Earth. This magnificent fountain is always available to us at any time through our spiritual perception and inner ‘mind’s eye’. Throughout the eons of time individuals have been accessing this divine living creation in order to turn back the decades of time; ‘youthening’ their mind, spirit and most of all their physical appearance. The waters from this ever-flowing creation regenerate, rejuvenate and refresh the human body on many levels and, if visualized regularly, will erase the signs of aging, stress and angst from any living system. Truly, this alchemical ‘Fountain of Youth’ is accessible to all who wish to renew their mind, body and spirit and bring its ever-flowing magic into their lives.  To enter the inner sanctum of the ‘Fountain of Youth’, all you need to do is meditate & connect with this image two or three times a week.  Ask that it’s alchemical waters flow in, through and around you. See yourself drinking from it’s divine, scintillating pool of magical water. Visualize all the signs of aging and stress disappearing before your eyes. Know absolutely that you are turning back time and anchoring your ever-youthful, ascended Lightbody into this reality. You are truly a magnificent creation of light!  A184

#185 THE ‘MONEY’ TREE OF LIFE – Stimulates Wealth & Success

Within the higher dimensions of Earth, there lie many wonders accessible only through our spiritual perception and inner ‘mind’s eye’. One of these creations is known as the ‘Tree of Unlimited Prosperity’. Throughout the eons of time individuals have been accessing this divine living creation and anchoring its seed within their mind and heart, allowing it’s beauty and abundance to flow into their lives in an ever-constant stream. Truly, this ‘prosperity tree’ is accessible to all who wish to bring the perpetual flow of unlimited financial abundance into their lives.  To call forth this ‘Money’ Tree of Life, all you need to do is connect with this image two or three times a week. Ask that a seed of its divine energy begin to grow within your life and create an ever-flowing ‘money tree’ just for you. Secondly, be aware that this divine tree will prompt you to do certain things within your life to help it grow and open new avenues for the money to flow through. One of these avenues will undoubtedly be to create one or more ‘prosperity bowls’ in your home. These should be large clear glass bowls that you place small amounts of money into each day. As you watch the money grow within this magical receptacle, the ‘money tree’ within your mind and life will grow stronger and the financial flow become more constant. In addition, the concept of freely giving money on a regular basis will further extend your prosperity as you go through life. Live, love and manifest!  A185

St Germains Magic Castle #186 Golden Fireballs of Creation #187Fairy Godmother #188
(Manifestation & Transformation) (Mind Matrix & Enhanced Power) (Dreams, Wishes & Intuition)

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#186 ST. GERMAIN’S MAGIC CASTLE – Manifestation & Transformation

High atop a mystical mountain, a temple of healing and light is transformed into a magnificent palace of transfiguration and manifestation. St Germain himself has reconfigured this etheric creation to connect all of humanity with the new divine blueprints for Earth in the 7th Golden Age. The journey to this palace should first begin in the mind through careful contemplation of the image’s colors and reflection. After a time the spiritual and emotional bodies will engage the magic contained within. The physical body will be the last to enter and partake in the stunning visual treats that await each visitor. The first stop….a grand, masked ball in the center of the palace…followed by a tour led by St Germain through the gilded hallways and rooms holding the secrets & mysteries of all creation. Finally, you will enter an elaborate dining hall, complete with an elegant, abundant buffet, not seen on this planet since the time of Atlantis. Allow your senses to partake in the mystery and glory that is St. Germain’s Magic Castle.  A186

#187 THE GOLDEN FIREBALLS OF CREATION – Mind Matrix & Enhanced Power

Created through the power of Archangel Uriel and used extensively by the Buddah and the planetary Bodhisattvas, this etheric technology will burn the lower, negative manifestations of the ego to smithereens and engage the higher mind. To use, visualize this beautiful matrix descending into your crown chakra, allowing the fireballs to begin spinning at the speed of light, zapping all lower thought-forms and ego constructs.  A187

#188 FAIRY GODMOTHER – Dreams, Wishes & Intuition

A gentle breeze…a soft touch on the forehead…a feeling of warmth and safety…subtleties of the Fairy Godmother, felt only by the true believer and inner soul-searcher. This image beckons those wondrous, magical, childhood memories and night visions which are always preceded by a visit from this enigmatic, nurturing, all-loving being of light. Allow this image to enter your heart and prompt it to open wide, filling with all the love of God’s creation. See yourself as a special, unique child in the eyes of God, deserving of all the gifts of His glorious kingdom here on Earth.  A188



All accelerator images are available in: 8.5″ x 11″ format ~ $7 each  

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new_vinet_PNGphoto block of acceleratorsIdeas for Placing the Accelerator Images in Your Space!

There are many ways to utilize the accelerator images in your space. You can place them together on a wall or table…or configure them on a refrigerator or window. The images work best in combinations…let your intuition & instincts be your guide. Enjoy and have fun!


Accelerator Combination image 2


  Combinations of three or more accelerators work best to enhance the activation, healing and transformational properties contained within the images.  All sets listed below are available with just one click, on this page!

Manifestation and Financial Prosperity:  New Financial System #33, The Magic of Saint Germain #53, Money Magnet #101, Money Tree of Life #185, String Magic #278, Infinite Possibilities #299.

Activation of the Third Eye and Intuition:  Piercing the Jewel #79, Sirian Pearl #121, Third Eye Activation Template #133, The Oracle #57, Starseed #78, Secret Chamber #114, Contact #233.

Inspiration & Creativity:  Pleiadian Creativity Matrix #68, Starseed #78, Metatron’s Gift #80, Blue Starfire #126, Metatron’s Cube #226, Geometry of Divine Creation #274, Cosmic Star Shield #298.

Remote Viewing / Exploring the Akashic Records and Other Realities:  Physical Akashic Record Building #21, Tetras 2 #116, Building the Monuments of Mars #119, The Dream Accelerator #142, Magnetic Technology of Love #150, St. Germain’s Magic Castle #186, Holographic Sound Key #228.

Healing (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual):  Lightwave Healing Matrix #67, The Living Temple #70, Science of Miracles #71, Energy Healing Symbol #73, Geometries of Light Angelic Chakra Grid #82, Solar Disk #90.

Entry into the Higher Etheric Initiation Temples:  The Awakening #12, Transformation of the Pyramid #29, Seven Golden Melchizadek Temples #44, City of Telos #47, Energy Blueprint from Shamballa #156, 5D Human Neural Network #191, Unveiling the Mysteries: The Sri Yantra #225.

Enhance or Activate Spiritual Gifts& the Third Eye:  Spherical Time Blueprint #56, Pleiadian Symphony #66, To a Point of Clarity and Focus #77, Pleiadian/Sirian Downloading Matrix #171, Fairy Godmother #188, 5D Human Neural Network #191.

Connection to the Celestial Hierarchy:  Through the Looking Glass #2, Robes of Light #31, Gridworkers #74, Metatron’s Gift #80, I AM GOD #93, Archangel Gabriel #172, Ashtar Command Starships #215.

Elemental Magic:  Silver Wings of Creation #102, Spirit of Fire #103, Fascination #130, Credence #131, Stay the Path #132, Chocolate Devas #155, Birdsong Alchemy #206.

Lightbody Activation:  The Template of Understanding #9, Christ Acceleration Codes #24, The Living Ankh #81, Energy into Matter #83, Ichor Codes #177-179.

Emotional Balance:  Pillars of Hercules #5, Creation of Life #43, Emotional Body Matrix #88, Balancense #106, Unveiling the Mysteries: The Flower of Life #224, Land of a Thousand Suns #231.

Enhance Spiritual Power and Strength:  Earth Logos #45, Geometries of Light #82, Sword of Light & Truth #92, Fire in My Heart #98, Blue Starfire #126, Mission Accomplished #148, Golden Fireballs of Creation #187.

Promote, Enhance and Balance Relationships:  Double Happiness #22, Heart of Mary Magdalene #59, The Flower of Love #72, The Divine Element #95, Silver Wings of Creation #102, Blessing from the Stars #189, Celestial Convergence #223.

Heart Chakra Activation:  Temple of the Heart #15, Dragon Power #48, Fire in My Heart #98, Heartsong #108, Mighty Heart of Fire #183, Piercing the Jewel #79, Shamrock Magic #207

Planetary Assistance:  The New Pyramid for Earth #14, The Living Temple #70, The Flower of Love #72, The Gridworkers #74, Blue Starfire #126, Stay the Path #132.

Enhance Brain Capacity & Genius Skills: In-Sight-Lemurian Stargate Remote Viewing Template #27, Balancense #106, 5D Human Neural Network #191, The Andromedans #308, The Timmers #311.

Enchance Business:   The New Financial System #33, To a Point of Clarity and Focus #77, Goal Achievement/Money Magnet #101, Array of Light #104, Seven Generations #152, Energize My Day #203.

Enhance Creative Designs, Projects & Plans:  The Divine Element #95, Pleiadian Light Matrix #123, Blue Starfire #125, Merlin’s Alchemical Grid #144, Geometry of Divine Creation #274.

Enhance Dreams:   Science of the Celestial Bodies #10, Dream Accelerator #142, Fleur de Lys #162, Past Life Memory Activation from Atlantis #208, When you Wish Upon a Star #212.

Enhance Musical Gifts:  The Seven Golden Melchizadek Flame Temples #44, Pleiadian Symphony #66,  Angel Seal #86, Holographic Sound Key #228, Music of the Spheres #282.

Eternal Youth/Immortality:  Indestructible Seed #58, The Ichor Codes #177 – #179, Fountain of Youth #184, The Chalice #194.

Language of Light:   Robes of Light #31, Sirian Astrological Text #111, Pleiadian Seed Crystal Transmission #158, Song of Gabriel #163, Archangel Series #172 – #175, The Divine Plan #227.

AC Energy Matrix Energizers:  Song of Gabriel #168, Energize My Day #203, Land of a Thousand Suns #231.

Public Speaking:  To a Point of Clarity and Focus #77,  Credence #131, Divine Voice Activation Circuit #181, Pleiadian Symbol Code Infusion #329.

Safe Travels/Vacation:  Protect the Castle #127, Lucky Charm #128, Fascination #130 Archangel Raphael #174,  Time Travel #176, Ashtar Command Evacuation Transmission Signal #218.

Sexual fulfillment:   Temple of the Heart #15, Heart of Mary Magdalene #59, Celestial Convergence #223,  The Sri Yantra #225, The Pleiadians #307.

Higher Knowledge & Understanding: #27 Insight: Lemurian Template, #40 Tower of Light, #77 To a Point of Clarity & Focus, #90 Solar Disk, #319 The Pill.

Time Travel & Bi-location: #8 Chronomonitor, #57 The Oracle, #176 Time Travel, #119 Building the Monument of Mars, #222 Calculation for Teleportation.

Pet Healing & Animal Communication: #42 Animal Communication, #126 Blue Starfire, #168 Song of Gabriel, #204 Pet Healing Matrix, #298 Cosmic Starsheild, #300 Lyrian Genetic Star.


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