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Welcome to the Lightquest Stargate Gallery!  All of the items below have unique, exotic, magical properties and have been selected by Bryan & the Ashtar Command to enhance your energy and your personal space.  Choose as you like, enjoy!

Orgone Rudraksha

Rose Quartz Orgone/EMF

Protection Pyramid
Tree Of Life Orgone/EMF

Protection Pyramid
Energy Activator Magnetize Love/Emotional Balance Protection

Orgone Rudraksha Protection Pyramid This powerful energy pyramid is created by using Rudraksha seeds together with a copper coil, crystal quartz point & sliver Om  to create powerful orgone energy that will transmute the energy of a room and protect your space. The Rudraksha seeds in this pyramid have long been used to establish, maintain and expand the connection with spirit as well as upgrade the mind, body & spirit  These pyramids work best if there are two or more within your home or office.  Pyramid is 2.5” square. $24

Rose Quartz Orgone/EMF Protection Pyramid – This beautiful ‘Heart Chakra’ energy pyramid is created by using real Rose Quartz crystal chips pressed together to create powerful orgone energy that will transmute the energy of a room, magnitize love, create emotional balance and protect your space. Additionally,  this pyramid helps to prevent exhaustion and stress when working on computers or with other devices.   These pyramids work best if there are two or more within your home or office.  Pyramid is 2.0”. Interior metals include 24K gold, copper, brass & aluminum. $18

Tree of Life: Orgone/EMF Protection Pyramid This beautiful energy pyramid is created by using real crystal chips pressed together to create powerful orgone energy that will transmute the energy of a room and protect your space. Additionally,  this pyramid helps to prevent exhaustion and stress when working on computers or with other devices.   These pyramids work best if there are two or more within your home or office.  Pyramid is 2.5” square. Interior metals include 24K gold, copper, brass & aluminum. Interior crystal chips include red jasper, citrine, yellow aventurine, peridot, turquoise, aventurine, and amethyst.   Also, included with this pyramid are 4 natural Brazilian crystal points for personal grids, healing or programming etc. $24


Golden Sun Dragon Charm

Oriental Money Bag Prosperity Charm


Golden Sun Dragon CharmThis powerful and impressive Golden Sun Dragon charm is made of Fine Liuli Crystal and was created by using an ancient technique called Lost-Wax casting.  It can be placed anywhere in your home or car to create a new level of power, protection and positive energy for the future. This charm is 15” from the top loop to the end of the tassel and comes in a red decorative box. $37

Oriental Money Bag Charm – This magical Oriental Money Bag charm is made of Fine Liuli Crystal and was created by using an ancient technique called Lost-Wax casting.  It can be placed anywhere in your home or car to help manifest a new level of prosperity, wealth and abundance for the New Year. This charm is 14.5” from the top loop to the end of the tassel and comes in a red decorative box. $37


Long ago, ancient Atlantis was visited by extraterrestrial races that shared spiritual knowledge and technology with the Atlantean people. The exchanges included 12 crystal skulls that provided access to off-planet reservoirs of knowledge. The skulls were utilized for thousands of years, assisting humans in communicating with other races and drawing divine knowledge from the universal Akashic Record.

The crystal skull accelerators contained in this package are direct energetic links to the original skulls from Atlantis. These images create a powerful portal of energy when they are placed in the original altar formation. Interacting with the skulls allows you to tap the wisdom of the ages and beyond.

Full Crystal Skull Energy Package includes 12 color Crystal Skull accelerators, Six Black and White Templates, Skull History and Altar Placement  $60

Crystal Skulls Package

Lightbody Matrix

Oriental Mystery

Magnetic Hematite

Power Bracelet 2
Light Activator Power & Accomplishment Extraterrestrial Communication

Lightbody Matrix Crystal – This amazing aurora borealis crystal creates an acceleration of light in your body or in your home. Hang this beautiful Swarovski light-reflecting crystal in a window or wear it as a pendant to activate your light body!   $26

Oriental Mystery Charm – This powerful dragon-fish charm will infuse your home, car or business with the energies of power, courage and accomplishment.  This charms primary purpose and power lies in the career and work areas of your life, which corresponds with the Black Feng Shui area in your home.  Place it in this area of your home over a door handle or in your office near the primary workspace.  Approximately 15″ x 1″6/8. $15

Magnetic Hematite Power Bracelet – Magnetic therapy is a natural method used to relieve pain, restore energy, improve circulation and enhance sleep. Additionally, this bracelet has the amazing ability to attract ‘extra-terrestrial energies’ as well as ground & stabilize your energy.  Magnets have been used for thousands of years and hold great promise for the future as our population ages and the cost of traditional health care spirals upward. Magnets have been scientifically proven to enable the body to regain its self-healing electromagnetic balance naturally. Magnetic therapy has much to offer in both the prevention and treatment of chronic ailments. This bracelet is elastic (adjustable) made of high quality hematite beads. $9



Lemuria was a paradisial culture which existed long ago in the regions of the Pacific Ocean. It was a civilization so connected with the Source of Creation that those living there could see and interact with many life-forms in a multitude of dimensional frequencies. The people there were said to have mystical powers and the ability to change themselves and the world around them at will.

The unique psychic abilities I have awakened within myself have culminated with this account of a journey I took to Lemuria many years ago.  This journey would include taking many stunning mental psychic photographs of the Lemurian culture and surroundings with a focus on a specific historical event.  This is a very unique and important story & energy package booklet that will stimulate your psychic senses and activate your past-life recall of the ancient motherland known as Mu.

Lemurian Stargate Booklet


This package includes: Beautiful carved incense burner, 2 boxes of Nag Champa 
incense (24 cones), black slate base, white sand & invocation card.

Lets Change the World Together!

Over the centuries, the ceremonial practice and intention of incense burning has maintained a level of enlightenment and consciousness throughout the world.  This is a very powerful spiritual tool to send the energy of spirit through scent and smoke out to the world to transform the consciousness on the planet.  With all of us participating together with this specific package, we are taking part in the next steps to help with the three year rebuilding of the energy on our planet.

For those of you who desire to help and awaken the world on a greater level, the hierarchy has guided us to put together this complete, enlightenment package that will begin to transform global consciousness on a new level.  Many of you have been asking what you can do to bring more light and energy to the planet and you may do this with this evening ceremony.  Very simply, lighting the incense outdoors and saying the special invocation will create a linkup and overlap, connecting with participants all over the world.  This special package contains a beautiful carved brass incense burner, a box of 12 cones of Nag Champa, a black slate coaster to place it on, white quartz sand to place in the burner and an affirmation card to help you focus and send out your prayers and intentions.

Global Enlightenment Project Package 72 Nag Champa Cones
$33 $10


Welcome to Manifest Destiny!  You have arrived at this information through a predestined appointment in order for you to move into the next level of your mission and destiny here on Earth. This package will bring a profound clarity to you life and allow you to understand more about the path which lies ahead.  The moment you receive this package, you enter a higher stream of consciousness, which prepares you to receive a multitude of frequencies and upgrades regarding your destiny.

‘Manifest Destiny’ is designed to ignite your original soul blueprint and destiny pattern, simply by the reading of words and by the visual integration of the channeled images. This package will help you breakthrough any barriers that  are blocking your destiny and give you the opportunity to alter, modify or change completely your current life-course, align with your destiny pattern and become who you were born to be.

“Manifest Destiny” includes 2 color accelerators and a digital audio meditation recording to stimulate the manifestation of your destiny!

Manifest Destiny Package



The Destiny Workbook is designed to kick-start the first seven months of your Destiny path!  It will provide you a logical, organized progression of energy and ideas to move your destiny forward.  The booklet is arranged in a 7 month format…and within each month you will find practical physical steps as well as spiritual tools to assist you.  The Personal Destiny Mapping Workbook includes monthly recommendations and activities; templating instructions, blank and lined pages for drawing & writing and 20 important points to manifesting your destiny.

The Destiny Workbook includes 2 Free Accelerators of Your Choice!

(Please email your 2 accelerator choices to

Destiny Mapping Workbook




Ashtar Command Activation Music  – Awesome, Inspiring, Exciting! 
wp agc cdwp wavestar cdwp diamond starfield cd
AGC Ashtar CommandWavestar ExperienceAGC Diamond Starfield

These musical albums, sent to you via MP3 download, are an amazing fusion of ambient, melodic, meditative and electronic music! Designed by the Ashtar Command, in conjunction with the Federation of Light, they create a very unique, multidimensional musical experience which will expand and upgrade your consciousness each time you listen to them. Awaken and inspire your mind, boy and spirit while activating your multidimensioinal DNA and psychic circuitry, allowing you to connect with your star origins and personal destiny. Enjoy!   $20 each

Click here to listen to some short samples of the AGC CD!
Click here to listen to some short samples of the Wavestar Experience CD!
Click here to listen to some short samples of the Diamond Starfield CD!




new poster title

 Terra Christa Stargate & Lightbody Activation Poster  

Galactic Ascension Posters Details - Read More! - Click Here

The new Terra Christa stargate system encircles our beloved planet Earth and was designed through our consciousness in conjunction with the Ascended Masters, the Angels and the Galactic Brother and Sisterhoods of Light.  This new, etheral gate system is now fully operational and connected to all of the newborn star-portals on Earth including Ascension Island, Niagara Falls, Findhorn-Scotland, Meteor Crater, Paris-France, Hudson Valley, Buffalo Lake, Easter Island, etc. Placing this art-piece in your home will create an aditional gate portal from your personal living space through the new stargate to Terra…get ready to ascend!

The Ashtar Command Lightbody Activation portrait brings into conscious reality the blueprint of your divine manifest self. It is the physical, universal representation of your soul essence without the distortions of duality. When one can see and experience the image of their real self it acts as a focus and catalyst for manifestation. If one connects with this Lightbody portrait each day, a profound change begins to manifest in one’s body, relationships and entire reality. This stunning portrait acts as a bridge which assists you in remembering who you truly are and why you are here. This opens new doorways and possibilities into the future and beyond…it is an experience that is both magical and empowering.

These unique art-pieces are printed on quality photo-gloss paper and can be framed or mounted as is. The posters are shipped in a heavy-duty, first class mailing tube.

Terra Christa Stargate
Lightbody Activation
Terra Christa Stargate &
Lightbody Activation Poster Set

Lightwave Activation Poster


This colorful poster brings activation codes from many dimensions into your home, office or healing space.  In addition, it will magnify your own internal healing powers, activate your hand chakras and give your energy a boost when needed.

Christ Consciousness, Angel Star & Song of Gabriel Posters

Christ Consciousness  Poster – This activation poster is a beacon of Christ Consciousness light and energy which will enhance the vibration in, through and around your home.  This image was also designed to magnify your energy healing abilities and help you keep a strong connection to your guides and angels.  You can place the poster anywhere you like in your home or office and watch the magic unfold! $35

Angel Star Poster – This activation poster depicts Angel Star, a 7th dimensional star on the edge of our universe that acclimates souls descending from the higher dimensions into our polarity world.  This design helps to magnetize and connect you with like-minded people, business partners & spiritual friends all over the planet.  It also assists in building a strong physical and etheric team, network and support system around you. This poster will also align you with divine opportunities & synchronicities as well as enhancing messages and guidance through your dream state.  Included with your order will be 10 Angel Star Activation Stickers.  These highly energized 1″ stickers can be placed anywhere in your home, office, school  or  any hidden places around your city that may need a high energy infusion.   $35

Song of Gabriel: Heart Flame Activation  This poster is an Angelic ‘language of light’ template brought forth by Archangel Gabriel which will activate your Heart Flame and brighten your Spirit.  It depicts the Song of the Angels inspiring love, joy, passion and a great desire to walk your destiny path, while enhancing your connection with your Twin Ray and summoning blessings from the Angels. $35


Christ Consciousness Poster

Angel Star Poster

Song Of Gabriel Poster




An Energetic Assistance & Support Program for You!


3 Times a week we will help to:
– Energize your Financial Prosperity, job or business & products!
– Upgrade your health and send you healing energy!
– Strengthen your family connections, relationships, friendships!
– Send light to your pets and protect your home!


Do you need an energy boost? Do you need powerful, etheric assistance to uplift your business, upgrade your health, enhance your life, family, relationships, pets, home, finances, job? The LightQuest team offer this very special monthly service to bring positive energy into all areas of your life! We have been trained by the Spiritual Hierarchy and are masters at energizing our own business and affairs. Registering for this service gives us permission to set up energetic support systems/template that will anchor in angelic support and assistance for you. We now offer this exclusive service to you! We will energize as a group 3-4 times a week, utilizing Lightwave energy and advanced techniques to bring forth blessings and the highest potentials for you.

 It is important to know that with this service the energy builds over time …and it is optimal to 2-3 months if possible.


1 Month ~ $353 Months ~ $1006 Months ~ $200


Click Here

To get started, just email us at, or add a note into the special instructions or “note to seller” field during check-out including the information below. As soon as your information is received we will begin energizing for you.

*Astrological Sign
*Current Location
*Your Business Name (if any)







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