Third Eye Awakening Session Instant Activation Video

Third Eye Awakening Session  

Awaken Your 3rd Eye, Instincts and Intuition in 60 Minutes!


Would you like to strengthen the power of your Third Eye, bring forward new psychic gifts and have more clarity and insights in your personal & business life?  Join us for this interactive and stimulating accelerated spiritual awakening course.  This session will be filled with easy and fun exercises, awakening tips from the Ascended Masters and a quick look at the history of the elusive and mysterious Third Eye.   This essential metaphysical class will quickly enhance and strengthen your intuition and instincts in 1-hour…don’t miss this opportunity!  Third Eye Awakening Session ~ Follow Along Webpage - Click Here! 



Simply press the play arrow to pay for the session and start listening immediately. After payment is completed, click the link to return to "LightQuest International" and if not yet playing, click play. An email will also be sent to you containing a link and password if you wish to listen at a later time that day. If you have a slow internet connection, you may need to press pause for a few minutes to allow the session to load all way before you start listening to it. Your recorded session and password will be active for 2 days of unlimited access after payment is received. Questions? Contact us at

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