What Planet Am I From? Follow-Along

 What Planet Am I From?





What planet am I from - Galaxy Races


What planet am I from - DNA Activation


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201P125 - Sacred Ring of Planets289 - Sirian Consciousness
Cosmic Origins #120 Sacred Ring of Planets #125Sirian Consciousness #289
(Expanded Thinking & Connections) (Scientific Knowledge & Understanding)(Advanced Knowledge & Consciousness)

286 - Pleiadian Consciousness287 - Andromedan Consciousness288 - Arcturian Consciousness
Pleiadian Consciousness #286Andromedan Consciousness #287 Arcturian Consciousness #288
(Art, Music & Healing)(Education & Diplomatic Relations)(Spirituality & Technology Integration)

A Pleiadians (final) partialA Andromedans (final) partial A Sirians (final) partial
The Pleiadians #307The Andromedans #308The Sirians #310
(Love, Creativity & Sacred Sexuality) (Peace Emissaries &
Conflict Resolution)
(Complex Plans & Projects)

A Timmers (final) partialA Orions (final) partialA Arcturians (final) partial
The Timmers #311The Orions #312The Arcturians #309
(Highest Human Potential) (Strength & Empowerment) (Group Consciousness & Healing)


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