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Connection Tips!

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Here are some tips that will ensure there are no connection issues with a tele-session! The dial-in information containing the access code will be sent to you in a email the day before the call.

* Confirm the time zone conversion! We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada in the Pacific time zone (the same time zone as California). Check the time zone converter at when in doubt.

* Start the dial-in process 15 minutes prior to session start time. Once connected, you can simply put down the phone or walk away from the computer until the event begins.

* It is always best to take about 10 minutes to center, align and ground before dialing-in to the conference calling system. Clear your mind of any cares or worries in order to ensure you are completely focused on this process. Otherwise, ungroundness will cause connection problems, and also interferes with the mental and emotional integration of the information and the energy; often causing the individual to over-analyze the message of Spirit.

* In these changing times, as the energy fluctuates frequently it is always best to have other connection options at your fingertips. For example, if you usually use a land line, have your cell phone charged and nearby. Also, for most individuals Skype is the least expensive, most reliable option and gives you more control over the sound volume level.

* Activate Skype on your computer and become familiar with the dial-in process, even though you may prefer to use your cell phone or land line phone.To setup a Skype account go to (Please contact Skype support with any questions you may have regarding setting up a Skype account.) To access the tele-session through Skype, you will be placing a phone call (not a Skype-to-Skype call), so you must have funds in your Skype account before placing a call. Click on “Call Phones” in the upper left corner of your Skype screen, and dial the telephone number (712/432-1001), then press the blue “phone handset key”. Ensure your computer speakers are on… When you hear the automated attendant ask you to enter the access code, click on the button near the bottom of the page which has dots in a square configuration to bring up the dialing pad window and enter in the access code. For Mac users, note that copy and paste will not work, instead, use the mouse to click on the numeric keypad displayed (do not use the computer keyboard) followed by clicking on the hash/pound key.

* You cannot share your dial-in access code with others who have not directly registered with LightQuest.

* You may wish to have internet access while listening to a tele-session. For some sessions, special web pages are available for you to view while listening to a session. These are intended to help you follow along and assist with visualization, if needed.

* If you experience connection issues or have questions, email us at Emails to Bryan's personal email account will typically not be answered until the day after the seminar concludes.

Enjoy the session, Bryan and the LightQuest Team


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