SGR: Stargate Earth Activate 3



Activation of the Eagle Commanders


I Pledge


I pledge sacred allegiance to manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.

I pledge to faithfully serve as a Galactic Ambassador of Peace, Unity and Brotherhood.

I pledge to protect the sovereignty of this planet and its people.

I pledge to be a keeper of the Flame of Freedom and Truth.

I pledge to serve as a divine Emissary for humanity.

I pledge to serve as a carrier of Light for all souls here on earth.

I pledge to uphold the ideals, principles and decrees of the Galactic Federation of Light.

I pledge to acknowledge the divinity of every person here on Earth.

I pledge to serve as a representative and as a diplomatic liaison for the Federation of Light.

I Agree


I agree to work in the highest integrity, for the highest good of all galactic citizens.

I agree to faithfully serve the Divine Plan.

I agree to embody unconditional love and compassion for all.

I agree to preserve equality and the dignity of each citizen.

I agree to carry the torch of truth, wisdom and illumination.

I agree to seek justice and liberation for all.

I agree to protect, respect and honor all life evolving here on Earth.

I agree to be an ambassador of purpose, plan and power.

I agree to be in dedicated service to the cause of Light.

I agree to work as a team member with other appointed Ambassadors.

I agree to be a protector and defender of the earth.

I agree to work in cooperation with the Celestial councils of Light.

I agree to fulfil the promise of my mission and destiny here on Earth.


I Resolve


I resolve to release all fear and limitation. I am peace and love in action here.

I resolve to release all thought-forms of poverty. I am prosperity and generosity in action here!

I resolve to be free of all judgement. I am compassion and forgiveness in action here!


You have now been officially initiated & accepted as an Eagle Commander and Ambassador of Light. We thank you for your dedication and your loyalty.

Namaste and Peace to you!




















SGR:Stargate Earth Special!


#14 The New Pyramid for Earth #192 Freedom's Flight #330 Cities of Light #70 The Living Temple


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The New Pryamid
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Cities of Light

Atlantean Power BraceletTerra Christa Stargate
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Atlantean Power Bracelet - “When I first saw this bracelet I was quite stunned and amazed as I had not seen this style of craftsmanship since my past incarnations in Atlantis. This is a rare and unique piece of jewelry that will stimulate the powers of the ancient world and the warriors and royalty that lived during that time.” Bryan

This intricately designed bracelet has multicultural style and origins that are from ancient Atlantis….Greece, Rome, Persia etc. This hand-crafted silver-plated piece (with a slightly tarnished look) is suitable for both men and women. The bracelet is adjustable with an s-hook clasp for all wrist sizes. Amazing! $35

Terra Christa Stargate Activation Poster - The new Terra Christa stargate system encircles our beloved planet Earth and was designed through our consciousness in conjunction with the Ascended Masters, the Angels and the Galactic Brother and Sisterhoods of Light. It is the new ascension gateway that will take us from Earth to Terra in the blink of an eye between 2012 and 2017. This new, etheral gate system is now fully operational and connected to all of the newborn star-portals on Earth including Ascension Island, Niagara Falls, Findhorn-Scotland, Meteor Crater, Paris-France, Hudson Valley, Buffalo Lake, Easter Island, etc. Placing this art-piece in your home will create an aditional gate portal from your personal living space through the new stargate to Terra…get ready to ascend! $35

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