Manifestation Mountain 2017

Manifestation Mountain - Sacred Journey of the Soul



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Manifestation Mountain Accelerator Packages
exclusively for seminar participants!

Two Accelerators + Wavestar CD for $30


The Wavestar Experience

An amazing fusion of ambient, melodic, meditative and electronic music! Designed by the Ashtar Command, in conjunction with the Federation of Light, The Wavestar Experience creates a very unique, multidimensional musical experience which will expand and upgrade your consciousness each time you listen. Listening to this recording will awaken and inspire your mind, body and spirit, while activating your multidimensional DNA and psychic circuitry, allowing you to connect with your star origins and personal destiny. Enjoy!

Package #1 - #167, #207 + Wavestar CD ~ $30Package #1a - 2 Accelerators of Your Choice + Wavestar CD ~ $30
Use the "Special Instructions" box or "Note to Seller" link during the
check-out process to let us know which images you would like!

#167 Emerald Tablets
#207 Shamrock Magic
Wavestar CD

Fairy Andara Pendant

Fairy Andara Pendant with Silver Snake Chain ~ $22 each

Numbered 1-5 (from left to right)

Each pendant is hand made and varies in shape, design (according to stone) and Swarovski bead colors.  All are approximately 1.75" long (not including the wire "loop" at the top for the chain), with a width of .75" to 1".

Pink Fairy Andara 1Green Fairy Andara 2Clear Fairy Andara 3Pink Fairy Andara 4Blue Fairy Andara 5

Numbered 1-5 (from left to right)

Pink Fairy Andara 1Green Fairy Andara 2Clear Fairy Andara 3Blue Fairy Andara 4Pink Fairy Andara 5

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