Explorations into Unexplained Phenomona

Explorations into Unexplained Phenomena!

By Bryan de Flores


As a multidimensional artist and extraterrestrial contactee, I have experienced many unusual and otherworldly things in my life.  Orbs, white mist and ethereal beings manifesting in my home…various off-planet craft hovering over the house…fairies, elves and leprechauns running through the garden and frequent communications from those who have crossed over to the other side. Each time something occurs, there is always a strange feeling in the air, like static electricity, which is often accompanied by high or low pitched frequencies in one or both of my ears.  For the most part these experiences have been very positive and uplifting; defying all rational explanation and leaving me with heightened psychic senses and a feeling of expanded awareness.

The video links below are truly amazing accounts of those who have experienced strange and mysterious things.  As you listen to their stories, it may trigger awareness within of something similar you may have experienced in your life.  The interesting thing about these particular videos is that they were chosen by the Federation as examples of absolutely true and real accounts of those who have walked between the worlds.  Despite their controversial nature and much debated content, they represent significant pieces of Earth’s enigmatic paranormal history.

Enjoy!  Bryan de Flores

The Reality of Fairies and Little People – This video is of a man who communicates with the elemental kingdom.  Pay special attention to the energy around him as he is connecting with the various beings.


Bob Lazar and Area 51 - This is the fascinating story of a man who says he worked at the legendary Area 51/S-4 site during the 1980’s.  It is a 4-part series of interviews that is quite astonishing…especially the information on Element 115 and gravity physics.


Time Travel – Is time travel possible?  Hakan Nordkvist says he traveled to the future, met himself as a 70-year-old and then returned to the present with undeniable proof…see for yourself!


UFO Drones- This is currently a very popular topic in the UFO community.  The Federation has told me these strange crafts are monitoring/surveillance technologies that are controlled by a few different covert organizations, both on and off-planet.


The Vrillon Transmission – In 1977 at 5:10 pm on November 26, a television broadcast in the UK was interrupted by Commaner Vrillon of the Ashtar Command.  This transmission is both a greeting and warning to humanity regarding the future.


Luis Gasparetto – This amazing medium/painter from Brazil is able to channel the spirits of famous painters such as Monet, Picasso, Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and many more!


UFO Orb’s Creating a Crop Circle – Do you want to see how a crop circle is formed?  Although this controversial footage has been picked apart and dissected many times, it remains a testament to the interdimensional creativity of our galactic companions.


The Mysterious Case of Omnec Onec – Omnec is one of the most fascinating people/ET’s on the planet.  She was transported to Earth from her home planet Venus as a child.  Her story is absolutely thrilling…her website is listed below as well.



Suddenly Psychic – This is the story of two people, who suddenly became psychic after being in car accidents.


The Tether Incident – A classic in UFO circles, this official NASA film footage shows a huge number of extraterrestrial space ships flying around a satellite tether out in space.



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