Earthstar Multidimensional Shutdown Follow Along 2




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA209 - The BridgeSmall189 - Blessing from the Stars Small
Science of the Celestial Bodies
The Bridge
Blessing from the Stars

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Earthstar Special
exclusively for seminar participants!
Choose any 3 images for $20


Earthstar Images ~ $20
#10, #209, #189
Any 3 Accelerators of Your Choice ~ $20
Use the "Special Instructions" box or "Note to Seller" link
during the check-out process to let us know which images you would like!

#10 Science of the Celestial Bodies ~ $7#209 The Bridge ~ $7#189 Blessing from the Stars ~ $7

Astrocartography ~ 3 Locations for $35

Do you often feel a strong urge to move to another location and/or feel the area where you currently reside is not supporting your spiritual work? Would you like to know if a particular city is a good choice for you and your signficant other? Enter the world of Astrocartography, an alchemical mixture of astrology, geomancy and intuitive location scouting! Astrocartography is a valuable guide to discovering the best locations to manifest your soul’s destiny. Choose two physical locations you are thinking about possibly relocating to, and Bryan will channel a third location for you from the Ashtar Command!

What we need from you to begin...
1. Birthdate
2. Birth Time (to the best of your knowledge)
3. Your Astrological Sign
4. Birth City* and State, Country if outside of U.S.
5. Two (2) Cities/Towns* you are considering relocating to; Bryan will channel the third location for you!

Use the "Special Instructions" box or "Note to Seller: Add" link during the check-out process, or send an email to us at *If area or small town, a nearby city name is needed. 

Your Personalized Astrocartography Treasure Map will be emailed to you.



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