Earthstar 1000,000 Ways to Asension

Earthstar 1000,000 Ways to Ascension




List of Ascension Visualization Processes


1. Lightwave trillions of spinning multi-colored diamonds all around planet for 3 minutes.

2. Visualize a fast spinning rainbow spiral of light around the planet.

3. Visualize millions of dolphins and whales swimming around the planet.

4. Surround the planet with beautiful butterflies and angels.

5. Send light,  energy and golden gifts to all the trees plants and flowers around the world to stabilize, strengthen and empower them in their work.

6. Spin a large golden pyramid around the planet to quicken the energy.

7. Visualize items of power like the Ark of the Covenant, the Grail Cup and the Excalibur sword manifesting their full power and presence on the planet.

8. Create a powerful shield of Archangel Michael’s light swords spinning around the planet...protecting it and energizing it.

9. Visualize thousands of white temples of light anchoring all over the Earth.

10. Visualize 10 million of streams of light descending from the heavens in through and around our planet.

11. Send a huge Violet Flame spinning in, through and around the Earth ...cleansing, clearing and accelerating the energy on the planet.

12. Visualize a huge spinning diamond sun in the center of the planet, radiating light out in every direction.

13. Send a million golden balls of ascension light pulsing throughout the planetary light grids.

14. Call forth and visualize thousands of Ashtar Command and Federation Ships circling the planet helping to quicken the energy.

15.  Surround everyone on the planet with a spinning vortex of white light...aligning them with their Higher Selves and Guardian Angels for the next 7 years and beyond.

16. Infuse all major cities on Earth with golden Christ light, lavender and sacred salt.

17. Visualize thousands of golden spirals of positive energy spinning around the planet for 3 minutes.

18. Visualize thousands of legions of angels flying all around the planet and dispatch teams of angels everyday to help in specific areas.

19. Infuse the flora kingdoms of earth (all the trees, plants and flowers with glowing, emerald green light.

20. Place a blue dome of light around each city, town and structure on Earth and infuse Christ Consciousness suns into these domes.

21. Weave rainbow streams of light around the planet to strengthen clear communication and connect people together.

22. Awaken the ancient magical frequencies of Atlantis, Camelot, Lemuria and Shamballa all over the planet.

23. Send a quickening frequency pulse of light into the planet every 5 seconds.

24. Send light energy blasts to all sacred places on the planet and the Earth’s chakras

25. Send green spirals of emerald green financial prosperity light spinning throughout the planetary grids

26. Visualize the planet Earth in its ascended state of beauty, majesty and glory...glowing with a huge golden light aura.

27. Send millions of pink and blue fast spinning spirals of happiness and joy all around the planet.

28. Visualize the planet Earth spinning in a bath of salt and lavender 3 times a day.

29. Visualize millions of beautiful wild horses running around the planet on the etheric level....quickening the energy all over.

30. Send a blast of white light all around the Earth, lighting up all the chakra systems of all the people around the world., awakening them to their spirit.

How long should you hold the visualization?


1-3 minutes



“I am now visualizing………………………………..every 7 minutes for the next 7 years and beyond: past, present, future...reenergizing this manifestation and magnifying it's power a million-fold into the past, present, future and in all dimensions of time and space.”

 Thank you for joining us!

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