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Session Special 4 images for $24*

93 - I am God97 - New Templar Crusader image JPEG
#93 I Am God ~ $7#97 Templar Crusader Shield ~ $7
Enhances meditation
& deep trance states.
Enhances strength, bravery, confidence
& determination within an individual.

*Destiny Fast Tracking Accelerators ~ $24
#93, #97, # 189, #323
*Any 4 Accelerators of Your Choice ~ $24
Use the "Special Instructions" box or "Note to Seller" link during
the check-out process to let us know which images you would like!

189P323 - Metatron
#189 Blessing from the Stars ~ $7#323 Angelic Shield - Metatron ~$7
Aligns all aspects of yourself
with God’s plan & your divine destiny.
Enables one to access their divine
blueprint & destiny from the Tree of Life.


Manifest ad Psychic Services copy

Destiny Mapping Workbook
Manifest Destiny Book

Personal Destiny Workbook - This amazing workbook is designed to kick-start the first seven months of your Destiny path!  It will provide you a logical, organized progression of energy and ideas to move your destiny forward.  Within each month you will find practical physical steps as well as spiritual tools to assist you.  In addition, you can email Bryan at and ask him to choose a special combination of accelerators specifically for your destiny.

Manifest Destiny Package – A groundbreaking, intricately detailed energy package entitled 'Manifest Destiny' designed to assist you in aligning with your soul's purpose, mission and destiny path. It contains all the details on how you can manifest your mission in a very magical and practical way, within a very short period of time.  Includes full color centerfold, activation CD & two special accelerators.


Special Collection of Hand-Picked Feng Shui Items
Purchase all six for $110    A $10 savings!

Special Feng Shui Package Contains:
Red Energy Bracelet, Four Animal Coin, Lucky Dragon Crystal,
Double Happiness Birds, Blue Rhino and 9 Rings Sword!
Special Package Price ~ $110

Blue Rhino $259 Rings Sword $12
Safeguards Personal Belongings
& Minimizes Disagreements
Assists in Achieving Goals,
Resolving Conflicts & Legal Issues

Four Celestial Animals Coin Charm $18Red Energy Bracelet
Lucky Dragon Crystal $22Double Happiness Birds $35
Home ProtectionStrength, Wealth & AbundanceSuccess in BusinessAttracting Love & Relationships

Blue Rhino -The ‘Blue Rhinoceros’ is a symbol of protection that should be placed facing outward near the main entrance of homes and offices to ward off robberies and accidents; as well as keep away those with less than honorable intentions.  It also works to safeguard one's career from accidental mishaps and minimizes quarrels and conflicts for a more conducive, pleasant and harmonious work or home environment.  Acrylic 4" x 1.5" x 2.125"  $25 

9 Rings Sword - This beautiful, double gold plated amulet will protect against lawsuits and also assist with business competitors and conflicts.  The sword will cut through all obstacles and hindrances in your way to let you smoothly achieve your goals while bringing good luck, providing financial stability and protecting you from harm. 4" L   $12

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