Cave Of Secrets 2018 New Paramagnetic Alignments 2










Cave Of Secrets New 2018 Paramagnetic Alignment Special!

Any 10 Accelerators of your choice for $50


Pictured from left to right...#125 Sacred Ring of Planets,  #76 Ring Pass Not, #298 Cosmic Star Shield, 

#2 Through the Looking Glass, #124 Moon Over Shamballa


Pictured left to right...#106 Balancense, #103 Spirit of Fire,  #88 Emotional Body Matrix,  #65 City of Light, 

#21 Physical Akashic Record Building


Any 10 Accelerators of your choice

for $50

Please use the special instructions or note to seller link to list your accelerator choices or email us at   


Tree of Life: Orgone/EMF Protection Pyramid

This beautiful energy pyramid is created by using real crystal chips pressed together to create powerful orgone energy that will transmute the energy of a room and protect your space. Additionally,  this pyramid helps to prevent exhaustion and stress when working on computers or with other devices.   These pyramids work best if there are two or more within your home or office.  Interior crystal chips can include red jasper, citrine, yellow aventurine, peridot, turquoise, and amethyst.   Also, included with this pyramid are 4 natural crystal points for personal grids, healing or programming etc.
Tree Of Life Orgone/EMF Protection Pyramid


Thank you for joining us!

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