Bryan’s High Energy Product Recommendations


Bryan's High Energy Amazon Product Recommendations

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Hi everyone!  One of my psychic gifts as an Ambassador is to be able to tune in to products and be led to products by my guides and angels that have high energy.   All of the items below, me and my team have been purchasing for a while now.  These products are not only recommended as high energy items by the Ashtar Command, but they are good quality products to use and to have in your home and will help you to keep your energy upgraded.  People ask me all the time about products, so I thought it would be really fun to share some with all of you.   So simply choose what you like, click on the pictures and you can order them directly from Amazon. If you have prime the shipping is free.

Huge Prosperity Treasure BowlTabletop Misting Fountain Galaxy Ultrasonic

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Huge Prosperity Treasure Bowl- This beautifully crafted gold statue will increase your prosperity vibration especially if you place it near your money bowl, cash money, or near a bamboo plant.  Highly recommended!

Tabletop Misting Fountain - I have purchased many of these for my conferences and for gifts for friends & family.  They have a mystical quality about them and bring magic and elemental beings into your home.

Galaxy Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser - This is one of the best and most galactic diffusers.  Great gift and awesome to look at in the dark.  Feel rejuvenated and re-energized while you watch the cool LED light show...this diffuser can double as a night lite with its auto shut-off function, so you can enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep. Remember if you have pets, refrain from using tea tree oil.


Color Changing Mood RingTibetan Himalayan Singing Bowls Pegasus Wall Sculpture

Color-Changing Mood Ring - I purchased one of these each for my LQ team and I a couple of months ago and we were astounded by the energy.  This magical color-changing ring alerts you to the positive and negative energy that is around you.  A must have for men, women, friends and family members.

Tibetan Himalayan Singing Bowls   - This high energy set of brass singing bowls will strenthen your connection with Spirit, cleanse and re-tune your chakra system, and vibrationally harmonize the atmosphere of your home. Something new and different for you or a friend!

Pegasus Wall Sculpture - Stunning wall display of the mythical Pegasus horse; it is hand-cast and finished using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin….very durable and it has a lot of energy.  The sculpture is medium in size and magnificent in its presence.  We love all of our Toscano sculptures….lots to choose from!


Ark of the Covenant Box Lava Stone & Tigers

Eye Bracelet
Accupressure Mat & Pillow

Ark of the Covenant Box - This is a beautiful box to keep crystals and/or essential oils in, to supercharge their energy!  I bought two of these...they are beautiful to look at and wonderful gifts for others.

Lava Stone & Tiger's Eye Bracelet - Bryan's favorite bracelet!  "I wear this everywhere because of its high energy!"  Can be worn by both men and women...and also looks great with a combination of other bracelets as well.

Acupressure Mat & Pillow  - This item is one of the most innovative inventions to release, stimulate and de-stress the body.  You can lie on it or stand on it to stimulate acupressure points in your feet and hands.  I have purchased these for friends and family members who love it!


NutribulletNatural Unscented

Deodorant Stick
Inversion Table

Nutribullet -I have been recommending these for their ease of use, health benefits and high energy for many years.  Add water vegetables and fruit and you have a quick healthy drink any time of the day.

Natural Unscented Deodorant Stick - The recipe and combination of ingredients in this deodorant is safe, healthy, natural and divinely guided.  We found this and have been using it faithfully for about a year now. ...for both active men and women.

Inversion Table -Take years off your looks!  An important part of your youthening regime.  Adjust to approximately a 40 degree angle or more .. for 5 minute or 20 minutes.  Do some reasearch if you have health concerns.  Shifts the energy in your body and allows your blood to easily flow a different way, rejuvenating your system.


Lavender OilBullet Proof CoffeePyramid Salt Lamp

Lavender Oil - The highest energy essential oil on the planet! Make your own spray for the home, car or office with 3 to 4 drops!

Bulletproof Coffee - The best coffee on the planet!  A high energy drink that will lift your energy, mood and perceptions!  Does not over stress your adrenals or cause the shakes.  High quality ingredients formulated by the master of biohacking.  Best if blended and served over ice with stevia, vanilla organic creamer and a pinch of cinnamon or you can warm it in a saucepan and add your own sweetner and creamer. Check the dates and refrigerate! 

Pyramid Salt Lamp - A beautiful design that creates healthy negative ions...helps to promote positive feelings while conjuring subconscious memories of ancient Egypt.


Solar Charger for Phone/ Tablet etc. Rolling Ball Fountain Quartz Crystal Sound Therapy

Singing Bowls

Solar Phone Charger  - Amazing solar technology…we have given these as gifts and people love them!  It can charge two devices at one time!  Waterproof and dust-proof silicone cover.

Rolling Ball Fountain-  I was guided to buy this fountain by the Ashtar Command to bring some galactic energy into a back bedroom….WOW, its beautiful spinning reflections and energy are amazing!  You can program this fountain to bring in whatever you want!  Very activating and easy to set up!

Quartz Crystal Sound Therapy Singing Bowls -  This high quality, high energy full set of quartz crystal singing bowls is top of the line and their frequencies have the ability to transform etheric and physical matter.  If you are a healer,  a sound technician or someone interested in exploring the healing and activating powers of these bowls, this is a great investment and a beautiful display of Spirit for your home or office


Vanilla Bean Powder Chi Machine –

Passive Exercise Machine
Quantum Health Analyzer

Vanilla Bean Powder - This raw vanilla powder has so much energy - Simply add 1 teaspoon of Vanilla Bean Powder with a sweetner, MCT oil,  a teaspoon of butter and blend with hot water! 

Chi Machine – Passive Exercise Machine- Fantastic aerobic exerciser for stress release, increased sleep relaxation and energy levels!  Simply lie down on the ground, place your ankles in the padded grooves, turn it on and enjoy for 15 minutes.

Quantum Health Analyzer - Remember those overly expensive computer programs and personal health analyzers that everyone was using in the 90’s and early 2000’s?  Thank you God….this is great inexpensive $69 machine that you can use to check you state of health and any areas that you should be working on…vitamin deficiencies, thyroid, hormone levels, heart and lung function, digestive health etc.  It will analyze and give you an overall report of your health status. Simple to load on your computer and use.  A good product to have as part of your health regimen…an instant way to analyze you, your family or friends state of health.  We each have one and love them!

Urban Rebounder Mini TrampolineLight Reflecting

Woodstock Chimes
Green Superfood Tablets

Urban Rebounder Mini Trampoline- Great for your overall health, body and energy! I bought mine about 7 years ago and I bounce on it (not jump) 1-2 minutes whenever needed to keep my energy moving….great exercise, minimal effort!

Light Reflecting Woodstock Chimes - Beautiful indoor/outdoor mirror chimes that bring in celestial energy and radiate light wherever you hang them.  We have them on our patios to signal the ships!

Green Superfood Tablets- An good nutritious alternative to fresh, these tablets each give you a full serving of greens and veggies when you in a hurry or away from home. Simply dissolve one tab into 8 oz of water and enjoy.


3D 'Mystery Box' Mechanical Puzzle Lavender Eye Pillow Buffalo Drum

3D 'Mystery Box' Mechanical Puzzle -  Simply stick this crystal rainbow maker to a window in your home that gets good sunlight and watch the beautiful rainbow reflections on the walls and ceiling everyday….solar powered, so it goes on and off on its own …great energy! 

Lavender Eye Pillow- Perfect for when you need a quick rest or meditation…this eye pillow smells great, relaxes your eyes and allows you to rest comfortably…great for listening to the Starshield Experience!

Buffalo Hand Drum- High quality crafted…very nice sound!  Use this to drum in new energy, clear negative vibrations, send healing to the earth and activate your energy …a must have for every lightworker!


Jon Allen Wavelength

Metal Wall Sculpture
Nada Himalaya CD Holy Grail Golden Cup

Jon Allen Wavelength Metal Wall Sculpture - Bright, bold and very unique floating aluminum wall artwork by the famous artist Jon Allen.  I have 2 of his pieces in my home and people comment on them all the time.  These are very light weight and easy to put up…includes a paper template and easy instructs!

Nada Himalaya CD - A classic in spiritual music, this is a wonderful melodic CD to play when you are relaxing or when you are away to keep the energy in your home uplifted and balanced.  Gentle sounds of Tibetan bells, bowls, chimes and the sounds of mountain streams in the Himalayas.

Holy Grail Golden Cup - This large ‘Cup of Life’ is a magical chalice and symbol of everlasting life.  It is a decorative piece I keep in the prosperity corner of my home and energize with Lightwave everyday.  Crafted of high quality resin, hand-painted and polished!



Emergency Kit Essentials for Lightworkers & Others


Many years ago, my guides talked to me about putting together a emergency backpack with some essential items that we can keep in our car or home that would be easily accessible and contain necessary items that we would need.  Whether you are going on a vacation, bike ride, hiking or on an emergency trip by yourself or with others…its good to have something like this handy.  Always be ready and prepared!

Click on the pictures and purchase whatever you like!


Samurai Emergency Backpack Nebo Lantern: Wind Up/Solar Power Compact First Aid Kit

Solar Powered or Crank Radio with Flashlight. Survival Kit Travelling & Adventures Personal Security Alarm

Garyesh 4-Way Powered Solar Hand Crank Lantern Radio Basic Travel Backpack -Water Resistant Lavender Oil

Dang Keto Bars: Peanut Butter &

Saigon Cinnamon Chocolate
Hu Vegan Chocolate Bars

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