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Accessing the Akashic Records

Tools needed: Small crystal, pen or pencil and drawing tablet.

Clearing your space:  Clean and organize the space you are using. Use lavender spray and energy techniques to clear any stray etheric patterns and to anchor the higher supportive energies. This can be done in places of business, homes, hotels, outdoors such as a quiet beach or other natural settings etc.

  1. Set your intention to connect with the Akashic records and what you would like to experience. Ask that everything you see, feel or experience will be for your highest good.
  2. Sit quietly with your crystal and do a few minutes of deep breathing. You can use the verbal command “I now surround myself in a sphere of White Light!” to surround yourself with protective energy.
  3. Next, visualize a white line of energy running through you. This line may have waves or ‘kinks’ in it, which indicate un-focused or imbalanced thought-forms or emotions. Continue breathing and focusing on the line until it is completely straight, which indicates all your energy is focused and any imbalances are corrected or set aside.
  4. Next, call your Higher Self and Guardian Angel in by using the simple verbal command “I now bring my Higher Self and Guardian Angel in to guide me accessing the Akashic Records!”
  5. Next, visualize a large white diamond above your head and allow it to start spinning. This will begin connecting you with the Akashic Records. The diamond will also filter all energies through your higher self so that you do not pick up any stray or imbalanced frequencies.
  6. Visualize yourself at the doorway to the Akashic Records………connect with the angelic guardian there and receive your key and use it to enter the Hall of Records.
  7. At this point you can ask to be taken to the area you are interested in, ask to shown the answer to a question, knowledge about a past life, a particular period or event in history ……or to be shown something that would help at this time.
  8. Take a drawing tablet and a pen or pencil and begin drawing/writing whatever you are feeling. This is a great way to begin accessing the records…just let the energy move through you. You may draw things that you perceive as abstract and indefinable, however these are real and true energies that are working through you.  Just allow them to come though…some may be messages and some may be geometric figures or symbols.

Special Note: Each time you go to the Akashic library the records will become more detailed and clear and you will receive more information and understanding. The library itself will also become more vivid and real and you will see more features including the architecture, paintings sculptures, the colors, shapes and sizes of the books.


 (Pictured left to right....# 21 Physical Akashic Record Building,  #9 Template of Understanding,  #46 Pyramid of Initiation,
#47 Great City of Telos,  #44 Seven Golden Melchizadek Flame Temples)


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