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El Morya  ~  Lady Nada  ~  Saint Germain  ~  Isis  ~  Serapis Bey  ~  Master Apek


Vow Break

I rescind and release any and all vows & contracts I have taken, and anyone within my genetic lineage

has taken regarding all forms of limitation.

As a free and sovereign spiritual human being, I now declare these vows & contracts null and void

in this incarnation and all former and future incarnations,

all parallel and alternate realities universes, all planetary systems, all source systems throughout all dimensions of space and time.

I also release all structures, devices, entities, orientations or side effects associated with these vows & contracts now and forever!


White Flame Mystery School Special!

Purchase $25 in accelerators, other products or the Star Pyramid Crystal

& receive Free! access to our New Years Party online session.

Sri YantraSword of Light

& Truth
Emotional Body Matrix
Seven Golden Melchizadek

Flame Temples
Earth Logos


Star Pyramid Activation Crystal


(This special does not include Classes or Services)

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