Past Lives 4 – Mirror Gallery


The Mirror Gallery


As you view the images below, allow the many layers of energy and information contained within each design

upgrade your energy field and consciousness!

 #5 Pillars of Hercules

Attracts combatible partners;  balances and rekindles relationships & forms a strong connection with your Twin Ray


#22 Double Happiness

Magnetizes soul mates; enhances the positive qualities within a relationship


#54 Starlight

Ignites passion and ecstasy within your soul; helps you find your true love.  


#142 The Dream Accelerator

Opens windows into your past life memories; brings forth visions and dreams of simultaneous incarnations.


#188 Fairy Godmother

Tunes you in to the synchronicities being set up by  your guides and angels who are assisting you in finding a partner, a friend or a soul mate.


Accelerator Special!


Pictured from left to right....#208 Past Life Memory Activation from Atlantis, #147 The Great Opening, #5 Pillar of Hercules, #22 Double Happiness, #60 Starlight, #142 The Dream Accelerator, #188 Fairy Godmother, Blessed Journey!

Any 4 images for $24 plus the free image ~ Blessed Journey!

Any 4 Images for $24

Past Life Memory Activation

from Atlantis

The Great Opening

Pillar of Hercules

Double Happiness


The Dream Accelerator

Fairy Godmother


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