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Finding your Soul Mates


In the search for love and the perfect partner, many people attempt to bridge the gap between maintaining their privacy & independence and experiencing the fulfillment that true love brings.  Some individuals have magically found this 'holy grail’ which often eludes countless others who have been searching for many years.  The truth is that each and every one of us was meant to experience the ecstasy of true love and the union with what many call 'the perfect partner' or ‘Soulmate.’  However, this search often takes patience and the ability to follow subtle intuitions and promptings from your guides and angels.  But do not despair, the prize is much closer than you may think and the fulfillment of this dream is soon to be your reality.

For many of us, the search for companionship and intimacy with another individual is a very important part of our existence.  Relationship is inevitable for everyone, whether it is long-term or temporary.  An intimate relationship can be formed with other people and even with concepts, teachings, animals, television shows or inanimate objects.  Those choosing to bond with another individual should understand a few things before proceeding.  First of all, it is an unprecedented time to be living on this planet; the prophesied time of resetting the original blueprint of the planet and everything living within this sphere of consciousness. This means that everything and everyone is in a reevaluation/reconfiguration process.  We are disbanding the great illusions that plague not only our relationships (such as the 3D marital agreement), but every other facet of who we are.  In this process, existing relationships and the search for a relationship can often become a ‘hit and miss’ and/or extremely intense and unfulfilling experience.  This is often due to the attempted ‘holding on to’ of illusionary ‘fairy tale’ ideas regarding how relationships should begin and operate.  With this in mind, a little bit of tolerance, patience and realistic up-to-date thinking must be allowed for your perfect partner to come in and your desired relationship to flourish.

If you are attempting to create a bond because you feel you are ‘better’ or more complete in a relationship or because you have a hard time being by yourself, you will often be disappointed in your quest.  These fears often create lasting problems in relationships and stifle the individual’s destiny path due to co-dependence and the disconnection with of their own inner intuitive promptings and guidance.  If you are currently in a relationship or marriage and feel anxious and stifled by the lack of personal destiny manifestation, you will need to change your mindset and patterns within the relationship to shift the energy. A key understanding at this point is that you should not try to change your partner...but instead, change yourself. If however, your partner is open to looking at renegotiating the relationship dynamics, a journey toward that potential can be pursued.  However, if the original bond was created out of a need for financial security, desperation or insecurity, a separation can be considered.  Subsequently, separations should not be looked at as a negative in most is often the great opportunity that both souls need to evolve and find more compatible partnerships.

On your quest for love it is also important to know that there are a great many compatible individuals (actually thousands) on this planet for you.   Be aware that some of your attempts at finding a mate will be more of a ‘learning to navigate the territory’ rather than an actual “perfect fit” and that is OK!  In addition, finding a true Soulmate will require you to follow your intuition/instincts at times, as your guides and angels will often direct you to places and locations where the potential soul mates and partners are....this includes restaurants, department stores, coffee houses, sporting events, outdoor festivals, gyms, bars, nightclubs etc.  Also, remember that a true Soulmate will feel instantly familiar and often think the same and be able to accommodate your desires and perspectives very easily.  If you are patient and open, these great gifts will come to you easily and effortlessly at times when you need them….and sometimes when you are least expecting it.  Be willing and be open to letting the magic of true love in!



The Twin Ray


The Twin Ray is an entirely different concept and reality than the Soulmate altogether.  The Twin Ray is actually another part or aspect of ‘you’ that exists separately from yourself when you are incarnating in realities where there are great challenges such as ours.  When you choose to incarnate on a planet such as Earth, a part of yourself, the Twin Ray separates from you and remains on the etheric plane, known as Heaven. What is the purpose of this separation?   To hold space, to center, to ground and to assist you in ways that your spirit guides and angels cannot.  When you are here they are always there, feeling what you feel, knowing what you know, sharing all your hopes, dreams and fears…and in their own special way transferring strength and guidance to you each and every day.  Although ‘Twin Ray fusion’ does happen on this physical plane, it is not an everyday occurrence. However, as you evolve and refine your own soul, you will blend more and more with your Twin Ray.  This will happen easily and effortlessly without any looking or seeking from you.


In the Meantime…


If you are still struggling to find a compatible partner, I will offer the following simple understanding regarding relationships.  Many individuals who spend a considerable amount of time and energy looking for a relationship, often find to their astonishment that the perfect partner they were seeking was right in front of them all the time.  What does this mean?  It means that all the friendships and relationships you have had, both intimate and sporadic, long-term and short-term including family members and brief acquaintances are extremely important and have provided you with everything you needed at any given point in time.  Although we do not always recognize this, fulfilling intimate relationships come in all shapes and sizes and do not necessarily need to include commitments, marital contracts or sexual activity.


So, what do you do while you are waiting for your Soulmate or Twin Ray to show up?  There are many magnetizing energy processes to attract partners, Soulmates, new friends etc. The following process takes just a few minutes and should be done several times a week to continually bring new people and new connections into your life.


Attraction Process For Magnetizing Soulmates and New Friends


Step 1:  Sit comfortably and do several minutes of deep breathing until you feel relaxed.  As you do this, state your intention to magnetize new people into your life.  Summon your guides and angels to assist you in this process.

Step 2: Visualize a bright golden spiral radiating from your heart…now send this spiral out all around you in, through and around your home….now extend the spiral out to your local area, to everyone within a 10 mile radius of where you are…..then out 100 miles, then out around the entire planet connecting with every compatible friend, soulmate or partner who is perfect for you.

Step 3:    Visualize your golden spiral touching their energy fields and lighting up their hearts…then see all of these people being magnetized back to you each and every day…you may see this as figures, faces or simply spheres of light coming towards you.  Hold this vision for a couple of minutes to make the energy strong and to allow these people to find you.

Step 4:  Continue breathing and feel your heart open to all of these people….let you mind open to new opportunities and the divine synchronicities that will lead these people to you…be aware of any guidance you are receiving as well.   For example…you may feel an inner prompting to go to a coffee shop or store where one of the individuals is having coffee or shopping.  Stay open, be spontaneous and flexible to allow the guides to lead you to the places where these people will be.



This video is a well known matchmaker's perspective on finding love and attracting a partner!


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