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  •     Looking Glass Session 2

The following three processes will help you to connect with and receive images & information from your past lives.  It is beneficial to do each of these processes a few times to familiarize yourself with the steps, so you can do them on your own whenever you like.


Past Life Meditation!


This meditation will help you to tune in to your past lives.   Practicing this process frequently will enhance your visions and allow you to receive more details regarding who you were and the many roles you have played in previous incarnations.

Step 1:  Sit comfortably, close your eyes and relax by doing some deep breathing.  

Step 2: Surround yourself in circle of white light and continue to breath deeply until your body and mind become relaxed.  The more you breathe, the more calm and focused you feel.

Step 3:  Call forth and connect with your guides and angels.  As you continue to breathe, feel this connection growing stronger.

Step 4:   Ask  to be shown a significant past life that is relevant to your current life.  As you do this, you begin to see a bridge appearing before you in your minds eye.  You walk across the bridge and as you arrive on the other side, you look around and begin to perceive the details of your surroundings.  Where are you?  Are you somewhere in the country, in a big city, near a forest or by the ocean? Are there things that are familiar to you here…buildings, a home or maybe even a castle or temple?  Do you recognize the time period or the location you are in?  As you walk around do you see other people….what are they wearing, what language are they speaking?  Take a few moments to perceive your surroundings.

Step 5:  You now begin to interact with a person or group of people. Observe their face(s) and the details of their clothing.  Do you see some specific event or activity going on?  As you observe this scenario, a light begins to surround someone in the crowd…this is you from that past life What do you look like..are you male or female…are you a child, a teenager or an adult….what is your personality like?  It is important to ask your guides to show you the relevance of this past life and how it intersects with your current life.  Are you able to access and utilize your talents and gifts from that lifetime now?

Step 7:  You now walk back across the bridge and bring your consciousness and everything you have learned with you back into present time.  Know that you can return to this bridge at any time…take another deep breath and open your eyes!



 Past Life Mirror Manifestation Technique!


This is a simple and easy technique that can be performed by anyone and does not require any special psychic ability.  It will allow you to see with your own eyes, many images of yourself and who you truly are!  For this process you will need a chair, a mirror, a candle and dark or dimly lit room.  The key to this technique is using your peripheral vision rather than looking intently and directly at the features of your current face.

Step 1:   Sit down comfortably on a chair in front of a mirror with a candle placed in front of you.

Step 2:  Look into your eyes in the mirror and allow your focus to soften.

Step 3:  Allow your breathing to take you into a state of deep relaxation as you continue to look into your eyes.

Step 4:    As you look at yourself, allow your peripheral vision to take over and see the outer details of your features.  You will slowly begin to see your facial features change (such as you eyes, ears, nose, expressions etc.) and see things such as hats, hair, jewelry, clothing  beards, changing hair styles from other time periods.   Do this only for about 5 or 10 minutes at a time, to allow your eyes and vision to rest, relax and return to normal.


Past Life Memory Activation from Atlantis!


This activation is designed to initiate memory retrieval from your many past lives on Earth and from the stars.  The past-life memory image above contains the mystical language of Atlantis, known as Vril, which will begin triggering memories to come forward from within the subconscious and into the conscious mind.  The image also contains the energy of the Atlantean Goddess, who will help to guide you through the re-memory process to uncover your vast lineage from beyond this 3D world.  Additionally, this activation will help to reconstruct and reconfigure misplaced memories and dreams, as well as enhance long and short term recollection.

As you follow along with the sound of my voice, continue to view the image.  Try to visualize the symbols moving around your head area and creating a crown of multi-colored energy around your head..this will trigger the memory veils to open and reveal to you part of your ancient heritage.

1. Close your eyes and simply follow the sound of my voice and begin to do some deep breathing.  As your breathing becomes slower and more focused, your body becomes very relaxed.

2. As your breathing becomes deeper, your mind relaxes and your spirit comes forward from within.

3. You feel very peaceful now…relaxed and content…open your eyes and look at the Atlantis image. Gaze deeply at all the colors, spirals and symbols.

4. Look into the eyes of the Goddess…bringing her energy in stronger with the colors scarlet red, neon pink and brilliant yellow….making her presence stronger with the scents of jasmine, frankincense and orange blossom…she is here with you…guiding you.

5. Now see the image as a mirror…as if you are gazing at your own reflection…connect with the spirals above your head and the symbols below you.

6. Strengthen your connection with the image and deepen the connection with your spirit.

7. Now you have become one with the image…it is activating you mind and your memory banks, your third eye, pineal gland and hypothalamus.

8. Now mentally focus on the row of symbols at the bottom of the image. Visualize the symbols moving into the colored spirals above your head…breathe deeply as you do this.

9. The crown of symbols is now opening your mind…the memory gates within your mind are beginning to open…the doors and windows to you ancient memory are awakening now…your sub-consciousness mind is now releasing past-life visions to you…at this point, you may see faces, or obscure images…pieces of your former incarnations.

10. Visions, feelings and energy sensations are now flooding into your conscious mind…many of the memories are trying to find a place in your current consciousness…allow this to happen.

11. Now allow the memories and visions to become clearer…allow the dreams to emerge….and repeat after me…I remember…I remember…I remember.

12. Now close your eyes and allow yourself to drift off…to sleep…to dream…and allow your spirit to show you who you a glimpse of the past. An echo in your mind continues to say I remember…I remember…I remember…


 To complete the session and before moving on to the next section.... proceed to the Mirror Gallery and allow the  images to integrate the energy of the session!  

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