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The Evolution of Your Soul through Time!


As your soul evolves through time, it seeks out a variety of experiences that enable you to grow, learn and make connections with other souls and lifeforms throughout the universe. Truly, your spirit longs for and desires to explore the many fulfilling & challenging facets of life and the numerous body types, life streams and situations one can encounter. Additionally, your spiritual guides and angels help you to create colorful life-plans filled with a diversity of different opportunities that enable you to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams in each lifetime.  This includes experiences as both male and female, existences in the animal and plant kingdom, as well as in the extraterrestrial, angelic and elemental realms.  Also, as an interesting side-note, while your body, gender and form may change, the look and essence in your eyes always remain the same as they are your unique energy signature that others recognize and truly the window into your soul.

To continue, there are many invisible facets of yourself that assist you through your lifetimes, one of which is your Higher Self that helps to navigate and direct each of your incarnations.  Your Higher Self is connected to what is known as your Oversoul which monitors and guides all of your experiences in each lifetime simultaneously.   To put this another way, you are experiencing many lives simultaneously, even though you may not be currently aware of these other aspects of yourself.  For example, you may be currently living in Atlantis, the jungles of the Amazon, 17th century France, Lemuria or ancient Egypt. You may be also experiencing lives as a pirate, a high society debutant, a gambler, an artisan, freedom fighter, an explorer, a herbalist, famous musician, crystal healer, or as an indigenous medicine woman/man.  What an exciting journey you are on!


This video is an amusing look at past lives from the movie " Defending Your Life " with Meryl Streep & Albert Brooks.


Why Are We Here...What is the Purpose of Reincarnation?


The refinement and perfection of the soul is your ultimate goal!  Through many lifetimes you have been working on diversifying your personality, developing your skills, expanding your Spirit and living your dreams through various experiences.  Another important reason for reincarnation is to heal and resolve the karma and conflict between individuals and groups of people from other worlds and lifetimes.

Why would you want to explore your past lives?  Past life information can provide valuable insight regarding your life challenges, fears and recurring issues that need to be looked at and resolved.  Past life knowledge can also help you to clear  any self-sabotage thoughts, emotions and behaviors. It will also help to give you focus, confidence, direction and keys to living your current life to the fullest!  In addition, people who are currently experiencing life in war torn areas or having extreme difficulties, are either working out karma & past life issues or helping others to heal and move forward.  Many souls also reincarnate in groups into certain areas on the planet because they have things to work out and karma to be cleared in that area on a collective level. Bottom line... when you begin to awaken as an individual and raise your consciousness, you also start to positively affect and trigger all other individuals around you, as well as influence all your future lifetimes.

Some individuals have stubborn & resistant personality traits that have become ingrained within them through many lifetimes…and unless these traits are identified, accepted and cleared, they can negatively influence one's future lives.  For example, an individual can have addictions...they may be bossy, overly judgmental, hypercritical, manipulative, selfish, fearful, ungrateful, miserly, arrogant etc.  They believe this is just part of their personality and its ok and people should just accept them.  But in order to be truly happy and experience everything life has to offer, these imbalances need to be acknowleged worked on and cleared. Remember, we are here to refine and integrate all  aspects of ourselves, transform our personalities and fully embody our Higher Self.

Also, many individuals come into each incarnation with amazing gifts and talents that they have honed over many lifetimes.  This is why there are children who are extraordinarily gifted from a young age in the areas of math, science, music, art etc. For example, Edgar Cayce was a very famous, gifted psychic who had a lifetime as a high priest in Atlantis; Nikola Tesla was a brilliant scientist who was able to access advanced technological information from his galactic past; Walt Disney was formerly the ‘King of the Fairies’, so a large aspect of his mission in this lifetime was to inspire the minds and open the hearts of humanity to the energy of magic, enchantment, wonder and excitment.


How Do You Know If You Have Lived Before?


The following clues are signs that will provide confirmation that you have lived before.  As you read the list below, see how many of the following signs you can identify with?

  • You feel unusually attracted to specific places, cultures or significant events in history.
  • You resonate strongly and emotionally with stories of certain historical figures and famous individuals.
  • You feel a strong dislike for a place, event or certain things.
  • You feel an instant recognition and strong connection toward certain people and feel like you have seen them before somewhere (but you are not really sure where).
  • You are able to intuitively (easily) navigate around a new city or specific location that you have never been before in this life time.
  • You feel a strong familiarity, resonance and desire to pursue a subject or career path that you seemingly have no current skills in.
  • You have a strong emotional connection with a particular piece of art, artifact, music, writings, type of clothing, jewelry, style of dance, a culture etc.
  • You frequently have dreams and visions of yourself in a different time period or planet-scape.
  • You often have Déjà vu experiences with people, places or things that you can’t explain.
  • You find yourself joking about or using the phrases ‘past lives’, ‘in another life’ or the term reincarnation frequently with friends, family members and co-workers.
  • You have strong physical reactions, sensations and emotions when encountering certain individuals, places or things.
  • You exhibit knowledge and talents that defy your current life experience.


Life Themes


Life themes are roles that your soul chooses to play/use, to help you evolve and learn on the many worlds that you have inhabited.  Each individual chooses one or more life themes in each incarnation.  Below is a list of some of the many roles that we have chosen to play through our many lifetimes.  All of the themes/roles listed (whether positively or negatively perceived) assist in evolving and expanding the soul’s knowledge, wisdom and experience through any given incarnation…see how many of the following themes you can identify with.

Activator: An individual who is very direct, strong and often controversial.  These individuals are good at troubleshooting and pride themselves on getting the job done and done right. An activators job is to trigger and shift other individuals to create positive change.  Many activators are teachers, artists, actors, photographers, film makers, musicians, writers etc.

Analyzer: An individual who loves research and has a deep need to understand many differnt types of information.  They often tend to read a lot and enjoy technical work; Many analyzers are historians, librarians, scientists, philosophers etc.

Banner Carrier: An individual who is passionate about causes and believes in taking action.  They are often picketers, demonstrators and lobbyists.

Cause Fighter:  An individual who is loves rules & daily regimines and is attracted to the armed forces and all things military.  They also enjoy competition and winning.

Catalyst:  An individual who can inspire others, mobilize groups and make things happen.

Leader:  An individual who has a dynamic personality with the ability to organize, supervise and delegate. E.g. John F Kennedy, Nelson Mandela.

Experiencer: An individual who has an insatiable urge to indulge in any pursuit.  They crave variety, love to participate in all of life’s pleasures and enjoy dares & dangerous activities.

Follower:  An assistant individual who can be a powerful force in giving support where it is needed.  Leaders cannot exist without the follower.

Harmonizer: An individual who brings peace, calm and balance.  They work to settle misunderstandings and restore order to chaotic situations.

Healer: An individual devoted to easing pain and improving physical & emotional well-being for humankind.  Healers are always able to cope with the intense stress and emotional difficulty that is very challenging for others.  Healers are often nurses, doctors, massage therapists and other types of health practitioners.

Humanitarian: An individual who desires to help the planet and others!  They are often busy on the front lines, trouble-shooting and connecting with others on a global scale.

Intellectual: An individual who is driven by an insatiable need to study and expand their knowledge base.

Irritant: An individual who is negative in their outlook, always peeved, complains constantly and is eager to find fault with others.

Justice Seeker: An individual who always pursues fairness and displays an active attitude against inequality.

Defender of the Law: An individual who is committed to defending the law.  They can be found working as peace officers, lawyers, judges, law professors etc.

Loner: An individual who is most relaxed and comfortable when alone, but is often not anti-social.

Loser: An individual who insists on being the underdog. They find situations to squander their advantages and then blame everyone for their hardships.  They are easily bored if there is no melodrama in their lives and look to create or find it if necessary.

Manipulator: An individual who is uniquely gifted with the ability to control people's actions and emotions to their advantage.  They are usually self-centered and power hungry.

Passivist: An individual who is extremely sensitive to emotional discord and is non-confrontational.  They tend to express their opinions calmly and peacefully.

Person who is Patient or Impatient: This is an individual who either has or does not have the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset.

Pawn:  An individual who performs a critical function by their willingness to be manipulated.  They can be a significant catalyst in a large event, for better or for worse.  An example would be Judas, who betrayed Christ.

Peacemaker:  An individual who is zealous in their abhorrence of violence and war.  They can be radical in trying to end conflict. They exhibit a passion for peace.

Performer: An individual that likes the spotlight. They can be the actor, the musician, the class clown etc.  They are often dependent on others for their opinion of themselves.

Poverty-minded Individual: A person who has a poverty-conscious mentality.  This does not have anything to do with the absence of money and possessions and can manifest in anyone who maintains a constant attitude of lack & deprivation.

Psychic: An individual who displays a range of intuitive abilities including telepathy, visionary, channeling skills etc.   They can face enormous disapproval or be accused of being mentally disturbed as a child.   The biggest hurdles for this individual are learning to use their gifts to better the human condition, rather than scam or manipulate others. They need to remember their gift belongs to God and not them.

Rescuer: An individual driven to rush to the aid of anyone they perceive to be a victim. They are drawn towards weakness and helplessness and excel in a crisis. They are the selfless heroes.

Spiritually-Focused Individual: This type of person is driven by a relentless search for spiritual connection and reunion with the Divine.  This individual often feels guided by unseen forces (such as guardian angels and spirit guides) which help and assist them through life.

Survivor:  An individual who chooses to approach their lifetime as one long endurance test. They are often serious and lack a sense of humor and are very melodramatic. They devote all their energy to defending their lives.

Victim:  An individual who is usually a highly advanced soul that devotes their incarnation to sacrificing themselves for the betterment of humankind. They are the abused and murder victims etc. Their lives are not wasted, they live on as brilliant inspirations for those on Earth and for those on the other side.

Victimizer:  An individual who has a voracious need to manifest their own absolute power over others.  They seek out anyone over whom they can gain complete control.

Warrior: An individual who is fearless, heroic & determined. They become the heroes who step up with anonymous courage to go where they are needed. They often pursue careers as firefighters, paramedics, astronauts, pioneers, teachers, explorers, researchers, servicemen etc.

Winner: An individual who has an unreasonable optimism and overwhelming compulsion to win.  Although they don't always win, they can develop amnesia about a loss.  They convince themselves the next time will bring them luck, happiness and security.


How to Open Up Your Past Life Memories!


There are many ways to open up the memory and learn about your own past lives.  One way to do this, is to read books on the subject written by others who are sharing their personal experiences and/or research they have done.  For example, you may want to read Edgar Cayce's book on past lives and the works of hypnotherapist and past life researcher Dolores Cannon. Other good books on the subject include Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss and Barbara Hand Clow’s ‘Mind Trilogy’.  You can also watch movies related to the subject to trigger memories such as Cloud Atlas, Dead Again, Heart and Souls and Somewhere in Time.

Another way to access your past lives is to design a mediation focused on triggering past life memories.  During this process, ask to be shown visions and to receive information about your previous incarnations that will assist you in this lifetime.  Additionally, hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis techniques have been shown to be very successful at opening doorways in the mind and creating links to one’s past lives.  Experiment & explore!


How Do Past Lives Influence You?


It is important to know that your past lives can often affect your preferences, interests and life choices in this incarnation.  Additionally, knowing about your past lives can offer great insight into your current choices and preferences.  One example is if you have formerly spent lifetimes on galactic starships or space stations, you may be drawn to living in a fast paced, large city with lots of activity.  If you have previously been an elf, fairy or leprechaun, you will prefer to be surrounded by lots nature and you will enjoy growing flowers, tending plants or living in the forest or the woods etc.  If you have had a recent life in the angelic realms, you may enjoy singing in a choir or listening to or playing instruments such as the harp, flute or violin.



Celebrity Past Lives!


Over the course of many lifetimes I have developed some interesting psychic abilities, one of which is being able to see peoples past lives.  The visions usually happen spontaneously upon meeting an individual, watching a television show or seeing a movie or music video.  For example, Shirley Maclaine was a pixie in Ireland in the 15th century; Brad Pitt was a professional gambler in the old west;  Patrick Stewart was (and is on another time-line) a Commander on a Federation starship (obviously)….he was also an extraterrestrial traveler, a pirate in the 17th century, an Egyptian priest, a native American peace emissary etc; Melissa McCarthy was clown in a circus in the 1800’s; Ryan Reynolds was a witty and excellent detective in Scotland Yard in the late 18th century. Denzel Washington was a freedom fighter during the American revolution and was one of the key signers of the Declaration of Independence; Charlize Theron was a mermaid in the Mediterranean sea and a famous writer at the turn of the 20th century; Katy Perry was an opera singer and a rough & tumble gunslinger in the Midwest.

Most celebrities have fine-tuned their skills and talents over many lifetimes and these gifts and abilities enable them to easily manifest their unique creative talent, success, prosperity and fame in this lifetime.  As another example, the Kennedy’s soul family have migrated together from Andromeda to Atlantis, then to Ancient Rome and into modern times…therefore they have accumulated lots of power, energy and prosperity which they bring through more tangibly in each incarnation. In addition, Abraham Lincoln was a spiritual master in ancient Egypt and a philosopher in ancient Greece.  These examples have been given to show you that every soul’s journey is very unique, diverse and….very interesting!  Hopefully, this information has or will trigger some past life remembrances for you as you enter session 2 and begin to explore your own past lives.

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