Tarot Card Reading


Tarot Card Reading


  • Tarot cards have been used for thousands of years and has its origins in Ancient India.
  • The Tarot is a card deck usually consisting of 78 cards that contain sacred knowledge, wisdom and messages for the seeker.
  • A tarot reader will interpret the meaning and symbolism of the Tarot cards to foretell the future and guide an individual on their soul’s journey and to connect with a loved one who is in spirit.
  • In modern times using tarot cards is a simple an effective way to give a psychic reading for others and yourself.
  • Working with a Tarot deck can bring greater insight into situations occurring in your life and help you to connect more strongly with your Higher Self.
  • It also helps you to tune into the subtleties of a situation or hidden aspects of yourself that are blocking your progress in life.
  • The most powerful sources of information come from within and a Tarot deck is a tool to help you access this important knowledge and wisdom.


Basic Tarot Questions


Basic Tarot Question 1. What is My Highest Career Path?


Basic Tarot Question 2. What Can I Do to Accelerate My Healing? 


Basic Tarot Question 3. What Should I Focused On In the New Year?



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(Pictured Row 1 - left to right  - #278 String Magic: Abundance & Prosperity, #280 String Magic: Joy & Happiness, Lemurian Stargate Remote Viewing Booklet,  #279 String Magic: Christ Consciousness.  Row 2 - #205 Energize My Mind, #142 The Dream Accelerator, #114 Secret Chamber, #57 The Oracle, #49 Shan Cea, #27 Insight: Lemurian Stargate,  #18  Visions of Venus &  #10 Science of the Celestial Bodies)

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These images were specially chosen to help you to integrate all the mediumship energy and support your continued connection with the other side.

String Magic - Abundance & Prosperity

String Magic - Joy & Happiness

Lemurian Stargate

Activation Booklet

String Magic - Christ Conscoiusness

Energize my Mind

The Dream Accelerator

Secret Chamber

The Oracle

Shan Cea

In-sight: Lemurian Stargate

Visions of Venus

Science of the Celestial Bodies


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