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(pictured from left to right.....#124 Moon over Shamballa, #131 Credence, #194 The Chalice, #233 Contact, #285 Temple of God, #333 Rainbow Cities of Light,  #65 City of Light, #38 Collective Tapestry, #31 Robes of Light, 21 Physical Akashic Record Building, & #2 Through the Looking Glass)


8 Accelerators for $50


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8 Accelerators for $50

Recommended Accelerators for this Session!


Moon over Shamballa


The Chalice


Temple of God

Rainbow Cities of Light

City of Light

Collective Tapestry

Robes of Light

Physical Akashic Record Building

Through the Looking Glass


Starbuilder Activities & Lightwork

 The following information is being provided for you to focus on and energize for the next 3 weeks.   You can include this information in your morning meditations or focus on one or more of the categories using Lightwave, verbal affirmations and intention to bring these things into manifestation.   The more you focus and energize these, the more they will manifest!

Forming Groups & Unity Consciousness 

Visualize all Spiritual Leaders & Teachers, Lightworkers, Starseed, Walkins, and everyone aligned with the divine plan of God around the planet holding hands…. united together in a circle around the Earth. See the light and power of this circle strengthen each and every day!

Lightbody System - Our tranformation into Lightbody

Visualize a column of superluminal white light above your head…Breathe it down in through the body into your feet.  See the light now filling your entire system, purifying and cleansing your mind, body and spirit….transforming your body into perfection!

Multi-dimensional Planetary Assistance

Visualize the Angels, Galactic Beings and Ascended Masters over-lighting the area where you live.  You see them all with light pouring out of their hearts and their hands….coming down over your home and surrounding location.  You feel the strength protection and power of these mighty beings and thank them for their service and assistance!

The Ascension Process

Take a deep breath and breathe in the word Ascension….and then breathe out the word Ascension.  Now in your mind and heart, align with the energy of planetary enlightenment and commit to your role within it. Visualize your energy field accelerating as you ascend up into the higher dimensions of light.


Books for Review


Earthway Mary Summer Rain: A Native American Visionary's Path to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Health 

The Seventh Mesa Mary Summer Rain: A suspenseful story about four people who, for various reasons, are strangely drawn to a sacred place hidden deep beneath the New Mexican desert. Is there a guarded chamber there that holds sacred scrolls and tablets with answers to humanity's most puzzling mysteries?.

The Mind Chronicles Trilogy

Eye of the Centaur Barbara Hand Clow: A inner journey into the multiple landscapes of the creative unconscious, guiding us through twelve thousand years of human history, with in-depth experiences of initiations and sacred rites.

Heart of the  Christos  Barbara Hand Clow: The author faces archetypal, cosmic lords within herself. These inner lords are a reflection of humankind's age-old struggle with "the gods who came down to Earth," who intervened with human reality and limited our freedom.

Signet of Atlantis Barbara Hand Clow: A spellbinding journey through cellular memory and the multidimensional self, brilliantly recalled with an infusion of Pleiadian perspective.


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