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In the 7th Golden Age we shall experience one thousand years of peace, prosperity and abundance! As you believe, so shall it be! The time is now!”





“As Lightworkers we have the power to affect positive and dramatic changes daily in the Earth’s matrix through our intention, prayers, energy work and meditation.”





“Starseeds are highly evolved or ‘old souls’ who have had incarnations in other star systems, solar systems, planet and galaxies.”





“Technologies that have been inspired and downloaded from the galactic realms include Orgone Technology, Fiber Optics and Laser Technologies and Aura/Kirilan photography among many others.”





“The discovery of the Golden Ratio appears many times in sacred geometry, art, architecture and nature.”





“The use of signs, symbols and synchronicities is one of the most important ways spirit awakens the consciousness of humanity and guides our spiritual development.”




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