Psychic Medium Training – Level 2


Featuring Spirit Communications with Famous Celebrities and Psychic Mediums!
"Within hours of taking this course, you will be able to do readings and receive messages
from departed loved ones like never before!" 


New Level includes…

String Magic: The Magical Art of Magnetizing Your Dreams Into Reality!

This is a Magical tool that has been used for thousand of years by psychics, mediums, wizards and magicians to locate missing items, pets and people.   It utilizes etheric energy and a golden key to make connections that will trace and/or attract money, happiness, dreams & wishes, new connections with people, a new home, business opportunities, a new job...the sky's the limit!

Psychic Investigation & Remote Viewing Techniques

Explore the fascinating realm of psy-op investigations that will allow you to modify and change your personal reality, view alternate realities and other dimensions and assist in the evolution of the planet.

New expanded Psychic Symbols & utilizing the “Psychic Signpost”.

This includes some new, exciting picture symbols that enhance the psychic dictionary,   as well as taking you deeper into answering the many aspects of a psychic question and setting up your personal psychic signpost to receive clearer messages.

Live! International Tele-Session with Bryan 
Saturday & Sunday  August 18th &  19th,   2018, from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM each day   


Psychic Medium Course  - Level 1

Come join Bryan for this exciting 'do-it-yourself' Psychic Medium course! Bryan has over 20 years extensive experience as a medium, psychic and channel for Spirit.  He has done thousands of personal sessions, group channelings and tarot readings for people all over the world and will teach you how to how to easily embody the gifts of a true psychic medium.  This training class will give you the power to do accurate readings and channel messages from those souls who have crossed over, both for yourself and others. In addition, Bryan frequently makes connections with and brings messages through from both living and departed famous mediums and celebrities, which he will demonstrate in this fun and amazing psychic adventure.

Talking to Departed Love Ones

In this session, we will begin with the history of psychic mediumship and explore the fascinating world of mediums, how they work and the various methods of communication used to connect with the departed.  You will learn simple, unique processes to help you easily establish strong connections with your own loved ones & others who have crossed over, as well as be able to offer comfort, guidance and support to your family and friends.  During this fun training, all of your psychic gifts will be activated, allowing you to receive clear and specific messages from the other side.   Additionally, we will discuss some of the fascinating elements of the journey of soul's crossing over and answer many questions about the afterlife.

Tarot Card Reading

In this session, you will learn the basics of giving accurate, exciting and insightful tarot card readings.  We will also discuss how working with Tarot cards will strengthen your intuitive abilities as well as bring you insight into the many aspects of yourself and others.

Pendulum Divination

In this session, we will explore the many ways to utilize a pendulum for guidance, information and forecasting.   We will also discuss the proper steps to receiving direct confirmations and options for personal growth & empowerment.

Crystal Healing

This session will teach you how to utilize the power of crystal energy to enhance your psychic abilities,  increase your spiritual healing powers and help you to establish a strong etheric connection with the other side.

3 Psychic Activation's for Strengthening your Mediumship  Abilities

In these activation's, all of  your telepathic centers and psychic circuitry will be turned on and any blockages, fears and limitations regarding utilizing  your natural abilities as a medium will be cleared....and open you up to new possibilities and opportunities to be of service, comfort, assistance and an inspiration to others.

This unique accelerated psychic medium training gives you the tools to easily, effectively and accurately access the spirit realm!  
You will be able to amaze your family and friends with your new-found ability!


These classes will include written course materials, a certificate of completion and an easy-access dictionary list of
symbols for
connecting with souls who have crossed over.

New Psychic Medium Attendees

For all individuals who are taking this course for the first time.

Psychic Medium Training

Levels 1 & 2 / All Sessions


Psychic Medium Training

Introduction & Symbols

(Saturday - approx 90mins)


Psychic Medium Training

Levels 1 & 2 / All Sessions

Half Payment



Psychic Medium Re-Attunement Attendees 

For all individuals who have previously taken this course.

Psychic Medium Training

Levels 1 & 2 (All Sessions)


Psychic Medium Training

Level 2 only


 Just as a reminder, the second payment for the session is due on Saturday the 11th of August.


All Psychic Medium registration fees are non-refundable and cannot be used for other products and services.

If you are attending the tele-session... click here for more information!


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