Psychic Medium Training Level 2


New Psychic Medium Dictionary Symbols



  1. Flexibility – You need to be a bit more flexible in your thoughts, emotions and day to day life…don’t be so rigid.
  2. Dog – It is beneficial for you to seek out companionship, such as a pet or friend who can provide you with unconditional love. This symbol can also mean giving your pet more love or attention or that a pet from your past is trying to connect with you.
  3. Book – Further study and research is needed to move forward with your plans or current endeavors.
  4. Finish Line – It is a good idea to complete your project or your studies/schooling;
  5. Ocean – Go within…this could mean meditation, contemplation or examining your inner feelings and beliefs.
  6. House – You would benefit from organizing, cleaning and refreshing the energy in your home to bring you a renewed sense of inspiration and greater clarity….this will also help to organize and clarify your thoughts, feelings and perceptions.
  7. Horizon - You need to expand your horizons and explore your creative side.
  8. Violet Flame – You need to find some way to clear and reset your energy each day in order to release any stress, fear, worries, negative patterns and emotional blockages. (Exercise, the Violet Flame, talking things through with other people etc.)
  9. Pot of Gold – Have faith and hope, any difficulties/challenges you are experiencing will be resolved in the near future with a positive and happy outcome.
  10. Mirror – “Beautiful you”….you need to love and accept yourself and allow your inner beauty to shine through. Work on becoming the best you can be.
  11. Blindfold – You are not seeing the truth of a situation or person.
  12. Buddha - Strengthen your connection to source/spirit….this will make you more balanced and your outlook on life peaceful, positive and relaxed.
  13. Gift - There is a blessing or magical surprise coming your way.


The Psychic Signpost



This psychic tool is another way to help you to access more information or go deeper into a message.  It will also help to enhance your visionary/intuitive skills.

Using this signpost can also help you to get a quick Yes/No answer or explore one of the Psychic Dictionary symbols more fully, allowing more detail to come through.

This personal signpost will be seen in your in your mind’s eye as you are doing a reading or asking a personal question for yourself.

The signpost can be anything you like….a large black screen with white Yes/No writing on it…a Yes/No Right/Left street sign or a thumbs up or thumbs down sign (as shown above).

To use this, you simply ask a question and see the answer appear on the signpost.  It works best if you ask Yes or No questions…but if you are more advanced, you may see more information on the screen or signpost.

Special Note: If it is easier for you to access information using a pendulum then that’s fine, but it is good to extend your skills and try new things to see if it may work for you.


String Magic



String Magic is a psychic/mental technique that can be used to find lost items/people/pets or to magnetize to yourself anything you wish; be it money, friends, happiness, a new car, etc.

This technique can also bring back full recollection of any fond memories of the past in vivid color and detail.

Now String Magic works by using an energy cord, concentration, clear intention and visualization.

It is done by sending out a single string of etheric gold light from your heart….and then connecting it to the thing you are wanting to find or manifest …then using this etheric line of energy to draw it back to you or to get information on where a lost item may be.

String Magic is a great psychic skill to have and if you practice this often, you will be able to use it find lost items/people/pets and manifest amazing things for yourself and others.

Special Note: As with all magic, there are boundaries and you use this with integrity and discernment….i.e. you cannot use it to magnetize other peoples objects or romantic partners to you.  Refer to my three ‘String Magic’ images for details.


Remote Viewing



Remote Viewing is the ability to acquire accurate information about a distant or non-local location, person, place, thing or event from the past, present or future or from other dimensions of space and time throughout our universe…..without using your physical senses or any other obvious means.

This is a very exciting and interesting technique that you can use to help you to become a more powerful long-distance healer and energy worker on the planet.

Because remote viewing can be tested….. it will allow you validate to yourself that your impressions and psychic hits are indeed correct.

It will also give you more confidence in your skills and motivate you to work on your spiritual development and connection to God.

Remote Viewing takes practice and discipline to master…but the rewards are well worth it, as learning this skill will help to bring your other psychic abilities online.

Special Note: As with all psychic skills, there are integrity boundaries with Remote Viewing ….i.e. you cannot use it to see what your partner (or ex-partner) is doing or to view a situation which is none of your business. It is not a skill to use to satisfy your curiosity, emotional needs or fears.  


Target 1



Target 2


Target 3



Psychic Medium Training Special!


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(Pictured Row 1 - left to right  - #278 String Magic: Abundance & Prosperity, #280 String Magic: Joy & Happiness, Lemurian Stargate Remote Viewing Booklet,  #279 String Magic: Christ Consciousness.  Row 2 - #205 Energize My Mind, #142 The Dream Accelerator, #114 Secret Chamber, #57 The Oracle, #49 Shan Cea, #27 Insight: Lemurian Stargate,  #18  Visions of Venus &  #10 Science of the Celestial Bodies)

(This special does not include the purchase of Stargate products, Instant Activations or Classes)

These images were specially chosen to help you to integrate all the mediumship energy and support your continued connection with the other side.

String Magic - Abundance & Prosperity

String Magic - Joy & Happiness

Lemurian Stargate

Activation Booklet

String Magic - Christ Conscoiusness

Energize my Mind

The Dream Accelerator

Secret Chamber

The Oracle

Shan Cea

In-sight: Lemurian Stargate

Visions of Venus

Science of the Celestial Bodies



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