Psychic Medium Training Day 2


Pendulum Divination


What is a Pendulum?

A pendulum is an object attached to a chain that is used for divination purposes.

The answers from the pendulum are received by the specific movements of the pendulum.

The pendulum can be thought of as an extension of the intuition, since it is used to gain access to information that exists at the subconscious level of the Inner Being.

It helps to strengthen or amplify your intuition and psychic ability because it converts the subtleties of the intuition into a more obvious form of physical motion.

Working with the pendulum is similar to body dowsing and kinesiology.

When you ask a question of the pendulum, it is your own intuition that answers it.

The pendulum merely allows you to physically see what the intuition already knows.





Pendulum Process

1. Surround yourself with white light and align with your Higher Self and Guardian Angel.

2. Position yourself in front of the pendulum chart and start you pendulum swinging straight back-and-forth on the pendulum swing line and ask your question.

Special Note: You can either put your elbow on the table/counter to stabilize it or hold your arm still.  Practice holding your hand steady!  Except for pendulum's the initial swing (back and forth), your hand or arm should not move.  If you move or manipulate the pendulum in any way, you will not get the right answer.

3. Keep the pendulum swinging straight up and down on the swing will start cycling to the right or left on its own.

4. Observe which way the pendulum circles…to the left for no, to the right for yes. The pendulum will usually swing in an oval....not a big circle, unless it is a strong yes. Also, if the pendulum does not move much (either to the right or left) the answer is a 'maybe' or undetermined at this time.


Crystal Healing


Energizing your Crystals - Before you begin using your crystals, it is important to bless them and to clear them.

  1. Crystals do need to be cleared once a week or so…depending on how much you are using them…clear them in the sun for an hour…except for amethyst and some other crystals that can fade in the sun.
  2. Place the crystals in a bowl of sea salt. The crystals do not need to be covered in salt, they can simply sit in the salt overnight to be cleared.
  3. Also, you can also place crystals on accelerators to clear and energize the stone.


List of Crystals/Gemstones & their Uses

These descriptions are a few of the properties of these stones


Amber - Calms scattered energy and brings hope, clears physical stress

Amethyst - Opens intuitive and psychic abilities

Angelite - Communication with angels, spirit animals and ancient Lemuria

Aventurine - Brings balance and relieves emotional stress

Carnelian - Enhances creativity

Citrine - Helps one to manifest personal power and wealth strengthens the will

Clear Quartz - Mirror of the soul, brings clarity and amplifies energy

Fluorite - Strengthens intuition and assists in opening the 3rd Eye

Garnet - Gives one patience and perseverance in the pursuit of goals

Hematite - Grounding, helps with self-esteem and connects one with ET energies

Jade - Enhances dreams

Jasper - Aids in protection and helps to stabilize all aspects of one being

Kyanite - Assists in simultaneous life recall and helps to release worry and struggle

Labradorite - Strengthens psychic powers, connection to the Sirius Star System

Lapis - Brings clarity of mind

Malachite - Balances the emotions

Moldavite - Helps to release limiting habits and feelings; clears home-sickness for one’s home planet

Moonstone - Activates psychic abilities

Obsidian - Brings hidden issues up to the surface to be dealt with

Onyx - Helps keep one grounded

Opal - Balances the energy flow between masculine and feminine

Petrified Wood - Awakens past-life memories and clears rigid thought forms and behaviors

Pyrite - Helps to manifest dreams into reality

Rose Quartz - Strengthens self-love and self esteem

Rutilated Quartz - Steps up the quartz vibration exponentially

Selenite - Fine tunes and accelerates the lightbody process

Sugilite - Enhances ones energy through all multi-dimensional bodies

Smoky Quartz - Mental protection and focus enhancer

Tiger's Eye - Balancing knowing with feeling

Black Tourmaline - neutralizes negativity

Turquoise - Brings a sense of peace to the mind, heart and soul

Unakite - Stabilizes the entire body system



Working with Crystal Grids & Accelerators




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