Lightwave Training Session 1 & 2 Working Draft





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Welcome to Lightwave Energy-Infusion! This new energy technique is an easy-to-learn activation and healing modality which will allow you to transcend linear space and time to assist others on their journey into higher consciousness. This technology heralds from the Pleiadian star system and was created to work in harmony with our natural biological systems. It has been used on many planets with approaching ascension stargates, like our own, to quickly and easily upgrade the physical, mental and emotional bodies through direct interaction/infusion with the Higher Self and energy blueprint of each individual. Lightwave was originally down-stepped from the 7th dimension of consciousness into the 5th where it was utilized with great success by many off-world cultures. It has since been adjusted to accommodate our own individual human bodies. This technology works in conjunction with an individual's Higher Self to recalibrate and make the necessary changes to prepare one for ascension.

Very simply, after you have received the initial instruction and templating from me, Bryan de Flores, the Lightwave system begins running through your will and intent, anytime, anywhere. Additionally, both of your hands are utilized in this process to receive and direct energy into your own or into another’s body and blueprint. Subsequently, your body acts as a conduit to communicate with and transmit a diversity of frequencies such as; vitamins and minerals, foods, herbs, essential oils, animal totem powers, plants, crystals, even mystical places and sacred objects. Yes, each and every thing on this planet including you and I have a specific frequency signature. Most individuals are lacking, or would benefit by, the energetic infusion of certain things like vitamin B, the Excalibur Sword, the mystical Tree of Life or the energy of the herb Valerian, for example. All of these have specific frequencies that can be brought into your body and/or transmitted to others in order to help heal, activate, strengthen or diversify our evolving human systems. Although individuals have been doing this for many years through meditation and various energy processes, the Lightwave system is a greatly expanded and more efficient way of receiving each frequency at 100% of its value.


Lightwave also works exceptionally well on other living things (including pets, plants, crystals and all other natural items) as well as most inanimate objects, which can be enchanted/magified and brought to life through this process. Also, like my ‘Essential Programming’ technique, the Lightwave Energy-Infusion Process is an intuitive energy-based technique. This means that it operates through your own will and intent utilizing impulses and energy interactions from your body consciousness with confirmations from your inner intuition. If, however, you have not previously utilized an energy technique or do not yet seem to ‘feel’ energy, it may take some time for you to master this system. Simply by becoming familiar with its terminology and images you will create a link into the system. By reading the material and/or performing the technique, regardless if you feel the energy working or not, the package will begin upgrading you immediately.

Lightwave Technician, Coralie Pedersen from Australia, demonstrating the Lightwave technique.

Lightwave Energy Infusion: The Basics

The Lightwave procedure is simple, easy-to-learn and very effective for both the beginner and those individuals who are adept at feeling and running the universal energy of creation. This process is the perfect addition to any transformational modality and will blend with any technique you are currently utilizing. The Lightwave method is energetic in nature; this means that it is performed by the individual utilizing their own energy in conjunction with the energy of creation. Additionally, use of your hands as receivers and transmitters of the energy, in conjunction with your own intuition, will be an integral part of the process. Also, this new healing technology is very practical as it utilizes simple terminology and can be performed in any location or situation.

Below is a simple list of the basic protocols and procedures for the Lightwave process. It is beneficial to read through the Lightwave manual periodically to refresh your understanding and to keep the energy running in a clear manner.

Original Lightwave Matrix Infusion - In order to begin running the Lightwave energy properly, you need to receive a direct activation of the original matrix from myself or an individual who has been trained and certified by me as a Lighwave teacher.

How Lightwave Works - The Lightwave process is based on the understanding that the body is comprised of both physical substance and spiritual energy. Therefore, infusions of various frequencies through energetic transfer (from one person's energy field to another) will begin to heal and restore the natural balance. You can see the truth of this concept in simple person-to-person ‘energy infusions’ such as a hug, a kiss or a smile. Subsequently, Lightwave works by infusing the energy field and core spiritual blueprint with the frequencies that are needed and that may not be able to be received through normal means. These infusions will immediately start shifting and balancing the individual’s thoughts and emotions; eventually manifesting complete restoration within the physical body.

Lightwave Language of Light Healing Codes and Matrixes - The original Lightwave energy-matrix includes many inter-dimensional, off-planet healing matrixes and codes of light. The ‘language of light’ is but one of these streams of healing codes that will run through your hands to infuse the frequencies. Be aware that these are ‘stream of light’ communications and will formulate themselves in certain configurations which you may or may not understand. Attempting to translate this for others can be difficult, as the energy and codes often run too fast for our mental bodies to decipher. The answer: Simply trust and let the energy flow!

Universal ‘Master Code’ Healing / Translation Symbols - Shown on the cover and on page 5 of the Lightwave manual are a series of ‘Master Code’ healing symbols which you will often see in, through and around you as the Lightwave energy is running. These 6D, universal, inter-galactic codes will assist in transforming, upgrading and healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It is not necessary to analyze or try to decipher them as their meaning and purpose shifts and changes as they reconfigure for each individual and task.

Amount of Frequencies - During a single session, you can infuse the human body with between 3 to 35 different frequencies, in addition to the basic chakra and body elemental balancing.

Frequency Assimilation Time - The Lightwave process allows you to infuse yourself or others with a wide variety of frequencies in ‘speed of light’ fashion. It takes approximately 3 to 12 seconds for the frequency you are infusing to manifest within the person’s energy field and another 20 seconds or so for the frequency to integrate into their body.

Choosing the Correct Frequencies - If you are not quite sure which frequencies you need, let your intuition be your guide. Any frequencies that you attempt to infuse into the body that the body consciousness does not need will simply dissolve. Additionally, you can never overload a person with a specific frequency as the body consciousness and the individual's Higher Self will only take what it needs from the infused frequency and dissolve the rest.

Personal Alignment - In order to facilitate a 100% accurate session, you must always be aligned with your Higher Self when performing the Lightwave technique. This will ensure that all of the energy running through you is pure and the frequencies you choose are correct. The most effective way to do this is through a minute or two of silence along with the verbal intention to bring your Higher Self in and allow it to be your guide.

Person-to-Person and Long Distance Sessions - Like many other new energy processes on the planet, Lightwave can be performed in person with other individuals, pets, etc. or you can run the Lightwave energy successfully long distance over the telephone. However, I find that the physical presence connection enhances the process, so seek this connection whenever possible.

Physical vs Lightwave Frequency Infusions - The Lightwave process should always be used in addition to the physical/tangible frequencies you need on a day-to-day basis. Each and every body needs an infusion of both physical and non-physical/spiritual energies each day. Therefore, be careful not to use the Lightwave process as a substitute for many of the daily physical frequencies you need such as food and supplement intake. Allow your intuition to guide you as to which frequencies can be energetically infused and which should be experienced on the physical level.

Accelerator Infusions - Through the Lightwave process, you will be able to infuse the complex healing and activation frequencies of my inter-dimensional accelerators into the human body. It is best to have a variety of them on hand and is recommended you use one, two or three per session. This will greatly accelerate the awakening within the individual.

Quick and Easy Lightwave Procedure

1. Align and clear yourself

2. Activate the Lightwave energy matrix within you

3. Setup your transmitter and receiver

4. Make an intuitive connection

5. Balance the chakra system

6. Balance the body elementals

7. Awaken the body's multi-dimensional integration system

8. Perform the infusion process

9. Cocoon in field of White Light

 In the two videos below Lightwave Technicians, Carma Burchell and
Coralie Pedersen from Australia, explain and demonstrate the Lightwave technique.



Lightwave Akashic Record Blueprinting

The Lightwave Akashic Blueprinting process will assist in targeting specific areas within you or your client’s internal blueprint. It will reveal to you exactly where the most challenging issue(s) are located within the individuals body matrix. Additionally, an individual may be dealing with recurring problems or they may just need a boost of energy in a particular area, such as psychic abilities, creative flow or manifestation powers. Whatever the case, the Akashic Blueprinting process allows you to open windows in the consciousness and work multidimensionally to clear, strengthen, empower and enlighten.

As you begin the process with a client, it is important to talk to them and determine what needs to be addressed in the session. What they hope to accomplish and the various concerns they have are important to discuss. As you begin the process, you will open the Akashic windows, call forth the specific matrix, reset the energy and give frequency infusions to clear the issue and strengthen the matrix. Be aware that each window may contain many issues and that additional sessions may be needed. Special Note: If you have not yet developed the psychic gifts, your clear focused intention will correct, reset and complete the process without fail. You do not necessarily need to see it, feel it or know it, for it to work.

Akashic Blueprinting & Core Issues

Core issues influence our thoughts, emotions and behavior and can distort our perceptions of the world and those around us. Generally, a core issue will follow an individual through many lifetimes gaining momentum and power. Each and every individual on the planet has at least one core issue to clear relating to fear; often stemming from traumatic experiences or emotional trauma. A core issue creates an emotional response to a situation (often unconscious) and can influence/imbalance the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of an individual.

There are many types of core issues including; abandonment, anger, approval/people pleaser, arrogance/entitlement, control/manipulation, fear of failure, guilt, inferiority, poverty consciousness, safety/trust Issues, unworthiness, difficulty with authority, fear of change, fear of death, fear of disappointment, fear of intimacy/commitment, loneliness, fear of rejection, fear of taking risks/facing challenges and fear of the unknown.

Deep core issues can seem puzzling and may often be hidden from the individual. These issues will always create many challenges until a person becomes aware of them and begins to consciously clear and release the trigger point. The goal of each soul is to create balance and harmony within; clearing limitations/core issues and refining all lower aspects of the personality, as well as upgrading the consciousness on all levels. The Akashic Blueprinting process works to directly target the origin of these core issues and helps the individual to understand and clear them.


The Four Basic Akashic Windows

Mental Body Window: Third Eye/Head Area - Thought-forms, perceptions, etc.
General Infusions for Reset: Focus and clarity, discernment, confidence, determination, flexibility, balance, the Blue Ray, diamonds.

Emotional Body Window: Solar Plexus/Stomach Area - Feelings, reactions, etc.
General Infusions for Reset: Love, passion, serenity, hope, inspiration, openness, compassion, harmony, gratitude, rolling stability, comfort, peace.

Physical Body Window: Root Chakra/Base of the Spine - Healing, balance, etc.
General Infusions for Reset: Healing, balance, abundance, grounding, generosity, vitality, stamina, safety, security, Excalibur Sword, horse, Fountain of Youth.

Spiritual Body Window: Heart Chakra/Chest Area - Spiritual energy, personal power, etc.
General infusions for Reset: Divine love, faith, trust, freedom, radiance, majesty, enlightenment, Violet Flame, Shamballa.


Akashic Blueprinting Process

Step 1: Basic Lightwave Process: Perform the basic Lightwave Infusion process, balancing all of the chakras and body elementals. This will enable you to establish an energy connection and receive deeper insight into the issue.

Step 2: The White Star: Lightwave a large white star above your/your client’s head. This star will be your guide during the session, indicating the length of each process. This star will spin as you start each process and will stop when the process is finished.

Step 3: Akashic Overlay: Verbally state your intention to activate and bring in the etheric Akashic Record body blueprint as you continue to run Lightwave. This etheric blueprint will appear inside the body like an invisible moving form. This overlay will activate and open the Akashic body and reveal the four windows.

Step 4: Star-Waving Technique: Begin by Lightwaving small white stars into you/your client’s energy field. The stars will be magnetized to a specific area of the body, indicating which window needs to be opened. You may need to continue to Lightwave the stars until you see which window/area of the body they are going to. Next, verbally state which window you are opening.

We are now opening your 'emotional body' akashic blueprint.

Special Notes: If it is a core-issue the star will turn red. If the star turns blue, the issue stems from a past life…..and you may or may not get information about this. You may see the star split in two pieces if the issue is manifesting from more than one area.

Step 5: Working in the Akashic Window: The window will usually appear like a multidimensional rectangle, with various configurations, moving colors, symbols, pictures information, etc. This may appear as a moving series of still pictures or video. At this point the white star above your/your client’s head will begin spin.

Take a moment to observe. If you are visual you may see imagery, if you are emotionally based you may feel the energy and if you are mentally/telepathically based you may receive intuitions, revelation or a stream of information within your mind.

Next, bring forth the specific part of the blueprint that is manifesting the issue using Lightwave and verbal intention. Reset the energy matrix utilizing the general reset infusions listed above. Continue with any additional frequency infusions or healing of your choice to correct and rebalance the area. The white star above your/your client’s head will stop spinning when the process is finished. The length of time for each process will depend upon how often you perform the technique. Also, the amount of windows you work with in each session will vary from person to person.

Step 6: Golden Seal: Complete the process by sealing the window with golden light.

Perception Examples for Practitioners

Depending upon your skills and the unique way you receive and transmit energy, you may perceive the Akashic Blueprint information in a variety of ways. For example, you may process information mentally/telepathically, visually or feel it in your body. You may also operate through the sense of touch or through auditory responses. Whatever the case, the examples below will help to tune you into the process on a deeper level.

1. A client states that they are concerned about money.

If you are mentally/telepathic oriented, you may receive a stream of information telling you that they are in fear of not having enough money and this fear is preventing them from receiving more money or blocking the reception of solutions regarding this issue.

If you are visually oriented, you may see the individual actually holding on tightly to what money they do have and not letting it flow out freely from their hands.

If you are emotionally based, you will feel that they are restricted in the root or heart chakra area, thus preventing manifestation and flow of prosperity energy.

2. A client states that they do not feel that they have a clear spiritual connection and they would like to develop their intuition.

If you are mentally/telepathic oriented, you may receive a stream of information indicating that they do not have a daily practice and this is a big reason why their connection is weak.

If you are visually oriented, you may actually see that there is a severed connection to Spirit and that the lines of energy to their Higher Self & Celestial Guides are not clear and bright.

If you are emotionally based, you may feel that their desire to connect on a deep level needs to be much stronger, more powerful and much more frequent.

3. A client states that they want to enhance their creativity.

If you are mentally/telepathic oriented, you may receive information indicating that they may be distracted or overworked and not giving (or able to give) enough attention to developing their creative talents. If this is the case, they need to devote more time and focus in order for the creativity to manifest.

If you are visually oriented, you may actually see a few options for them like singing, drawing symbols, painting, writing or creating their own magical products.

If you are emotionally based, you may feel that they need to be more open and spontaneous, allowing Spirit and the higher creative energies to flow through them. You may also feel that they need to go out in nature to ignite creative ideas.




Lightwave Personality Cloning
and Body Re-Shaping

Personality Cloning with Lightwave Energy

Personality cloning is an energetic Lightwave technique that you can use to duplicate and infuse within yourself, any positive or dynamic personality traits of individuals who you admire. Subsequently, you can energetically clone the positive traits of a family member, friends or even a famous person while in their presence or while watching them on film or television. This technique will allow you embody and exhibit a variety of personality traits that are not part of your original soul matrix. Additionally, as you clone and exhibit any new traits, they will manifest a bit differently and in a way that is very unique to you. Actors and actresses in the movie industry do this all the time as part of their training and craft.

To explain this process further, personality traits and characteristic manifest as matrixes within all of us. These matrixes are a combination of thought-forms, emotions, gestures, expressions and energy frequencies from our current-life, or often from past lives where they originated or were perfected. Whenever we are exhibiting a certain characteristic the matrix is set in motion and either manifests as strong and very prominent or soft and subtle, depending on the situation. The matrixes often appear as moving multicolored geometries or holographic designs that can usually be seen through the third eye and one’s psychic vision.

When cloning personality traits, it is important to know a few things. First, you can only clone a matrix if the person is exhibiting the trait in front of you. Second, the higher-self of the individual will be involved in the process, so this is not something you are doing on your own. Third, this process cannot be done long distance through your intention; you must actually have all of you senses engaged in the process. Fourth, the matrix has to be active and manifesting in a strong way in order for you to clone it properly. For example, if you see a person being funny and vivacious, that means the matrix is active and you can clone it.

What can you ask for? Personality traits such as humor (the ability to make people laugh), bravery or a generous nature and open heart….or mysterious, magical or simply supportive. See the entire trait list below for things you can clone. What can’t you ask for? Anything involving manipulation or the control of others, including sexual or subtle telepathic manipulation powers….example: Hitler. Also, it is important to know that this process does not take anything away from the individual. It merely allows you duplicate their matrix and use it in your own unique way.

Also, if you are doing this via film or television, it does not matter how old the film or program is that you are watching or if the person is living or has crossed over. This process works simultaneously in many time spheres and dimensions of consciousness and is not constricted by any limiting processes here on earth. As an example, you can clone personality traits of movie stars, sports figures or family members while watching old movies or re-runs of sporting events. And, in certain situations, this process will need to be done quickly as you may not have much time in the presence of an individual. However, this will not be the case if you are viewing them on-screen as you can use the remote to replay a scene if necessary.

Lightwave Cloning Process

Center, align and ground yourself.

Verbally connect to your Higher Self and make sure your Lightwave matrix is running properly.

State your intention very clearly. Ask your Higher Self to clone the personality trait of the person you admire. Examples: I would really like to have that individual’s sense of confidence and humor….or I would really like to have that person’s confidence level. At this stage your Higher Self will make the connection with their Higher Self.

Connect with the emotion of desire. This helps the matrix to anchor more fully within you. At this stage the matrix will duplicate/clone itself and appear outside of the individual.

Place the matrix in your heart and Lightwave it, blending it in with your hand in a spiraling motion.

Seal it with gold light.

*Special note: It will begin manifesting immediately if done correctly.

Positive Personality Trait List

Adaptable, Adventurous, Affectionate, Agreeable, Ambitious, Analytical, Appreciative, Artistic, Aware

Brave, Brilliant, Buoyant

Calm, Charming, Cheerful, Clever, Communicative, Compassionate, Confident, Congenial, Conscientious, Considerate, Consistent, Courageous, Courteous, Creative, Curious

Decisive, Detail Oriented, Determined, Diligent, Diplomatic, Discerning, Discreet, Dynamic

Energetic, Engaging, Entertaining, Enthusiastic, Expressive, Extrovert, Exuberant

Fair-Minded, Faithful, Fearless, Friendly, Flexible, Focused, Forgiving, Fun-Loving

Generous, Gentle, Genuine, Genius, Goal Oriented, Grateful, Grounded

Honest, Humanitarian, Humble, Humorous

Imaginative, Impartial, Independent, Intriguing, Inspiring, Intelligent, Intuitive, Inventive



Leadership, Loving, Loyal

Magical, Mysterious


Open, Optimistic, Organized

Passionate, Patient, Perceptive, Persistent, Pioneering, Powerful, Practical, Psychic, Pro-Active, Problem Solver, Prompt

Rational, Receptive, Reliable, Resourceful, Romantic

Self-Disciplined, Sensible, Sensitive, Serene, Service-Oriented, Sincere, Sociable, Spiritual, Spontaneous, Straightforward, Successful, Supportive, Sympathetic

Thoughtful, Tidy


Visionary, Versatile

Warmhearted, Wise, Witty

Body Re-Shaping with Lightwave Energy

The Lightwave body re-shaping technique was designed to energetically re-structure and enhance all areas of the physical body. This process will assist in renewing problem areas of your body, restore your personal confidence and help you look more youthful and vibrant. Truly, you can upgrade any areas of the body that you desire to establish a more physically attractive overall look, a leaner body appearance and a more defined physique.

When performing the body re-shaping technique, you will be working with a very thin etheric veil that overlays onto the skin and penetrates deep into the bones and muscles. This gossamer energy template will appear as an etheric rectangle or square that will automatically lie over and conform perfectly over the desired area/body part. The function of this energy template is to strengthen the area while allowing the Lightwave to penetrate deep into the muscles and bones.

As an example, you can direct the template over specific areas such as your eye, hand or foot and Lightwave over them to achieve your desired results. You can also place the template over your entire face or chest to youthen your skin and eliminate wrinkles, blemishes or scars. However, this process works only on specific areas of the body at a time…attempting to place a large energy template over the entire body will not work. Although this process is not designed to rejuvenate organs or eyesight you may actually, at some point, be able re-grow limbs and missing body parts, but this will take a very high level of mastery to accomplish.

In summation, the body re-shaping process is one of the most advanced Lightwave techniques that will require you to have mastered and be utilizing the basic process several times a week. Additionally, this process works best if it done in person and not over the phone.

Body Re-Shaping Technique

* Center, align and ground yourself.

* Verbally connect to your Higher Self and make sure your Lightwave matrix is running properly.

* Focus on the specific area of the body that you want to enhance. Call forth the etheric energy template and state your intention very clearly.

* You must tell the template exactly what you want it to do. I am now calling forth and activating a body enhancement template to…

* For example, you can place the etheric template over your face and verbally state the following…. I am now calling forth and activating a body enhancement template to ….create fresher, younger, smoother skin.

* Lightwave the template with a spiraling or pulsing motion for a few minutes or until you feel it has been fully activated.

* Seal it with gold light.

*Special note: It is beneficial to do it a few times a week to achieve desired results.

Body Re-Shaping Examples: What you can do!

* Create a smaller, larger or straighter nose.
* Create breasts that are more balanced, youthful and uplifted.
* Create skin that is smoother, toned and very youthful.
* Create larger eyes.
* Create ears that are smaller.
* Create legs that are shapelier with more muscle definition.
* Create arms with more muscle definition.
* Create more muscle definition in your abdomen.
* Create fuller, shapelier lips.
* Create a fuller head of hair, eye brows, mustache or beard.




Lightwave Teleportation

This level of energy transference will enable you to create a teleportation pod with Lightwave energy. To begin, you will construct the teleportation pod around you like a cube; six clear glass-like panels, one above you, one below and four on the sides. Begin Lightwaving and state your intention, then visualize the six panels coming together around you and fusing together. After this is complete, a small round opening (or window) will appear in the center of each of the four panels surrounding you. Then a spinning diamond will appear in the center of each opening. The diamonds function as the drive/navigation system of the cube, which will guide your travel to the intended location.

You can verbally assign a location or just ask your Higher Self to allow the cube to travel to the most beneficial location for you. For example, you could visit Merlin in Camelot, Ancient Atlantis or the Akashic Records. You could also go back in time to visit Edgar Cayce and observe him doing a reading if you like.

As you take this journey, you will be able to see above and below the cube and all around you as teleportation commences. While you are sitting in the cube, you may see everything outside blur or move as if you are flying though time and space; the experience will be different for each individual. This cube will transport your energy body only and will not support the transport of your physical body. If you are highly skilled at the Lightwave technique, you will be able do this anywhere, anytime, even while you are sitting in your car or on an airplane. Also, your teleportation cube should be used to explore other realities and not to escape this one!

The purpose of this process is to expand your multidimensional perception and psychic abilities. Additionally, it creates great meditation focus and is an exercise that upgrades your consciousness exponentially. Your perceptions and visions will become much clearer and sharper as you continue to practice. In short, this will allow you to freely travel wherever you want in the universe without leaving home! Enjoy!

Teleportation Process

Choose and verbally state your intended location! You may have your eyes open or closed for this process. It is helpful to hold a quartz crystal that you have programmed and energized for etheric travel.

Begin to Lightwave yourself with your hands and then call in the teleportation cube. You may state verbally, I am now calling in my personal teleportation cube!

Continue to Lightwave as the diamonds begin to spin. In your mind’s eye, you will see a multidimensional window opening in front of you. The cube will then proceed to go through the window to the intended location.




Etheric Temple Building

This ‘Temple Building’ process will allow you to create etheric structures with Lightwave energy. The structures can vary in shape and size from pyramid forms to Chinese meditation temples, Mayan structures, Camelot castles, Grecian temple-forms, etc. This process will include receiving the transmission, placing the’ temple form’ and building/anchoring the structure. Although the entire process requires a small amount of time, it is typically a two or three day procedure to fully anchor the structure properly. The purpose of creating the temples is to anchor the higher cities of light from the etheric realms and to create healing, peace and energy movement in locations that need assistance. Etheric temple building requires a few different steps and a bit of patience to manifest properly. Be diligent and allow the guides and elementals to work through you, and with you, to bring the structures into manifestation.

Receiving the Transmission & Choosing the Location

The first step is for you to choose a location for the temple and state your intention. The best way to do this is close your eyes, breathe deeply and ask to receive the ‘transmission of light’ from the Masters that will show you the structure (or temple) in your mind and tell you exactly what its purpose is. Temples can be created anywhere….around your home or property, on a mountain top, near a waterfall or even in the center of a lake or on the ocean.

Clearing the Area & Anchoring the Temple Form

The second step will be to anchor the ‘temple-form’. This will establish a grid anchor for the temple to manifest within. This temple-form is a template that will be placed on top of the location where you are anchoring the temple. The temple-form blueprints can vary in size, but they will all appear as flat white ‘sacred geometry’ configurations such as complex circles, star or diamond shapes, etc. (as illustrated above).

In order to anchor the temple-form you will need to connect with the elemental forces (elves, fairies, dwarfs, etc.) and etheric devas. This step is very important as the temple will require their assistance (and often permission) to manifest. In addition, the elementals may guide you to change the location slightly for certain reasons or to clear the area (with Lightwave) of any karmic or discordant energies in order to ensure the proper anchoring of the structure.

Although the process of clearing the area and anchoring the temple-form may only take a small amount of time, you will need to wait 24 hours until the temple-form turns from white to gold, signaling the structure is ready to anchor.

Creating the Temple

To begin, sit or stand near the location and begin the Lightwave process. You can create the structure as a whole or build it in pieces as the visions are received. At this stage you may want to begin with a simple line drawing of the temple, especially if you are working with others, so that everyone will have the same vision. Large, ornate and complex structures as well as entire cities may require multiple mediation processes and group assistance. When you feel the structure is complete, surround it with white light or a golden bubble. You will need to Lightwave this temple structure periodically to keep it energized and operating properly.

Special Note: Etheric temple building works best if you are in or near the location where it is being anchored. However, a skilled Lightwave energy worker can manifest structures in distant locations very easily with focus and strong connection.



Lightwave DNA Infusions 2016

Re-Coding your Genetic Strands to Create the New Galactic Superhuman Blueprint

This is a new series of Lightwave frequency codes that speed up the DNA reassembling process, increasing your Avatar abilities, advancing your consciousness more rapidly and allowing your body to youthen and heal much more quickly.  These infusions will also enhance your long term memory and increase your mental capacity to hold complex levels of information and data coming in from the galactic realms. Additionally, the different races are adding their own DNA genetic code enhancements to help us evolve more quickly.

Code A: DNA strands 1, 2, 3
Upgrades, recharges and restructures the physical body systems.
Restores the connections, pathways, communication between the physical organs and other body systems.
This code includes DNA enhancements from the Pleiadian genetic line.

Code B:  DNA strands 4, 5, 6
Upgrades all mental processes.
Enhances one’s ability to think multi-directionally.
Enables one to make decisions quickly and find options and solutions more easily.
This code includes DNA enhancements from the Sirian genetic line.

Code C:  DNA strands 7, 8, 9
Strengthens all of the energetic body systems and etheric connections, including all the chakras,
psychic systems, galactic seals, personal Akashic records and auric energy fields.
This code includes DNA enhancements from the Arcturian genetic line.

Code D:  DNA strands 10, 11, 12
Creates inter-dimensional connections with all other aspects of oneself
including one’s Higher Self and Over Soul.
This code includes DNA enhancements from the Andromedan genetic line.

DNA Code Infusion Process

Step 1:   Run two fingers from your transmission hand across the code from left to right.
This motion allows you to energetically scan the code with your fingers.

Step 2:  Next, speak and Lightwave the color sequence of this code,
which will integrate the DNA code into the body.

Step 3:  Repeat for each code.

Special Note – This process should be done three times either consecutively or at different intervals during the course of the week to fully activate the codes.

DNA Codes web

Lightwave DNA Codes Accelerator ~ Free with every accelerator order!

You can do the initial process on yourself using the image above, but if you wish to continue, or include this in your Lightwave process for clients,  you will need the DNA Strand accelerator shown above.  This image will be included as a gift for you with the purchase of one or more accelerators.


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Two Sessions:  Saturday, August 6 & 13, 2016  10 AM (pacific)


Lightwave Training Accelerators
10 Images of Your Choice for $55

LW_accs_web 2015

Lightwave Training Package - 9 Accelerators of Your Choice* ~ $50
*Use the "Special Instructions" box or "Note to Seller" link during
the check-out process to let us know which images you would like!
sm Lightwave Poster 2015 (final)
Lightwave Poster
16" x 23" ~ $35
web LW Poster Purple 2014
Lightwave Session Room Poster
12.75" x 28" ~ $35
Poster purchase alone does not include the current free accelerator image.

Free Lightwave Training Follow-Up Session:
Saturday, July 30 ~ 10:00 AM (pacific)

Questions?  Email us at

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