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Akashic Blueprinting Process

Step 1: Basic Lightwave Process: Perform the basic Lightwave Infusion process, balancing all of the chakras and body elementals. This will enable you to establish an energy connection and receive deeper insight into the issue.

Step 2: The White Star: Lightwave a large white star above your/your client’s head. This star will be your guide during the session, indicating the length of each process. This star will spin as you start each process and will stop when the process is finished.

Step 3: Akashic Overlay: Verbally state your intention to activate and bring in the etheric Akashic Record body blueprint as you continue to run Lightwave. This etheric blueprint will appear inside the body like an invisible moving form. This overlay will activate and open the Akashic body and reveal the four windows.

Step 4: Star-Waving Technique: Begin by Lightwaving small white stars into you/your client’s energy field. The stars will be magnetized to a specific area of the body, indicating which window needs to be opened. You may need to continue to Lightwave the stars until you see which window/area of the body they are going to. Next, verbally state which window you are opening.

We are now opening your 'emotional body' akashic blueprint.

Special Notes: If it is a core-issue the star will turn red. If the star turns blue, the issue stems from a past life…..and you may or may not get information about this. You may see the star split in two pieces if the issue is manifesting from more than one area.

Step 5: Working in the Akashic Window: The window will usually appear like a multidimensional rectangle, with various configurations, moving colors, symbols, pictures information, etc. This may appear as a moving series of still pictures or video. At this point the white star above your/your client’s head will begin spin.

Take a moment to observe. If you are visual you may see imagery, if you are emotionally based you may feel the energy and if you are mentally/telepathically based you may receive intuitions, revelation or a stream of information within your mind.

Next, bring forth the specific part of the blueprint that is manifesting the issue using Lightwave and verbal intention. Reset the energy matrix utilizing the general reset infusions listed above. Continue with any additional frequency infusions or healing of your choice to correct and rebalance the area. The white star above your/your client’s head will stop spinning when the process is finished. The length of time for each process will depend upon how often you perform the technique. Also, the amount of windows you work with in each session will vary from person to person.

Step 6: Golden Seal: Complete the process by sealing the window with golden light.



 Lightwave Personality Cloning


Lightwave Cloning Process


Step 1: Center, align and ground yourself.

Step 2: Verbally connect to your Higher Self and make sure your Lightwave matrix is running properly.

Step 3: State your intention very clearly. Ask your Higher Self to clone the personality trait of the person you admire. Examples: I would really like to have that individual’s sense of confidence and humor….or I would really like to have that person’s confidence level. At this stage your Higher Self will make the connection with their Higher Self.

Step 4: Connect with the emotion of desire. This helps the matrix to anchor more fully within you. At this stage the matrix will duplicate/clone itself and appear outside of the individual.

Step 5: Place the matrix in your heart and Lightwave it, blending it in with your hand in a spiraling motion.

Step 6: Seal it with gold light.

*Special note: It will begin manifesting immediately if done correctly.


 Body Re-Shaping with Lightwave Energy


Body Re-Shaping Technique


Step 1: Center, align and ground yourself.

Step 2: Verbally connect to your Higher Self and make sure your Lightwave matrix is running properly.

Step 3: Focus on the specific area of the body that you want to enhance. Call forth the etheric energy template and state your intention very clearly.

Step 4: You must tell the template exactly what you want it to do. I am now calling forth and activating a body enhancement template to…

Step 5: For example, you can place the etheric template over your face and verbally state the following…. I am now calling forth and activating a body enhancement template to ….create fresher, younger, smoother skin.

Step 6: Lightwave the template with a spiraling or pulsing motion for a few minutes or until you feel it has been fully activated.

Step 7: Seal it with gold light.


Lightwave Teleportation




Teleportation Process


Step 1: Choose and verbally state your intended location! You may have your eyes open or closed for this process. It is helpful to hold a quartz crystal that you have programmed and energized for etheric travel.

Step 2: Begin to Lightwave yourself with your hands and then call in the teleportation cube. You may state verbally, I am now calling in my personal teleportation cube!

Continue to Lightwave as the diamonds begin to spin. In your mind’s eye, you will see a multidimensional window opening in front of you. The cube will then proceed to go through the window to the intended location.


Etheric Temple Building






Lightwave DNA Infusions 

 DNA Code Infusion Process

Step 1: Run two fingers from your transmission hand across the code from left to right.
This motion allows you to energetically scan the code with your fingers.

Step 2: Next, speak and Lightwave the color sequence of this code,
which will integrate the DNA code into the body.

Step 3: Repeat for each code.

Special Note – This process should be done three times either consecutively or at different intervals during the course of the week to fully activate the codes.


DNA Codes web

Lightwave DNA Codes Accelerator


 Lightwave Color Spectrum Therapy










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