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Take your Lightwave to the next level and transform your entire world in the blink of an eye!  The Masterclass will begin with by a high-energy, Pleiadian signal beam infusion directly into your personal Lightwave Matrix. This incredibly important upgrade will dramatically amplify and speed up the energy transmissions and healing frequencies you are currently running.

This session will continue by revealing the latest techniques and methods for transforming the energy matrix within our home, templating your dream state, strengthening your love relationships & friendships, magnifying your financial wealth, magifying your neighborhood & surrounding area, supercharging your food and beverages & enhancing your pet’s health and happiness etc. In addition, learn how to use Lightwave to create new connections, opportunities and avenues of expression and manifestation in your life.  This high speed signal infusion is a unique gift only offered through this session!

Lightwave Training - Live! International Tele-Session
Saturday & Sunday  -  October 28 & 29, 2017  -  9:00 AM to 12:00 PM each day
Includes a special "follow along" webpage with images and videos!

These Lightwave training sessions can be accessed through your phone, cell phone or Skype.

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Lightwave Energy Technology

 Experience the Latest Miracle in Healing & Transformation!

Welcome! Come join us for this new expanded Lightwave Training session and learn one of the newest and most powerful energy healing processes on the planet! The technique was designed by the Pleiadians and enhanced through the energy of the Ashtar Command & beautiful accelerator technology of Bryan de Flores. The Lightwave procedure is easy-to-learn and produces immediate positive effects for both the beginner and advanced individuals.Lightwave works to restore optimum health and youthen the physical body while increasing your psychic gifts, healing gifts & manifestation powers. The Lightwave technique can be used on yourself and others as well as pets, plants and other living things. This process is the perfect addition to any other transformational modality and will blend with any technique you are currently utilizing. The Lightwave method is energetic in nature and utilizes your hands as receivers and transmitters of the energy, in conjunction with your own intuition & instincts. Also, this new healing technology is very practical as it utilizes simple terminology and can be performed in any location or situation. There are a few different session options from which you can choose.

These training sessions will teach you how to transmit a multitude of high-frequency energy infusions to clear and balance your 9-point chakratic system, activate your 12-strand DNA and electron bodies for multidimensional ascension. The sessions include the new Akashic Blueprinting Technique, Bi-Location/Long Distance Healing Techniques and the new ‘channeled’ Lightwave processes for personality cloning and body re-shaping. These techniques will allow you to etherically ‘clone’ personality traits and energetically re-structure, enhance and renew desired/problem areas of your body.

 Saturday Session:  9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

This session includes the live! tele-conference with Bryan, follow-along web page/tutorial videos and your Lightwave certification. This session also gives you a full explanation and experience of the Lightwave process and the beautiful full-color Lightwave manual, which contains all the processes, all of the beautiful color Lightwave images and a full list of the frequencies that you will be accessing.  The Akashic Blueprinting process will show you how to open dimensional windows in the body and clear core "difficult and challenging" issues.

 Sunday Session:  9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

  This session will begin with the Lightwave Master Class and the Signal Beam infusion...for more details see the information above!  This session will continue with includes Lightwave Personality Cloning & Body Re-Shaping. These procedures will show you how to duplicate dynamic personality traits you admire in others and how to energetically reshape any area of your body. In addition, is session will literally launch you into outer space by teaching you how to quickly build a personal teleportation portal to other worlds with Lightwave energy as well as a fascinating tutorial on building etheric light temples and constructing earth grids.

This session also includes  the DNA Infusions and Color Spectrum therapy etc! DNA infusions will recode your genetic strands to create the new Galactic Superhuman Blueprint! This series of Lightwave frequency codes that speed up the DNA reassembling process, increasing your Avatar abilities, advancing your consciousness more rapidly and allowing your body to youthen and heal much more quickly. These infusions will also enhance your long term memory and increase your mental capacity to hold complex levels of information and data coming in from the galactic realms.  The new Lightwave 'Color Spectrum' Therapy process combines very specific hues of color within our expanded spectrum of light to create positive and powerful changes to the human body, mind and energy field. This technique has been developed by the Pleiadians who have recently identified very specific hues of color for healing the various human organs and body systems.


New Lightwave Practitioners

Welcome!  This for you if you are attending the energy training for the first time.  This includes access to all classes, all videos, training webpage and the full color Lightwave manual.  If you choose the two easy payments, the second payment is due before October 20.  All payments are non refundable and non transferable.

Full Lightwave Training

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Lightwave Practitioners Re-Attunement

This is for all of those individuals who are on our list from a previous Lightwave training. Participating in the re-attunement is very beneficial as there is always new information with each training. In addition, it will give you a huge energy boost and new insights for your personal growth.

Lightwave - Session 1 & 2 All Day Saturday

Includes The New Lightwave

Performance Channel

Lightwave Re-Attunement

Full Training

All Sessions


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