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There are millions of intelligent life forms that co-exist with us in our multidimensional universe. Many of these beings inhabit a variety of angelic & extraterrestrial forms, and many are human just like us. Some of the more evolved species form groups and alliances to help the other life streams evolve and form new connections. This web site and accompanying artwork is a product of my connection and communication with many of these intelligences. It is all designed to awaken, enlighten and inspire you as your soul’s journey continues into the future. Enjoy, Bryan



Articles by Bryan

The Pleiadian & Timmer Races

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The Pleiadian and Timmer Races
Sharing Galactic Technology in the New Millennium!

Throughout the cosmos there are an infinite number of advanced races and cultures who are always assisting others by sharing their wisdom, knowledge and technology. In the spirit of promoting goodwill and advancement for all, these offerings include many multidimensional systems of thought and mental technologies which accelerate progress expanding consciousness within the universal family of light. Two such races, the Pleiadians and the Timmers, have an interwoven destiny that has spanned many millennia, evolving both human-extraterrestrial races to new levels within a very short period of time.



The well-known Pleiadians reside in our galaxy within the seven-star system known as the Pleiades.  They are our closest ancestors and look very similar to us, although they have evolved to a higher state of physical perfection than Earth humans.  The Timmers began their evolution in the 7th universe and are one of the most highly-developed human civilizations in the known universal creation.  They have ascended to such a level that they embody the purest form of celestial energy within a human body.  Their holographic world and technologies are quite astounding, but it is their consciousness and the way they process information that is truly unique and admired by many races throughout the cosmos.

Pleiadian 2 with rounded edges

Recently the three inhabited Pleiadian worlds have ascended from the 5th into the 6th dimension of time and space where the Timmers reside.  This has triggered a whole new level of connection between the races and brought about the ultimate exchange of technology; a transfer of specific light encodements, allowing the Pleiadian race to manifest the color-frequency consciousness that the Timmers possess.  Although the Pleiadians have already developed their brain capacity to a much higher level than our own, this will allow them to experience a completely new and unique way of receiving and processing universal data.  This new mental recalibration prompts the brain to follow multiple frequency bands, allowing one to count, catalog, combine and reconfigure data at the speed of light.  As your consciousness follows the frequency combinations you are able to perceive nine different perspectives on the same subject simultaneously.

P3 with rounded edges

The  Timmers say their unique consciousness configuration began as a series of  physical manifestations and evolved to public experiments/experiences; creating  what they describe as an almost instantaneous infusion of consciousness for  their entire race. This technology is  now born into each individual, but enhanced during childhood through visual  stimulation, such as what is pictured here.  The Timmer color frequency templates you are viewing were designed and  created by myself, under the instruction of the Timmers/Pleiadians and set into  motion by Coralie Pedersen. What may seem at first as simplistic imagery is  actually a highly complex way of processing information at the  speed-of-light. The Timmers say that  simply looking at the imagery a few times each week will expand our  brain capacity and allow us a glimpse of the future and of our unlimited  potential.  Enjoy, Bryan

Special Note: The Timmer technology images above are most effective and best integrated when viewed from a distance of five to six feet (1.5 to 2 meters).

Starpeople Channelings

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3-15_starpeople_PNG starpeople_ad_PNG

These new channeled messages from the Lyrans, Casseopians, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Sirians, Arcturians and Timmers were brought through by Bryan de Flores.  These transmissions have arrived to give us some new perspectives & updates and to prepare us for the coming summer stellar activations.  Enjoy!


Master Healers, Ancient Story Tellers, Galactic Historians


Salutations from the Cosmos,

Many of you may know us as the Lyrans, we are one of the most ancient of races.

We are now sending our consciousness back in time from the future to assess your current Earth situation and to help you navigate through the changes that are presently occurring on your planet.

Be aware that what you see manifesting on the physical level is always a clear indication of where the energy is on the mental and emotional planes. Each and every day you are seeing, feeling and experiencing the high and low fluctuations of your changing global energy field.

This will eventually culminate in the movement of your entire world into a new location within the universal time/space continuum.  This process is a co-creative effort and requires your assistance every step of the way.

At present, we are involved in preparing the mass consciousness of your planet to align with the new plan of action, which is actually just an extension from the ascension plan and higher dimensional transformation.

The new configuration plan is actually more expedited in its implementation, but it is necessary for each individual to synchronize their energies together and work with the higher powers in the ascended realms.

The current plan also involves daily contributions of physical assistance to link up and connect the higher and lower aspects of your world.

It requires assistance from those ambassadors who are actively assisting Earth as well as consciously pursuing their own spiritual evolution into higher dimensional awareness.

At this point it is important to say that there are many well-intentioned messages coming from unknown space collectives that are keeping people on edge and waiting, allowing them to believe that all of these wonderful things that are coming are assured and require little or no effort from those living on this planet.

Once again this is about co-creating the new heaven on Earth matrix and the joining of both the etheric and physical powers of Light.

Many individuals may not yet feel the prompting to assist or actualize and ground the higher consciousness in their body.  But we would like to offer our assistance in this matter as it is of the upmost importance to involve as many people as possible in this process.

As more and more begin integrating the ascended consciousness into their own minds and hearts, the planetary templates will begin to spin faster and you will all see the positive effects of this in the outer world.

Now is the time... Your purpose in this life is much more exciting and important than you ever dreamed it would be. Rather than waiting for something to happen or spending large amounts of time pursuing one’s own personal interests...claim your ambassadorship now and get involved in the biggest event in your human history.

Therefore, our message is one of action, rather than complacence, integrated consciousness rather than 3D fragmentation, the exaltation and upliftment into new levels of destiny and responsibility.

We happily open new lines of communication between the ancient star councils and yourselves.  We look forward to working with you and through you to fulfill the divine prophecy for humanity.

We are the storytellers and we realize that although there are many twists and turns to your current story, everything is leading in a positive direction and the opportunities for growth in this period are unprecedented...but again, your assistance and perseverance is required every step of the way.

Ascended races on other worlds began just like you with promptings and guidance from the ethereal levels, which evolved to physical contact and then to ascension out of the lower realms.

Many races experienced uncomfortable physical and emotional states, along with atmospheric and ecological problems, similar to your own.

However, as the ambassadors on those worlds came together and began to form alliances and manifest the higher collaborations of light, the power was magnified and their worlds experienced quantum leaps in evolution.

Each civilization had their own unique concerns and challenges with the process, but all persevered and evolved themselves into the higher worlds.

For those of you who are interested, we offer one-on-one leadership counseling to strengthen and update the galactic Earth ambassador shield of light.

In closing, the Lyran race wishes to thank you for allowing us to participate in this multi-level communication and we look forward to many collaborations with you in the future.



Highly Advanced Tall Beautiful Etheric Species, Teachers of Inspiration, Beauty and Advanced Creativity


Greetings, we are the Cassiopeans and we are honored to be able to speak with you at this time. We would like to set forth our intention and energy to share our perspective on the subject of creativity and cultural celebration.

In our history and connection with other worlds, we find that cultivating and maintaining the creative spark is very important to every evolving soul and planetary culture.

For all those in attendance here, we encourage you to cultivate within yourselves the development of enhanced and advanced levels of creativity and beauty in everything you do.  Each and every task, project or endeavor you pursue is in actuality an art-form, that can be truly enjoyed and elevated to a high creative level...whether it is a mundane daily task or a group research project or an artistic collaboration.

Allowing yourself to have open, creative channels stimulates the soul’s evolution and also creates a very passionate spirit.

In addition, when creativity is highly-valued within a culture, it helps individuals to focus their attention and their energy in a positive direction.

Working with the internal creative spark assists one in healing and balancing naturally. When one is engaged in creative activities on a regular basis, it allows them to make smooth energetic transitions and gradually dissolve any problematic mental and emotional fluctuations within the human energy system.

Expressing your creativity can actually help to heal a chronic illness or even a broken heart and help an individual to start living in a state of joy and passion once again.

Creative expression will also help one to keep moving forward, on an exciting path of self-discovery, spiritual exploration and personal fulfillment.

Developing and working with your creative gifts will renew and expand your energy, gradually bringing you into alignment with your divine purpose.

The Cassiopean culture is one that has evolved through artistic expression and celebration; one that incorporates spiritual values and all of its resonant patterns in each and every creation.

Multiple patterns, color scapes, and vibrational harmonics are meticulously interwoven as the creation spark expands and manifests on our world.

Some of our elaborate creations may only take seconds, while others may take days or weeks depending on the scope of the project and the amount of energy involved.

On Cassiopea, we have manifested huge, colorful, free-floating artistic creations in the skies and in the oceans.

We live in a world of unlimited creative possibilities!  It is very exciting and rewarding to be able to stimulate ourselves to new heights every day.

Your attention to creativity will also stimulate new ideas and will allow your hierarchy of spiritual guides to bring though and anchor new designs and light patterns on the Earth.

Whether your artistic expression involves dancing, painting, music, singing, writing, wood-carving or the scientific blueprinting of a new technology, the process should always serve to enlighten and excite your mind and heart.

Although the process of creation on Earth can often be very time consuming and sometimes challenging, the results and positive effects on your soul and psyche are always more wide-ranging than you would ever imagine.

As you move into the higher dimensions, you will begin to see and feel the difference in the creative process.

People in the higher dimensions are masters of creative expression and realize this is one of the key ways light manifests through them and enhances their soul’s experience.

When you are living in the higher dimensions you can put together artistic energy patterns in your mind without having any doubts, fears, questions or concerns creep in...and therefore all creations are amazingly balanced & beautiful because there are no negative elements involved. All creations naturally serve to stimulate and elevate consciousness for the positive greater good.

On Cassiopea, we are also prolific writers and poets.  We are able to use words, sounds and silent transmissions together to create a full-spectrum experience.  Often we don't need to focus on a specific subject...instead we allow the higher planetary council and collective to bring through what is most needed or important to evolve our civilization.

It is very easy for us to access and manifest divine creations from the higher levels with the assistance of those on the etheric levels.

You would be amazed what actually comes through you from other dimensions when your consciousness is able to connect with divine intelligence.

On the subject of Cultural Celebrations… We would like to speak about the organization and manifestation of global celebrations and culturally connected spiritual events, such as your Harmonic Convergence and global peace meditations that have been very successful in the past.

For those who are interested... We would like to encourage you to plan and create more elaborate events that involve all of the cultures on earth and showcase each of their unique gifts and contributions.

This is one way to bring many creative, artistic, awakened people together to celebrate Spirit and to promote global unity.

This will also give galactic Earth ambassadors the opportunity to form alliances with other like-minded individuals, various global spiritual groups and organizations.

The purpose of these events would be to facilitate a mass global awakening and bring people together in a unified consciousness format.

When large groups of souls are gathered together with positive intention and for a higher purpose, it creates a huge window that allows us to contact, connect and work with and through them to implement great changes.

These multidimensional celebrations will become very popular and will eventually spring up all around the world, creating massive global shifts in the way people think, feel and perceive reality. When the focus here shifts to group collaborations and contributions for the highest good of all, you will begin to see real changes in your world.

The creative song of the universe awaits you….We are the Casseopians, in service to humanity and the Galactic Councils of Light.


Humanity's Closest Ancestors, Intuition/Psychic Expansion & Sacred Sexuality, Advanced Musical Knowledge, Energy Healing, Relationship Education


Welcome to all in attendance. We are very pleased to be addressing this special and unique group at this time. Many of you may be wondering what is occurring on your planet in regards to your transition into the higher dimensions.

Currently, the many assistant races and the greater divine plan are focusing in specific areas to maximize and utilize certain energy fields to expand galactic consciousness on earth.  The new plan is more expanded and more focused on specific energy fields that need extra assistance at this time.

Each assisting race has been assigned four energy fields to expand on and energize. There are currently 27 different races tasking through the divine plan, each with four fields of energy to focus on.  In total, there are 114 areas/energy fields that are being infused and perfected on a daily basis. Each race will contribute working within these different fields and as we each make our contributions, the matrixes will become stronger and more diverse.

We, the Pleiadians, are currently focusing our work in the medical and healing fields to facilitate changes within these systems. We are also actively working within the popular music and film industry to upgrade consciousness on a global scale.  However, we would like to focus our attention here on the healing arts and medical system.

Within your medical community, we are assisting in etheric-level training of those doctors, nurses and health practitioners who are open to new ideas and new advancements in medical technology and alternative medicine.

We are also focusing our efforts in the medical schools with students, as well as in the mental health field. Currently we are attempting to re-arrange and re-configure the medical education process and fill the gaps of understanding with higher dimensional knowledge and information.

In this endeavor we are willing to share our advanced knowledge of fiber optics, organic robotic technology, nannite science and advanced cloning techniques for the emergency replacement of lost limbs, organs and teeth… as this can greatly benefit humanity in the interim period before the dimensional shift occurs.

In the area of mental health, and the psychiatric field, we find the area of color light therapy to be very important. We are working on imparting the knowledge to therapists that missing hues of color can cause imbalances in the human energy field.

When an individual is missing certain color hues from their energy field, when re-introduced, will re-engage, re-instate and re-configure their memory and stop the progression of chronic mental conditions and imbalances.

In addition, the process of reliving traumatic situations will no longer be necessary for healing when the practitioners learn to run advanced energetic emotional, mental linking processes so a person can move on with minimal or no resistance and gain a new level of responsibility for their souls path.

We are also attempting to institute expanded holistic medical teachings that are very integrated and understandable. We would also like to establish expansive medical centers where all types of healing technologies can be easily accessed and utilized by everyone on the planet.

This would include medical innovations and new alternative healing modalities and treatments.  These centers would be utilized until your transition is complete and people no longer need this type of healing system.

In the area of energetic healing we are bringing new ideas and new processes to lightworkers all over the planet to assist in the physical, mental and emotional healing of the human body.

We are also focusing our healing attention on your united animal, bird and oceanic kingdoms, along with many other life streams on your world, to alleviate any physical disturbances in these realms.

Although our efforts in these areas are quite extensive and very effective, it would be our pleasure to work with you, side by side, in helping these other species on your planet through the transition.

Additionally, there are many light beings that are available who can assist in healing and activating your body and energizing your energy fields. Simply ask the galactic teams to assist in your healing whenever needed.

We, the Pleiadians, have very advanced teams of laser surgeons, cellular technicians and many diverse healing groups who specialize in the human energy field.

Many of the problems that your earth people are experiencing can be very easily alleviated with some simple re-adjustments through our technology from the ships.

One of the things that has an adverse effect the human body on your planet is the multitude of chaotic frequencies running within Earth's field each day.

This type of activity can render your body system susceptible to many lower consciousness created health issues that can easily be avoided.

Also, many people are too reliant on the current western medical system and this keeps them in a lower energy field, actually making it more difficult for their bodies to transform.

For the most part, this current medical system is no longer resonant with the transitioning human body.

We are here to help people to move on and move forward by providing new ideas and rapid healing techniques.

We are encouraging people to do more light work and take care of themselves on a daily basis to prevent illness from developing.

This preventive lightwork should be something that you look forward to doing each day.

Also many individuals need more relaxation and down time every week to facilitate healing.

When you are relaxed and in a calm state of mind, it makes it much easier for us to connect with you and send you assistance.

We were also prompted by other races to refocus our energy in certain areas in order to bring forth needed changes and evolve more quickly. We proceeded in this manner and in time, we were able to create shifts in our consciousness that resulted in our ascension into the 5th dimension of Light.

Our purpose is to instill within you the desire to create only with love and to manifest directly through your heart and spiritual connections.

On behalf of our Pleiadian brothers and sisters, we appreciate this opportunity to speak to you and we look forward to continued communications with those of you who are now ready to pursue the next step forward in your spiritual evolution.



Telepathic Peace Ambassadors, Global Mediation & Systems Resolution, Creativity & Magic, Mind/Body Healing Connection


Greetings to all in attendance…We are known as the Andromedan collective.

Our current focus is on the illumination of the mind and the freedom of the spirit through the disclosure and unveiling of information that has been withheld from you.

Many individuals and groups in your world have been involved in the exploration and dissemination of various topics of information regarding hidden governmental agendas, activities and questionable projects that are kept from the general public.

Although we support and agree with much of this research, it is largely transmitted in ways that cause people to be doubtful, fearful and feel uneasy rather than prompting them to be confident and educated in these matters.

Although much of this information stimulates curiosity, it does not necessarily cultivate believability.

This is one of the reasons that disclosure projects and their projected dates have come and gone with little fanfare.

It is important to say at this stage that although awareness of these matters is somewhat important to your global education, individuals should have a stable, mental and emotional consciousness template in which to ground this information or it will manifest itself as just another control program and finger pointing game.

To clarify, when an individual working in the higher consciousness receives information based in these areas, the result is a balanced contemplation and weighing of the issue rather than a fear-based reaction and the strong desire to continue to spread to others much disinformation and confusion.

The Andreomedan collective has evolved to 6th dimensional thought processes, which involve filter systems that screen out information that is mixed with lower emotions and terminology used to control or manipulate.

Therefore, as part of our mission, we are here to free the spirit through the illumination of the mind and help in the discernment of information being freely passed and misunderstood to the Earth people.

One of our directives is to expose any hidden agendas and elite control programs of your global governmental systems.

One of the topics widely discussed is the Earth-based weapons of mass destruction and the star-based weapons platform systems around Earth.

While these have been somewhat of a nuisance to our ships entering the atmosphere and to our physical contact with many ambassadors, these technologies will all soon be dismantled and dissolved as we and other races have done many times in the past.

Although some may view these and other governmental technologies as high-level futuristic creations, in actuality they were created through incomplete information blueprints given to your government through exchanges with many intruder races who had questionable  agendas in the 1940’s and 50’s.

With this said, it may be a shock to many on your planet as to the origin of some of the devices you are using.

Most importantly, the longevity and lifespan of these technologies and projects is extremely limited as they were created for nefarious purposes and cannot evolve in spirit as your Earth transforms.

In addition, many of these technologies are and have been proven to cause extreme imbalances within the human body as well as causing permanent fragmentation with the consciousness.

In regards to the global elite or cabal as some term them, they are currently playing the waiting game and simply utilizing old mass consciousness manipulation techniques which are appearing to have less and less effect on those who they are trying to control.

In truth, most of the treaties and alliances between your governments and controlling elite & questionable extra-terrestrial forces have all but dissolved and they are no longer receiving any new information or technology updates from the original exchanges.

You are the ones with all the power now.

As the consciousness evolves and many pursue the higher direction and influences of the celestial councils, the vibration of your planet is beginning to prohibit mass manipulation and will naturally expose the control programs and agendas of those who are eliciting power over others.

Little by little, the global elite are losing power along with their memory, although they themselves do not recognize what is occurring.

Our contribution in this area is to help you to stay open and further your education in a balanced way.

Know that the forces of light will prevail and that your Earth will ascend into the higher dimensions as prophesied.

As the others have stated, this is greatly dependent on your ability to participate with clear perspective and a strong desire to serve.

We wish to thank all in attendance and look forward to many future connections...the Andromedan Collective.



Planetary Terra-Forming & Biosphere Technicians, Magnetic Science, New Pyramid & Structure Creation, Advanced Sexuality & Creativity, DNA Healing


Welcome, we are the Sirians.

It is a pleasure to address this group this evening.

We would first like to congratulate and thank all of the individuals who are consciously assisting in the planetary healing and evolution process.

We are biosphere technicians who have returned to the Earth at this time to help regenerate and restructure the planets natural systems including the grid structures and atmospheric firmament.

We are specialists in terra-forming and in regenerating natural resources through light technology & consciousness infusions. We also work through many of you in Earth healing and physical service groups of all kinds.

It is our task to protect and upgrade the ecosystem of Earth and we are offering certain guidance and options so that you can assist us in this project.

We are currently focusing our energy and consciousness with those of you who are interested and engaged in this effort. We urge all of you to connect with your higher guidance and make a strong heart connection to us, so that you can receive clear instructions and know what areas need the most assistance on a daily basis.

And for those of you who are not able to do physical grid-work or travel to sacred sites & distant locations, we offer you the option of joining us in the conscious light infusion process each day. This can be done simply by connecting with our ships at home during your leisure time or while driving in the car doing your daily errands.  Your light and energy will be greatly appreciated and utilized to help in the global healing process.

Our work is also focused on assisting in the building and manifestation of the new galactic cities….and your Earth is just now preparing for many amazing structures and cityscapes to be anchored and manifest.

Beautiful spiritual centers, temples and pyramids larger, and on a grander scale than any human has ever seen, are currently in the etheric stages of blueprinting, soon to be realized on the physical level. These structures will amaze and delight all who view them……prepare yourselves for the manifestation of the new wonders of the world.

Through this dialog, we would also like to explore the ideas of advanced mythology and the re-awakening and movement of your Earth societies into a united global and very magical, cosmic culture.

As we look back in time, your ancient civilizations were based in spirit and the mythology of magic and the mysteries of creation….however, through the advent of new technology most of your modern cultures have lost the link and spark that closely connects you with the earth and star races.

We are helping re-instate this connection by infusing ancient rays of knowledge and energy into the collective earth mind from many advanced cultures including the Incas, Mayans, Egyptians, Olmecs and many other races.

Understand that when a culture is focused on spirit, all manifestations within that civilization take on a whole new presence and vibrancy...the art and the architecture appear more magical and mysterious like the pyramids of Egypt and the ancient temples in China.

In these cultures, people believed in myths, legends, and in other worlds beyond your own...they believed in and had contact with many star races for thousands of years...

...with the rising of each moon and during many sun cycles, people would gather in large open celebration spaces and in the temples for solstice and astrological ceremonies...each and every individual attended, participated and were inspired by the events…and subsequently, all of their daily activities and creations would mirror this higher connection.

A collective consciousness of magic and advanced mythology will be able to anchor, hold and manifest the higher frequencies of light much easier than a society that is based in secular comfort and the pursuit of wealth and power.

If a collective is focused on magic and mythology, the arts and sciences will begin to mirror that as well.

This is the reason ancient astrologers and astronomers were able to develop advanced systems of star mapping that continue to mystify and confound your current researchers and scientists.

The more connected and mythological a culture is, the more easily we, along with your assistance, will be able to fully anchor the new star-based culture system once again on your planet.

We are already in the process of seeding the planet with the ancient matrixes that will grow into flourishing beautiful cities as the Earth ascends into its new position in the cosmos.

Also, the original builders of many of the ancient temples of Athena, Isis and the Great Pyramid along with architectural wonders such as the Taj Mahal and Parthenon are now awakening and gathering together to exchange ideas and form teams to create many new magnificent edifices to grace your planet.

As the collective consciousness continues to shift, there will be more resonant earth-based cities and centers of light manifesting that are not based on the current, modern technology…..some of the new cities will have a very ancient look and feel, while others will be very futuristic and galactic in nature.

In the near future, all of the cultures on earth will be star-based and all of you will be star-gazers and star travelers. It is at this time we will begin visiting & communicating openly with all of the earth peoples.

We wish to thank you for allowing us to join this meeting and to share our perspective with you.  In light, we are the Sirians!



Group Collective Consciousness, Balanced God/Science Technologies, Heart-Based Sexual Connection


Greetings, we are the Arcturians and we are very pleased to be addressing this group today.

We would like to focus our transmission on personal, global and spiritual level connections as well as the evolution of technology and science on your planet.

Our education and perspectives in this area may assist you in creating longer lasting and more fulfilling relations with others on and beyond your planet as you proceed in the future.

We Arcturians find it very easy to live, work and play together because we are all deeply connected to each other in a very cohesive, collective, consciousness unit.

The Arcturian consciousness is one that is connected on all levels within each individual. We each feel the collective’s thoughts and emotions simultaneously which has brought a new level of evolution to our people.

As world contact ambassadors the gift of connection and communication is pivotal as many of you are and will be forming relations with the extended extra-terrestrial nations.

As more and more physical contact occurs, your skills as translators, leaders and global representatives will ensure harmonious relations and new alliances between your world and the universal brotherhoods and sisterhoods of light.

These personal interactions are crucial to your species expansion into the cosmos and will help to keep you informed and connected as representatives of Earth.

In addition, cultivating a support structure of like-minded individuals around you will help to keep the focus on what you are really here to do...being a beacon of hope, light and goodwill to the global community & manifesting real, lasting changes on your Earth.

It is important to form strong alliances with individuals and organized teams all over the planet as you proceed into the higher levels of ambassadorship. It is very beneficial to create excellent working relationships with conscious people who will support the greater vision for the betterment of humanity.

Every positive personal connection and interaction adds to the light of the world and to the expansion of global service.  With intention and purpose, you can consciously create huge networks of light and support that will help facilitate planetary awakening.

Our peaceful intention and demeanor, along with our unique communication abilities have helped us through many challenging situations that have threatened our world.

For those of you who are looking to enhance your communication skills, we offer our services, guidance and counsel.

In the area of scientific exploration, we are attempting to anchor a new system of knowledge & technology focused on balanced God-inspired science.

As an example, the Arcturian civilization is very organic and nature-based utilizing very little technology. However, when we board our star ships and traverse the great universe, we use a diverse array of higher, advanced technologies which are based in magnetics, light particle manipulation and space energy.

Life on our planet would be very similar to your memories of Lemuria in its original pristine state.

However, we have learned to integrate the higher technologies in a very balanced way, not necessarily needing them in any area of our daily life.

In contrast, our exchanges and interactions with the Andromedan culture have allowed us to experience their daily use of mental technologies combined with artificial intelligence to fine-tune and strengthen the vibration of their world.

We have experienced firsthand the Andromedans daily spiritual rituals of joining together and projecting thought-forms into a prismatic sphere which magnifies and sends vibrations through their planet and into the surrounding systems…breathing new life and energy into the evolution of their species on a daily basis.

Similarly our interactions and communications with the Alpha Centaurians has brought forward a new understanding of how advanced technologies can evolve into conscious organic, science-based creations.

As an example, the Centaurians original blueprint for holographic technology, although quite amazing, was based in technical expertise and physical mechanics. As they evolved in consciousness into the 6th dimension, their use of holographics evolved to utilize only light, color and sound leaving all physical form and structure of the technology behind.

As you can see, our curiosity has allowed us to experience amazing connections outside of our planetary sphere.

We send this message to encourage your earth scientists to go in another direction now, one that creates freedom, promotes equality and spiritual expansion in the realm of science.

We are also in the process of contacting many willing and well-balanced citizens of your earth to work with us to bring new upgraded light technologies onto the planet.

Although some may not have the scientific background, knowledge or skills for these special projects, they do possess the awareness and the proper alignment to bring these new technological innovations into your dimension.

It is our intention to help every step of the way with this process…including anchoring the mental framework, downloading the scientific matrix and creating the physical manifestation of each blueprint.

These technologies can be anchored in an endless variety of ways. They can be downloaded in an artistic, musical or other creative format and don’t necessarily need to look mechanistic or scientific to be effective.

We will also deliver any additional component instructions and marketing information & procedures to those of you desiring to assist us in this endeavor.  Even an individual who is lacking higher education or previous knowledge of these things can do it. All you need is the desire and the willingness to be of service on a greater level. Working in this way, we can accomplish our mutual goals together and expand the possibilities and timeframes for technological advancement on your world.

We thank you for your attention, for your cooperation and your time. We look forward to meeting with you again soon.  The Arcturians

The Timmers

Global Enlightenment Ambassadors, Accelerated Collective Telepathy, Holographic Science Art & Music


Welcome Time Travelers!

We are entering your consciousness sphere at this time to offer our wisdom and experience as you proceed into the final phase of your evolution.

We are Ontarian and Shondara representatives from the Solarian system in the 7th universal creation.

We are known to some of you as the Timmer race. We are the great ancestors of your ancient Greek Gods and have evolved our civilization and awareness to accommodate a 9th dimensional consciousness.

Although a part of our life-cycle exists in the pure unencumbered etheric light field, our choice to anchor our day-to-day existence on a physical world is both rewarding and satisfying.

Our race is currently involved with exchanges and interactions with 74 other human and extra-terrestrial planetary cultures.

We are just now arriving at your doorstep as you prepare to make a quantum leap in consciousness and evolution.

We wish to speak to you about the changing time and energy fields around your planet. Your experience as of late, in relation to consciousness and time, has been difficult to explain and describe to others.  Yes?

What we are speaking of is your daily experiences, feelings and perceptions that you are losing time, gaining time and also accelerating through time...all of which are correct observations.

It is quite a wonder for the human body to experience this aspect of your transition.  Yes, you are indeed time traveling each day and moving through the multi-dimensional Earth portal system, sometimes physically and often just in consciousness.

This is due to your physical world and experience opening up and unlocking itself for the ascension process.

Therefore, many of the challenging feelings you may encounter each day, including disorientation, confusion and periodic exhilaration, are very normal and natural during your transition.

Attempting to control, change or figure out this aspect of your daily life would be almost an impossible task...

We are here to help explain this as simply as possible, as we ourselves made this transition long ago and have recently guided the Orion and Pleiadian races in these matters.

Do not allow the physical, emotional and mental experience of this to be too disorienting.  Find ways to hold your center and find the place of peace in your heart as you approach the next stage.

To explain a bit further, there is an advanced, multi-dimensional portal system in, through and around your planet.

This system connects you with great highways of light throughout the universe and also to many off-planet galaxy portals and platforms that can take you across the galaxy instanteously and to the great barriers between the 12 universal creations.

As the portal system opens on your planet, all life forms begin phasing in and out of the physical reality into different dimensions of non-physicality.

Although this spontaneous occurrence often causes a lack of focus and concentration, it is actually good training and preparation for the Earth people, as Earth transitions into multi-dimensional awareness.

In addition, those areas or vortexes of your planet that were already manifesting these multi-dimensional energy fields, are now, even more powerful and yet, often more problematic to experience in the human body.

The activity in these areas are similar to what occurs within your Bermuda triangle and other similar locations on the planet.  Be aware that your consciousness will be more difficult to stabilize in these vortex areas during this process.

As the Earth’s portal system opens, all simultaneous timelines are merging together to complete the various life and incarnational cycles as the final phase approaches.

This once again, is part of the progression of ascension.  However, it does present a few more challenges and unpredictable patterns, which is why the Federations of Light from many universes are sending extra assistance at this time.

Know that what is happening on your world affects all of us in the larger galactic communities.  Know that the difficulty or ease of your transition process impacts our world as well, as we are all linked to Earth, though the past, present or future.

Therefore, we are compelled to assist you, out of a deep respect for your journey and out of reverence and service to all of the genetic lineages that have seeded your beautiful planet Earth.

In gratitude to all in attendance, we are the Timmer race.


 How Strange We Are

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  How Strange We Are

By Bryan de Flores

We are the silent heroes of this Age, the carriers of light anchoring and dispensing the new higher Christed frequencies to a world in the midst of great transformation. Much of our work here is etheric/energetic in nature and often goes unnoticed by most individuals on the planet. This ‘silent’ work often involves unlocking planetary matrixes, reactivating subterranean record-keeping crystals and awakening others through energy transmission. To accomplish these tasks we must often call upon our superhuman skills and invisible spiritual guides to assist us. In addition, we are constantly sending prayers to humanity and the planet, knowing absolutely on a conscious level that we are impacting and affecting with each prayer the course of evolution of this world. It is in these moments when the universe opens up and we are able to glimpse the magic and perfection of the Divine Plan. Although much of our work does go unnoticed by human eyes, in truth it is seen by the eyes of God and all of the angels along with the multitude of spiritual councils and divine hierarchies in the etheric realms.

As more light is anchored consciously through our physical forms the planets light quotient grows and divine dispensations are granted to all lightworkers here on Earth. These dispensations always strengthen our superhuman abilities and allow us to view more of the Plan, which keeps us inspired and moves us forward on our path. Our goal is to awaken a million Masters. This will without a doubt be completed by the specified time-frame, but not by some off-planet source of rescue or intervention. This magnificent feat will be manifest through our own magical skills as we become full stewards and co-creators of this world.
Who Are We Really?

Have you ever caught an impromptu glimpse of yourself in a mirror or windowpane somewhere and thought “Who is that?” or “Boy, do I look strange today!” Although this experience may be a bit shocking sometimes, it is quite common during ascension transitions to glimpse oneself shape-shifting or morphing. This is primarily due to the integration of our superselves, higher aspects of us, which periodically braid into our soul matrix. As the aspect begins the braiding process, you will often see yourself not as yourself. As the aspect completes it blending and integration you will subtly begin to look and feel different. Currently, many individuals are braiding in as many as 3 aspects of Self a month. The amount of aspects and ease of the integration will depend largely on the amount of resistance in the body and the focus of the consciousness while it is happening.

Along with this braiding-in of higher aspects come the magical gifts and talents which escalate us into higher consciousness. However, often these new gifts and their accompanying matrixes need to be activated in order to allow us to use them and to take them to new higher potentials. Many individuals have hundreds of matrixes that have been brought in, but they are not currently able to access or use them. Therefore it is important to consciously seek out that which will help to activate these gifts. The goal here is to be fully integrated, with all of one’s aspects blended and aligned.

The ‘who’s’ of who we are, are many aspects of Self that are returning to us for final ascension. Early on in life we begin to collect the aspects of ourselves that had minimal power or for the most-part, basic ordinary lives. But around the age of 30 we begin to bring in the ‘powerhouses;’ aspects of Self that are extremely powerful and gifted on many levels. With the arrival of these aspects, we are not only able to live longer, fuller, richer lives, but we also begin to display superhuman powers, even in the most mundane of situations or task applications. For example, many of our Olympic athletes are constantly pushing the envelope in the sporting arena; skating, jumping, running, swimming and skiing higher, faster and with greater ease than ever before. Don’t laugh, but Trinity’s mid-air Matrix kick and Neo’s gift of flight are not far away. All of the superhuman powers displayed in films, books and in the comics will be ours as the Lightbody completes its manifestation.

Great strides are also being made in the spiritual arena as well. Many healers and intuitives are now able to pull in massive amounts of healing energy and Akashic Record information at the drop of a hat. Take my accelerated drawing gift for example; I am able to draw (by hand) a large 19” x 25” accelerator in 8 minutes or less, from start to finish, depending on the subject matter. Although I have been doing this for 6 years, it still amazes the heck out of me. And another gift that has recently come online is my ability to write. If you ask anyone who knew me 2 years ago, they will tell you I could not even write a complete sentence. However, an aspect of myself arrived shortly thereafter and instantly, overnight I was able to write extensively on any subject with the greatest of ease. Long gone are the days of the ‘writers or artists block’ and the lengthy processes of 3D creation. It is now time for all of us to align our consciousness with “The Plan’ and begin the journey into ease and greatness.


 So if you ever wonder…..

…when people look at you in a strange way or stare at you when you enter a room, remember, they are often seeing what you cannot. They sense your light and feel the radiation of your spirit. This is frequently choreographed by the divine powers as a reminder to you of who you are and who you are becoming. Consequently, you will also notice that some individuals, including family members are often taken aback when you get close to them. This is because your aura, unlike their own, contains the new quantum thought-field, which enhances your every perception and allows you to think spherically, in many directions simultaneously. In these situations, your energy field is actually acting as a divine trigger, which ignites their blueprint and begins to unlock their consciousness. By your mere presence you are awakening many individuals on a daily basis, even thousands per year. You are truly a gift, a miracle sent by God to live the impossible dream.

So, take strength in the knowledge that you are becoming an icon, an incredibly luminous and magical being. You have chosen to be at the forefront of a groundbreaking movement, destined to change the course of the future for all of humanity. Many of you are the future politicians, artists, writers, athletes and performers that will rise to greatness in the public eye as the ascension continues. Some will once again ascend the thrones of alchemical magic and bring back all of the mythical and wondrous ceremonies and initiations of Golden Age’s past. Others will be the new paradigm scientists, teachers and philosophers exploring and manifesting the new miracles of this Age. Dare to dream these truths into reality. Seek out the initiations and information matrixes that will fire your dormant DNA codes and activate all of your latent gifts. Look around you and be inspired by all who are now reaching their full potential and manifesting the superhuman gifts of Spirit. Ask the universe to open up to you for but a brief moment and show you what is possible. Do it now, there is no time to waste!

 MFAQ - Most Frequently Asked Questions

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 Just to clarify, MFAQ refers to the most frequently asked questions I receive, regarding me, the Celestial Hierarchy and the work I do. Although I was going to call this article You're not the only one who has asked that question!, I feel MFAQ has an interesting ring to it. This article will answer many of the most frequently asked and interesting questions, which I am sent on a regular basis. The answers to these ponderings will assist many individuals in getting to know me and my work a little bit better. Enjoy, Bryan

Regarding Bryan de Flores…

First of all, it's interesting to note that many people regard me as somewhat of an enigma and a very elusive hard-to-track human being. One of the main reasons for this is that many people are constantly hearing about and seeing my work, but never actually see me personally. In addition, many individuals have reported that I frequently show up in their dreams, their homes and even tell me they have seen me sipping coffee in a cafe in New York City when I am in California giving a workshop. Another aspect of this enigma is that I don't have my photograph on my web site (as many others do) and for the most part I live a very private, peaceful, yet highly adventurous lifestyle. To add a little fuel to the fire, I also live in other dimensions of space and time periodically moving from one timeline to another when necessary. This transport takes place not only in my home, but in my car, in stores, banks & restaurants and a variety of natural locations. Although there are often preliminary signals given for my bi-location/teleportation transfer, this often happens spontaneously and suffice to say that I have acclimated myself to this strange aspect of my mission and destiny.

Many individuals ask me who my spirit guides are and which extraterrestrials I work with. Although I have worked with many different types of spirit guides (Angels, extraterrestrials, elementals) I have and am working with over 90 different races of extraterrestrial beings (many in similar human form) which are all under the guidance and protection of the Celestial Hierarchy… or the guardian forces, as some people know them! Currently, I also have a team of Archangels and a very wonderful docile Bigfoot creature who serve as my confidants and protectors. Also, I have a number of golden animal totems and fairies living in my home who have been assisting me for about a year now. The animal totems include two elephants, three Lions, an eagle, a rhinoceros, three cats, a dolphin, a giraffe and a flock of hummingbirds! In addition, up until about a year ago, I would get in the shower everyday, turn around and to my amazement would see an Indian medicine woman brushing my body (cleansing and purifying me) with a strange gemstone studded broom… go figure?

To continue, as a facilitator of spiritual experiences, I am very straightforward and direct in my teachings. As I am an Aries, I am also very streetwise and confident in my abilities and innate gifts which my spirit guides have helped to strengthen and balance. When some people see me in person they are often a bit standoffish or as they sometimes tell my workshop staff, a bit intimidated! Why? Well, I think it is a combination of the confidence and directness combined with the intense, wonderful and often extremely abstract information I impart. Do I walk the walk or do I just talk the talk regarding my teachings? I absolutely, without a doubt, have committed myself to Ascension and to becoming the embodiment of my Higher Self as this planet makes its transition into a new dimension of space and time. My sole mission is to guide others directly into the Golden Age, without being derailed and distracted by all of the 3-D and new age circus tents and road traps along the way there. Get rid of all the clutter and live your dreams and destiny now!

People often want to know what it is like to work with me, so I asked Meg Graham to give a brief description from her vantage point. Her response is as follows. You need to step up into a higher, faster stream of energy, that’s for sure. A go-with-the-flow attitude and flexibility are key. You need to think fast, walk fast and eat fast! For all the work that we do though, we balance it out with a lot of fun. We go to the movies, out to eat, watch DVDs and find humor in just about anything and everything.

Regarding workshops and tele-seminars…

The first question we usually get from newcomers is What should I be expecting from Bryans tele-seminar/workshop? I'm a bit nervous as I have never experienced his work before. Firstly, I will say that the nervousness is due to the high energy and the conscious or unconscious understanding that the individual is about to experience something very different and profound on a spiritual level. When one signs up for a tele-seminar or workshop, it is best to be open (in a spontaneous mindset) as they are full-integration experiences…not just mental oriented lectures. What should you expect? A more expanded sense of yourself; a renewed sense of joy and understanding regarding the current happenings on our planet in addition to new ideas and options regarding your life and mission. Also, if you hear or read about a seminar or workshop and can't get it out of your mind, it is most probably a direct sign from your Higher Self or Guides that you are supposed to be there…regardless of any perceived limitations (financial, scheduling, travel, etc.). In these cases individuals, including myself, need to do whatever it takes to be there, pushing themselves beyond any perceived limitations and fears.

To continue, some people tell me they need more information before they make a decision to attend one of my events or they ask when I am coming to their area, as they don’t want to travel. Quite simply, these are most often spiritual tests for the individual. Firstly, I always give verbatim the information that the Hierarchy gives me for the events…which is truly all that is needed to call forth all of those individuals who are desiring to (or scheduled to) to receive the information and activations. Secondly, we are all supposed to (and required to by Spirit) travel to many events and locations to expand our energy fields and get us out of our regular environment limitation habits and patterns. As for me, at the moment, I am only going where the Hierarchy is guiding me and where I feel I am supposed to be. Although I would love to go to many of the places I am invited, there are constantly lots of projects I am involved in and so I have to balance my travel with my home/spiritual work time.

Also, one or two individuals after each seminar or workshop will report things going on with their physical, mental, emotional or energy bodies. This is absolutely natural and normal and happens at all spiritual events. This is usually a sign that you are shifting your energy to a higher level: aka ascending in consciousness. As this inner shifting occurs, the higher energy may encounter blockages and resistance, conscious or unconscious, which is triggering the temporary discomfort. Therefore, it is always recommended that you meditate and ground yourself for at least 15 minutes before you attend an event. Also, if you are experiencing intense shifts, it is important to drink a lot of water, go outside for a walk and breathe.

Regarding the accelerators…

One of the most frequently asked questions about my artwork is Can I work with more than one accelerator at a time? The answer is yes, absolutely! I recommend working with two or three and even up to ten at one time. This will really help to increase and stabilize your particle spin at a higher level of consciousness, as well as increase your brain capacity and quicken your re-assembling of the 12 strands of DNA. Furthermore, we are often asked Which accelerators do I need? My response is always to go with the ones you are drawn to…and make sure to get one or two that you do not resonate with, as these are the ones which will begin to dissolve all unconscious negativity and limitations within you. How many should you get? Again, that is up to you; always go with what you feel!

LightQuest also receives questions from time to time from individuals asking for a language of light translation or a description of what specific symbols mean within various accelerators. Quite simply, although I do give many of these details at my live presentations, the accelerators should be viewed as a whole and not scrutinized for their individual aspects. To explain further, the accelerators and much of my other work tend to override the lower mental ‘questioning-body’ and interact with the person’s Higher Self and spiritual blueprint directly. Subsequently, attempting to decipher the many details of each accelerator will only create confusion causing fragmentation of the energy and integration you are attempting to receive. People also often ask what the gemstones and crystals mean, which are listed in many of the image descriptions. These stones and crystals are directly related to the energy of the accelerator and if used in conjunction with them, will greatly enhance the assimilation of the image’s energy. I would recommend purchasing small tumbled stones rather than large unpolished stones for this purpose. You can either hold them in your hand or place them on your body when working with the images.

Regarding the future of earth and humanity…

Periodically, I receive questions regarding the fate of humanity and our precious planet Earth. The answer is simply this; despite all of the trauma and drama we are currently going through, the future is very positive. The planet is proceeding as planned into a higher dimension of consciousness and we are traveling with it into the 7th Golden Age. You may ask how can this be with all the wars, global warming panic, economic problems, natural disasters and epidemic illnesses…and I will tell you this, all planetary karmic issues are now being resolved and the collective spiritual energy is beginning to awaken, prepare and transform everything and everyone here. Lastly, you will only be able to behold this glorious future and your renewed abundant life of majesty and greatness if you choose, in this moment and in every future moment, to believe in and live the dream of planetary peace and universal destiny.

The Galactic Federation & Ashtar Command

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The  Galactic Federation & Ashtar Command

 The Galactic Federation of Light was founded in our galaxy over 4.5 million years ago to assist in the ascension of humanity, as well as to prevent the domination and exploitation of this galaxy by inter-dimensional dark forces.  The Galactic Federation is made up of representatives and planetary councils from many worlds who are always working together for the betterment of all life everywhere.  Our Galactic Federation is currently working alongside the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet and galactic federations from other galaxies and universes to help the Earth and humanity evolve to the next level.  Currently the Galactic Federation of Light is composed of over 200,000 member star nations, confederations and unions of which approximately 40% of the represented races are humanoid with the remainder being varied forms of extraterrestrial sentient beings.  Each planet and race has a council within the Galactic Federation to represent them, no matter how small the population may be.


The Ashtar Command, under the administrative direction of Commander Ashtar Sheran, is known as the airborne division of the Brother and Sisterhood of Light. Composed of millions of starships and personnel from many off-planet civilizations, the Ashtar Command is here to assist us through the current cycle of planetary cleansing, polar re-alignment and final ascension into a new dimension of consciousness.  Specifically they monitor Earth’s magnetic field and grid systems, along with all astrophysical and geophysical conditions affecting our planet and the other planets within our solar system and galaxy.  The Ashtar Command also communicates and works directly with many humans (known as the ground crew) here on Earth to help expand spiritual consciousness and awaken the general population to the greater Divine Plan.

Within the Ashtar Command there are several divisions which operate in tandem to fulfill the directives and carry out the greater plan. Among these are the communications and healing divisions, arts and sciences divisions, in addition to the peace keeping and commerce divisions. These operate under the guidance of Ashtar’s Eagle Commanders and leaders including Commanders Monka, Kortek, Anton, Soltec, Athena, Korton, Avalon, Lytton, Jycondria, Alphon, Vrillion, Hatonn, Cassion, Voltra and Xyletron. Ashtar also has special fleets which help to regulate the many cultures visiting our world. These fleets, under the command of Ashtar Sheran, include the Starships Constellation, Pegasus, Wavestar, Phoenix, Aurora, Star Aquila, Athena and the Bluestar Rainbow Fleet.

The Ashtar Command ships are always broadcasting updated information to us here on the ground. In order to be a part of this experience, simply still your mind and ask for the Ashtar/Federation signal to be sent to you directly. The ethereal connection and transmissions will begin instantaneously, however allow some time for the messages to unfold, as energetic recalibrations and adjustments may need to be made within your mind and telepathic centers. Also, continued messages and images will be broadcast from the LightQuest Starbase periodically to update you on the galactic happenings and the current state of affairs here on Earth.

Thank you! - Bryan

 Brillant Minds

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Explorations into the Business of Magic

by Bryan

Inspiration often begins with a flash of electrical voltage through the mind or the prompting of inner voices or transmissions from beyond our dimension. Trance induced meditation and subsequent channeled information can often produce miracle cures or culminate in the physical manifestation of magical blueprints or spiritual technologies. The truth is that true magic is not a sporadic or fleeting experience reserved for the lucky few. All individuals on this planet have the opportunity to receive the inspirational thought signals, tap-in to the Universal Akashic Records and traverse the higher magical thought-streams of consciousness.

In Earth's long history, many courageous individuals have dared to think out-of-the-box and follow the pulsations and voices emanating from within. Many extraordinary individuals have brought to this planet amazing ideas and unimaginable manifestations that were previously beyond the comprehension of even the most educated minds on the planet. This is the quest that each of us is now embarking upon; the ability to bring true magic into physical form and to transform this planet into a literal shield of shining light, magic and promise.

During the 20th Century on Earth, there lived three individuals, who among many others, stood out far and above the rest of the incarnating souls of that era. Their ability to tap into the higher thought-fields and act upon the promptings from their etheric guides has made them the true legends and heroes of our time. Their work continues to instigate inspiration and wonder, far beyond many of the so-called modern breakthroughs in medicine, science and artistry. These three souls swam against the tides of mortality and brought into manifestation a triple matrix of light, creativity and inspiration. The power of this magical matrix still holds its strength and form today, retaining its magic and its light for the entire world to see and experience. These three souls were none other than Nikola Tesla, Edgar Cayce and Walt Disney.

The Triple Matrix of Magic and Power

 The ability to receive and transmit the signals of true magic is pivotal to our growth here on Earth. To manifest a life filled with magic and wonder takes vision and drive, along with the constant knowingness within oneself that true magic really does exist and live within each of us. It takes a level of diligence and discipline to be able to know absolutely in every moment that every piece of information and ‘trial and error’ experience are leading us towards the great manifestation of our dreams. To create real magic takes trust and faith, both in ourselves and the Plan of Creation, which moves us in a constant upward spiral (although we may not always be able to see it that way) into greater and higher thought-fields and matrixes of creation.

In the early 20th century, Nikola Tesla (the Master of Lightning) baffled the scientific community and inspired millions with his electrical experiments, complex diagrams and higher dimensional machinery. He was a brilliant mind indeed, with the ability to tap into off-planet informational sources and interdimensional matrixes, which no other in his field at the time was able to do. His advancements in the field of electrical science and quantum physics were so far-reaching, that even today individuals are attempting to replicate his experiments and quantify his thought processes. His “Tesla Coil” advanced and created many technologies such as X-rays, satellite transmissions, neon lights, radar and radio technology. Although jealousy and control surrounded Tesla and his experiments, he was still able to tap into the multidimensional planetary grid when all others could not manifest its secrets.

Existing within the same time-frame on the East Coast of the United States of America was Edgar Cayce. He began his journey in a trancelike state, imparting to others strange and wonderful medical formulations and historical information which were beyond this world. His work confounded the modern medical and scientific communities of the time, but ultimately won over many doctors who could not deny his miraculous cures. Imagine someone telling you that drinking saffron tea and having a few specific chiropractic adjustments will cure all manner of digestive and skin problems including eczema and psoriasis. Or that eating just 3 raw almonds a day will render your body free of heart disease, cancer and tumors, forever. Furthermore, imagine someone telling you that massaging Pennsylvania crude oil into your scalp will not only completely regrow your hair, but bring the color back to its original perfection, permanently. Sound bizarre? Well this was the work of Edgar Cayce and strange as it may seem, millions of individuals were and continue to be cured by his medical readings, long after he has left the physical plane.

Another brilliant mind which graced this planet in the early 20th century was Walt Disney. He began his fascination with magic through the creation of the Mickey Mouse character and cartoon, culminating his dream (and ours, as well) with the creation of Disneyland in Southern California. His ‘Magical Kingdom’ is still a powerful vortex which perpetually downloads huge amounts of joy and inspiration to all who venture there. His vision and spirit still live on within the fairytale creations of Alice in Wonderland, the Pirates of the Caribbean, It's a Small World and the Hall of Lincoln. You could say that in a way he created a miniature, physical manifestation of Shambala, representing the magic and mystery of the many cultures here on Earth. Whatever the opinions of this man and his manifestations may be, it is clear that when you visit Disneyland you are in the presence of greatness and are experiencing a creation that was guided by the highest levels of consciousness.


 One of our primary directives here on Earth is to create and live true magic. Assisting us in this task are vast amounts of etheric companions, confidants and co-creators, who can help us in more ways than we know. The souls of Edgar Cayce, Nikola Tesla and Walt Disney are always available to help us, although they themselves are extremely busy with many new creations on the etheric levels. It is simply our daily conscious connection which will bring us into contact with these souls and the true magic we were born to manifest. This connection has brought many of us to the understanding that we are being readied to be the ‘Master Creators’ of the new millennium. We are just now in the process of being mentally and emotionally prepared to redesign this world, making it a place where all can share in the true magic and the equality of Spirit.

Recently, while doing some research and intuitive investigation on the three individuals listed above, my psychic senses began to pick up on a series of unusual luminous strings of energy. As I followed the energy threads, I quickly realized that they were the actual ‘vibrational signals;’ specific rays of light which were utilized by Walt Disney, Edgar Cayce and Nikola Tesla to travel to and from vast databanks of ‘living’ information. These energetic signals are transmitted via visual pictogram, mental telepathy and sound frequency. As the signals are integrated, a rare stream of consciousness is accessible, allowing individuals to transcend the limitations and self-doubt of the 3-D creational processes. This is truly a revelation for those who have been attempting to manifest through the often lengthy mental and physical procedures of our material world.

So, as you look toward the future, it is your quest to become the creator and the magician you were born to be. One of the keys to ‘magical freedom’ is to take chances and rare opportunities by the hand, which will lead you into new adventures beyond your current realm of understanding. In short, you must move beyond the limitations and fears which currently hold you in a locked pattern, not allowing you to experience the magic of your true self. It is time to break out and brainstorm; to research new concepts and to begin new and groundbreaking creative ventures, which, although you may not always know what is ahead, your willingness and determination to take each step will lead you into the greatness of manifesting your full potential.

Be brave, be inspired, and be unlimited!

 Money Tree Meditation

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Welcome to the Money 'Tree of Life' audio-visual activation!  This is given in the same style as my tele-seminars and audio conferences and is designed to connect you with the higher dimensional ‘Tree of Unlimited Prosperity’. Your connection with this divine creation will awaken new levels of prosperity consciousness within, while clearing any current and/or past-life money/poverty related issues. Simultaneously, the Money Tree image below will create a clear path of financial abundance into your glorious future. 

To experience this Money ‘Tree of Life’ activation, simply click on button below to begin playing the audio and listen as I proceed to take you through it. As you follow along with the sound of my voice, scroll down this page and view the Money Tree image. In your minds eye, visualize the living ‘money tree’ in all of its majesty and beauty. See all of the ‘rosebuds’ of currency and coin sprouting within its lush branches; falling and floating freely all around as you stand under this powerful mystical creation. You may listen to this activation as often as you wish to enhance and increase the prosperity frequency within you.

Enjoy! Bryan

185 - The Money Tree 72 and smaller

Money Tree of Life Video Activation:


 Visions of Earth's Future

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The Age of Aquarius manifesting before us is the fulfillment of the Divine Plan, which promises to create a new heaven and a new earth. Awakening to unity with the one creative source, humans are to be the co-creators of an age of love, peace and abundance. Our consciousness is becoming one with the mind and heart of God. Assisting us is a hierarchy of Ascended Masters under the orchestration of St. Germain. Personal guides, angels, extraterrestrials and great luminous beings also help us. In the new millennium our perfected values will authorize us to create substance from light. We will become the promise of Jesus when he said, “Greater works than these shall you do.”

In the new millennium we shall create magnificent temples to replace commonplace structures. The ordinary shall be exalted into the extraordinary.  Communication with the devic kingdoms will help us design fantastic gardens and parks full of vibrant flowers and glorious trees. With our creative forces we will cultivate new species of plants and animals providing us with extraordinary beauty and spiritual nourishment. Colors will be brighter and more radiant. Our environment will become a celebration of life and wonder as we rediscover our knowledge and harmony with the elemental forces of fire, water, earth, air and space. The stars and solar forces of power will become available to us to birth and sustain a life of unlimited abundance and infinite creativity. We shall become as Gods, at play in the Elysium Fields.

In the past we have had brief glimpses of Golden Ages. They existed because great beings and avatars illuminated particular areas of the planet. Legends arose of mysterious realms such as Atlantis, Lemuria, Shamballa and Shangri-la.  They are visions of utopian culture. It is still possible to see the beautiful temples of Classical Greece, Ancient Egypt, and the opulence of Persia and marvel at the magnificent beauty and technology oftentimes surpassing modern times. Later, the art and culture of the Renaissance, especially in Italy, continued the legacy of grace. Sculptures and paintings exalted form and substance into divine elegance, celebrating the creative inspiration of humanity. The intricacies of Mayan and Aztec architecture remind us of our galactic origins and human potentiality. This new Golden Age is heralded as a permanent one where it is possible for every person to actualize their divine identity as sons and daughters of God. Humanity can step into a new arena of ease and elegance where struggle and strife are distant memories, powerless and ironic reminders of pettiness and limitation.

In the new paradigm we shall experience one thousand years of peace, prosperity and abundance! We are the pioneers, the avatars and initiators of bringing heaven to earth. We are the harbingers of contact and contract with our galactic brothers and sisters in knowledge and evolution. Now is our opportunity to move beyond the familiar into the potentiality of the vibrant frequencies of light and life. Now is the time to realize we are the co-creative forces of life with the divine. As you believe, so shall it be!  The time is now!








YouTube Videos

Celebrity Angels

Multidimensional Meaning of the Temples in Las Vegas Nevada

Money Tree Meditation -

The Accelerator Experience

The Language of Light

Ashtar Command CD - Genesis

Wavestar CD - Wavestar

Diamond Starfield CD - Traveling Through Time




Earthstar banner bigger with gif

Part of our purpose here on Earth is to help others and support the planetary healing process. There are several ways you can be of service, including making small monthly charitable donations to humanitarian organizations, volunteering your time & resources to local charities and sending light, energy and healing to hospitals, schools, governments and areas experiencing extreme weather conditions and political unrest. This can also include sending light to your family, friends community, pets and all the many natural kingdoms of Earth. Earthstar is an international group of people that are dedicated to helping the Earth and awaken the masses.  Below is an active energy grid image into which you can send healing and light to the earth directly.  This is accompanied by an affirmation prayer which will enhance your transmission.

Ashtar Command Earthstar Grid




Earthstar Healing Prayer

I am now connecting with the global Earthstar Team and surrounding us all in a circle of light.
I now call forth all of our guides and angels to join us in this endeavor!
I am now sending light and healing to the entire planet Earth
and to all of my friends & family members everywhere!
I am now placing golden Christ Consciousness force-fields around all
countries, cities & towns around the entire planet!
I am also sending beams of light and energy into the worldwide financial system balancing
and redirecting the flow of unlimited prosperity for all.
As I continue through my day, I send White Light forward ensuring clarity, inspiration, joy
and prosperity for myself and for all who cross my path!





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