IMPORTANT NOTE: We are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada - which is in the Pacific Time zone - the same time zone as California. The session today begins at 10:00 AM Las Vegas/Pacific Time. Start time will be 12:00 Noon Central and 1:00 PM Eastern time in the U.S.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for participating in the Paramagnetic Alignments tele-session which will take place today, Saturday December 17 at 10:00 AM (Las Vegas/Pacific Time). If you haven't already, please go to and use the time zone conversion feature to verify your local area time. Generally, it's best to situate yourself in a quiet, comfortable place. In addition, it is optimal to use a cordless phone with a headset or listen through a speaker-phone, as it will allow you to relax during the activations and not have to hold a telephone in your hand the whole time. You may want to take notes, but recording of the session is not permitted. If you will be using Skype to access the session, you will be placing a Skype-to-landline call and as such will need to have funds in your Skype account prior to placing the call.

You may want to meditate for 10 to 15 minutes before the seminar begins. This will help to align your mind and body with any upgrades or alignments which will be given. As you sit or lie in silence, your intention should be to release all restrictions and prepare for 100% integration of all seminar energies. The tele-seminar will begin promptly, so make sure you are on the line a few minutes prior to the start of the call. And don't forget, reception is much better when using a land line instead of a cell phone. If you do choose to call-in on a cell phone, we are not responsible for any static or interference that you might encounter.

Due to the large number of callers, the call will be in presentation mode. That means callers will not be able to hear each other, nor will I be able to hear them; you will only hear me speaking to you. Below is the number to call; the automated system will walk you through the entire process, including when to enter the access code.

Dial-In Number: (712) 432-1001
Access Code: 444 414 259 #

If for some reason your access code does not function properly, please check your email immediately for updated information. Also, if you have any problems converting to your local time or have any general questions email us at

Thank you, Bryan

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